Type 17 Fuchikoma
Type: Strider
TV: 310 (350 OTV, 290 DTV, 290 MTV)
Cost: $1,120,000
Production: Limited Mass Production
Indv. Lemon Dice: 2
Availability: 4 (Uncommon)

Size: 4 (2400 kg)
Default Size: 7
Stacking Size: 4 (27 cubic meters)
Crew: 1 (2 Actions)
Armor: 11/22/33

Sensors: +0/2km
Communications: +0/10km
Fire Control: +0
Mode Combat Top Maneuver
Walker 3 5 (30kph) +1
Ground 8 15 (92kph) +1
Deployment Range: 480km (20hrs)
Name Rating Effect
Autopilot   Acts as Lvl 1 Pilot, 60deg turns only
Computer 2 +0 KNO, +0 CRE, PP2
Life Support   Limited
Low Profile   +1 to Concealment
Manipulator Arms x2 1 Can Punch
Searchlight 1 Illuminate 50m Fixed Forward Arc
Climbing Apparatus   Can climb steep surfaces (incl. walls)
Annoyance   Quirky AI/Pseudo-Intelligence (PsI)
Sensor Dependent   Must use Active or Passive Sensors
# Name Arc DM BR Acc ROF Ammo Specials
1 Type 21 15mm Autocannon FF x6 2 0 4 200 -
2 Type 84 6mm Machinegun F x2 1 0 3 50 Anti-Infantry
2 Winch Rr R4 1 0 0 0 Winch
2 Punch F x1 M 0 0 0 -
The Type 17 Fuchikoma was developed during the 2020s to satisfy a military need for a combat unit capable of bridging the gap between Exo-suits and full-sized Striders, marrying the maneuverability and small signature of the former with the firepower of the latter. The Type 17 was also one of the first combat units to be fitted with a Pseudo-Intelligence -- not only an improved autopilot, but also a "virtual" copilot, as well. The PsI has been a welcome addition, especially as the PsI is capable of limited independent operation. This independence however also seems to have produced a more widespread effect, as many of the Fuchikomas assigned to S9 have appeared to have even developed a "personality."

The Type 17 has also been lightly distributed to certain units within Poseidon's security and law enforcement divisions, with Public Security Section 9 receiving the lion's share (nearly every ranking operative has access to one, if not one assigned to them). Additionally, given the sensitive nature of much of S9's assignments, their variants are heavily modified with both active and passive stealth systems.

The standard armament on the Type 17 is fairly simple -- a single 6-barreled 15mm Type 21 autocannon in a forward limited-traverse mount, and dual 6mm machineguns mounted in each forearm for anti-personnel work. The Type 17 Fuchikoma also has one hardpoint on either side of the "abdomen" that may mount any of a number of modular weapon systems, ranging from the Type 56 30mm autocannon, two-shot antitank missile pods, to 70mm rocket pods and more. The Heavy Assault version used by the Poseidon Defense Force is armed with a Type 56 30mm cannon with a millimeter-wave radar targeting system and an 8-shot 70mm rocket pod. Other variants commonly mount anti-infantry machineguns or grenade launchers to the hardpoints.

The Type 17 is also equipped with specialized climbing equipment -- a pair of rear-facing launchable grapnels that may have "disintegrating" style cables, as well as specially designed pads at the end of the Fuchi's feet, allowing the Type-17 to climb walls (and buildings) with relative ease. The Special Operations variants typically add either a Passive Stealth System (R4 Stealth, +480MTV), or Thermoptic Camouflage (R4 Holofield, +290MTV). The typical variant used by Poseidon's Public Security Section 9 utilizes both systems, but downgrades the autocannon to the Type 21 single-barrelled version (ROF+2). A few of S9's Fuchikoma's (notably Batou's) retain the original Type-21 gatling autocannon (...Need...Bigger...Guns!).

Typical Options & Variants:

Passive Stealth System (R4 Stealth, +480 MTV)
Thermoptic Camouflage (R4 Holofield, +290 MTV)
-- Both systems (R4 Stealth & Holofield, +1010 MTV)

Full-Armor: Increase Base Armor to 13 (+70 DTV)

Replace Type 21 Autocannon with a Type 25 Autocannon (F, x6, BR2, +0Acc, ROF+2, 120rds, +20 OTV)

PDF Heavy Assault Fuchikoma:
TV: 600 (1200 OTV, 330 DTV, 290 MTV)
Cost: $2,200,000

Type 56 30mm Cannon (FF, x10, BR3, +0Acc, ROF+0, 20rds, Sniper System)
70mm Rocket Pod (FF, x18, BR2, -1Acc, ROF+1, 8rds, HEAT, IF, Mis)

Increase Base Armor to 13
Decrease Top Ground Speed to 75kph (7/13)
Increase Size to 4.4 (3050kg, 33 cubic meters)