Skillchip Cost/Lvl Type Avail Notes/Effects
Advanced Weapons 400 APTR 5 Lasers, Particle Accelerators, Railguns
Ambush (Specific) 300 MRAM 4 Traps, Ambush, Terrain (2-5x depending on specific terrain type. Urban is cheap, arctic and underwater aren't), etc.
Archery 300 APTR 1  
Area Knowledge 150 MRAM 1 Local Navigation. Cost varies by location.
Athletics (Specific) Varies APTR Varies Specific sport, activity, etc.
Bureaucracy (Specific) 200 MRAM 2 Corporate, Military, etc.
Business (Accounting) 150 MRAM 1  
Business (General) 400 MRAM 1  
Business (Management) 300 MRAM 2  
Business (Stock Market) 300 MRAM 2  
Camouflage (Specific) 300 MRAM 3 Specific Terrain types: Jungle, Desert, Naval, Space, etc.
Communications 300 MRAM 2 General, Cryptography, etc.
Computer (Basic) 200 MRAM 1 Basic computer skills
Computer (Programming) 300 MRAM 2  
Computer (Security) 600 MRAM 4 Computer Security & Hacking
Cooking 150 MRAM 1  
Dance (Specific) 150 APTR 1 Modern, Tribal, Ballroom, etc.
Demolitions 300 MRAM 4 Also Demolitions (EOD) available.
Disguise 150 MRAM 3  
Drive (Specific) 150 APTR 1 Vehicle groups such as motorcycles, cars, tanks, etc.
Electronic Warfare (EW) 400 MRAM 4 Using ECM/ECCM equipment
Electronic Warfare (Sensors) 300 MRAM 3 Using Sensory equipment (Radar, Sonar, etc.)
Electronics (Repair) 150 MRAM 1  
Electronics (Security Systems) 250 MRAM 4 Knowledge of Electronic security measures and countermeasures.
Etiquette (Specific) 200 MRAM 1 Military, Feudal, Regional
First Aid 150 MRAM 1  
Forgery (Specific) 200 MRAM 3 Specific groups: Electronic, Written, Art, Counterfeiting, etc
Gunnery (Specific) 200 MRAM 3 Groups such as Aircraft, Naval, Exo, Strider, Ground, Space
Hand-to-Hand (Specific) 200 APTR 2 Karate, Judo, Capoeira
Heavy Weapons 400 APTR 4 Machineguns, Grenade Launchers, etc.
Language (Specific) Varies MRAM Varies Specific language skillchip. Cost and availability vary based on language, area, accent, etc.
Life Science (Biology) 150 MRAM 1  
Life Science (Botany) 150 MRAM 1  
Life Science (Zoology) 150 MRAM 1  
Mechanics (Aircraft) 250 MRAM 2 Fixed-wing aircraft repair/maintenance
Mechanics (AV) 300 MRAM 2 Repair/Maintenance of Aerodyne Vehicles (AVs)
Mechanics (Basic) 200 MRAM 1 Basic Repair
Mechanics (Gunsmith) 350 MRAM 3 Weaponry maintenance, repairs, and modification.
Mechanics (Helicopter) 300 MRAM 2 Rotary-wing aircraft repair/maintenance
Medical (Cybertech) 400 MRAM 3 Repair/Maintenance of cybernetic equipment, basic implantation knowledge
Medical (Pharmaceutical) 400 MRAM 4 Identify, produce, tailor, etc pharmaceuticals
Melee (Specific) 250 APTR 2 Specific weapon groups such as Knives, Swords, Blunt weapons, Entangling Weapons, etc.
Music (Specific Instrument) 150 APTR 1  
Navigation (Specific) 200 MRAM 2 Jungle, Desert, Naval, Space, etc.
Parachuting 300 APTR 2  
Personal Grooming 100 MRAM 1  
Physical Science (Chemistry) 150 MRAM 1  
Physical Science (Geology) 150 MRAM 1  
Physical Science (Mathematics) 200 MRAM 1  
Physical Science (Physics) 200 MRAM 1  
Pilot (AV) 350 APTR 2  
Pilot (Dirigible) 300 APTR 2  
Pilot (Exo) 350 APTR 2 Usually for specific models (200/lvl) or control types (350/lvl).
Pilot (Fixed Wing) 300 APTR 2  
Pilot (Helicopter) 300 APTR 2  
Pilot (Naval) 250 MRAM 1  
Pilot (Strider) 350 APTR 2  
Sleight-of-Hand 200 APTR 2  
Small Arms (Specific) 300 APTR 2 Specific group: Handguns, Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns
Social Science (Anthropology) 150 MRAM 1  
Social Science (History) 150 MRAM 1  
Swimming 100 APTR 1  
(NUSCUBA/Deep Diving)
350 APTR 3 Specialized chipware for NUSCUBA and other deep diving operations and equipment
Swimming: SCUBA 150 APTR 2 SCUBA diving skills-on-silicon (SOS)
Tourist Chip 750 MRAM 2 Gives Level 1 Language, Etiquette, Area Knowledge. May vary based on region, programmed "quirks," and travel-agent package discounts
Wardrobe & Style 100 MRAM 1 Like Grooming, but adds +1 to Influence results.
Wilderness Survival (Specific) 200+ MRAM 2 Specific terrain/region: Desert, Jungle, Arctic. Price may vary based on terrain.


Notes on Chipware:
Skillchips, also called Chipware, can be purchased at three different levels, granting different levels of aptitude at the skill. MRAM chipware can be used immediately upon insertion, whereas APTR chips require a "warming up" period to adjust to the user's physiology, as well as the user becoming more practiced with the chip's contents. The character's attributes are always applied to the skill roll, as with normal skills. It is important to note that Chipware is extremely limited when compared to the real skill: chipware's only as good as the programming, and is completely unadaptable -- the real skill allows you to improvise while the skillchip can't. Additionally, while a skillchip is in use, it overrides all existing skill (with respect to a given specialization, if listed) completely -- Having a Level 3 skillchip in Small Arms (Handguns) won't help you if you've already got a Level 2 (or 3) Small Arms skill. Lastly, while a skill chip is in use, you don't learn the skill at all -- The GM should not award any experience towards the skill, and disallow the expenditure of XPs towards any chipped skill (while it's in use).

Skillchip Levels:
Skillchips are available in 3 levels, of which only the highest-grade is comparable to a Level 1 skill. Level 1 Skillchips roll 1d6-2 (minimum of 1 on a non-fumble). Level 2 chips roll 1d6-1, and Level 3 chips roll 1d6. The minimum die result is a 1, so long as the roll wasn't a fumble (natural roll of 1).

Level Dieroll
1 1d6-2
2 1d6-1
3 1d6
Minimum result is a 1 (not including fumbles). A natural roll of 1 is still a fumble.