Typical Adv.Wpns ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass* Avail Notes Power Supply
Sniper Laser Rifle +1 x40 200m 0 12 8000 8kg 7 HEAT 5kg Powercell
Laser Cannon +1 Var 150m 0 30 10000 12kg 7 HEAT, -5/-10DRB** 6kg Powercell
Particle Cannon +1 x50 120m 0 20 12000 12kg 7 HEAT, Haywire, -5DRB 6kg Powercell

* Mass includes Powercell: 5kg for Sniper Laser ($2000), 6kg for others ($1000)
See description for further details.

Weapon Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Avail Notes Power Supply
M82 ILC +1 Var 150m 0 30 10000 6kg+ 7 -5/-10DRB 6kg Powercell
M88 IPC +1 x50 150m 1/2 20 10000 6kg+ 7 HEAT, -5DRB, Haywire 6kg Powercell
CWI C-27 IPC +1 x50 120m 0 20 12000 6kg+ 7 HEAT, Haywire, -5DRB 6kg Powercell
EMG-85 Railgun +0 x35 150m 1/2 5/5 12000/
30kg 7 AP 5kg SC Loop


Ares Optics M82 ILC +1 Var 150m 0 30 $10000 6kg+cell 7 HEAT, -5/-10 DRB
Ares Optics M88 IPC +1 x50 150m 1/2 20 $10000 6kg+cell 7 HEAT, Haywire, -5DRB

Ares Optics has created a very potent military-grade man-portable energy weapon in the M82 Infantry Laser Cannon (ILC) with adjustable intensity. Powered by a 6kg superconductive powercell, the M82 packs enough juice for 30 x20 pulses (-0DRB), 15 x40 (-5DRB) pulses, or 10 x60 pulses (-10DRB).

Ares Optics also produces the M88 Infantry Particle Cannon (IPC) which is visually very similar to the M72. However, the M88 uses cadmium telluride pellets to generate a x50 particle beam that has secondary haywire effects. Unfortunately, because of the large energy requirements, the IPC requires one action of "charging" between shots. The M88's 6kg powercell contains enough power for 20 pulses.


CWI C-27 IPC +1 x50 120m 0 20 $12000 6kg+cell 7 HEAT, Haywire, -5DRB

Powerpack not shown

Coalition Weapon Industries' C-27 particle cannon is a heavy support weapon for the Coalition infantry. It is a coveted weapon for its ruggedness and incredible damage capability. The C-27 is an ideal weapon against heavily armored or augmented troops, as well as light vehicles. The C-27 is usually issued with a 6x Telescopic sight with laser distancing capability.


Rheinmetall EMG-85 Railgun +0 x35 150m 1/2 5/5 $12000/500 30kg 7 AP

This electromagnetic gun users superconducting technology to launch a 15-gram mylar-coated ferronickel slug at nearly Mach 8! The weapon has an integral magazine in the backpack containing five superconducting loop batteries (good for 5 shots) and a 5-round projectile pack integral with the weapon. Power charging for the battery unit typically costs ~$500, or about 5 hours per shot of wall power. The gyrostabilized harness-mount does not require a smartlink, but does reduce walking speed by 5m/turn. Colloquially known as the "Squishies' Boom Gun" in reference to the Glitterboy's high-powered railgun. Enhanced targeting systems are available ($2500) that grant a +1ACC at long and extreme ranges (Sniper System to 1200m).

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