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Greetings and Salutations,

This humble webpage of mine is something I've been trying to finally get around to creating over the past year or so; to finally give me a "soapbox" if you will, to share a few things regarding my favorite RPG engine, Silhouette. If I start feeling really like coding HTML like a madman, I'll hopefully start putting up relevant campaign information from my numerous past, present, and future campaigns.

Just in case you've been in a cave or somesuch for the past few years, Silhouette is the game system created by those geniuses at Dream Pod 9, which debuted in Heavy Gear: A New Era has Just Begun. Simple, swift, and FAST, Silhouette does what many other game systems do not... No "classes," open character construction (concept characters are a GOOD thing!), simple dicerolling mechanic, and FASTFASTFAST combat and skill resolution! If I were more into the wargaming thing, I could probably rattle off a bunch of reasons why I like the Silhouette tactical rules too...

If I can dig up the server space, I'll also put up my Archive of Snazzy Character and Mecha Pictures, suitable for use with my Vehicle and Character construction spreadsheets, or your own personal enjoyment....


Heavy Gear

The World
Terra Nova... A world turning to war!

The Nations
A quick rundown of the political powers on Terra Nova.

War Machines
Overview of the military vehicles of Terra Nova, including the namesake Heavy Gear.

Campaigns and Adventure Ideas

Jovian Chronicles

The Worlds
The Jovian Chronicles setting takes place in our very own solar system.

Powers that Be
Overview of the political entities of 2210.

Mechanical Catalog
The Jovian Chronicles' vehicular toybox, including the Exo-Armor.

Campaigns and Adventure Ideas
Jovian Top Gun, Red Dust Blues, ANZC/CEGA & the Brushfire Wars, and the Blue War campaign ideas. Individual adventures too, hopefully.

Tribe 8

New! Just released in August, Tribe 8 is DP9's newest setting using the Silhouette engine!

More when I get the time.

T8 in Japan?
This is my current brainchild... Think a post-apocalyptic Silent Mobius with perhaps a bit of Fist of the North Star for flavor. More on this when I get the chance.

Campaigns and Adventure Ideas

Alternate Silhouette Settings

Odanor & Silhouette Fantasy
This was one of the first pet projects I helped work on; a high-fantasy setting for Silhouette! Originally known as Adventures in the Realms (AITR), this started as a "generic" fantasy rules addition for Silhouette, authored by Lloyd Jessee, Mark Hoffman, John Bindas, and myself. We'd originally tried to pitch the idea to DP9, but they told us they had something a little different in mind... A fantasy setting that would eventually evolve to become Tribe 8. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find another way to get my name into a DP9 book!

Silhouette Cyberpunk
This is my next-to-current project, sharing mental resources with the T8-Japan tangent. I've developed some basic rules and information useful to those of us who're particularly fond of the Cyberpunk style (As well as like Cyberpunk 2020 as a game, but prefer Silhouette to Interlock).

Silhouette Space Opera (Better name pending...)
I've recently entertained some amusing thoughts about running a Space-Opera type campaign inspired by such things as Star Wars, Babylon 5, Wing Commander/Privateer/Sequels/etc, and other far-future fantastic Sci-Fi settings... Doubt I'll ever get around to running it however. This link (what link?) will take you to the repository for whatever I come up with that's worth sharing (obviously not much yet)...

Silhouette Gaming Aids

Herein are the most general of Silhouette gaming tools, useful to GMs and players alike. More specialized versions of these files can be found in the appropriate area (HG, JC, T8, etc). All files are archived using WinZip.

Vehicle Construction Spreadsheet for MS Excel 7.0/97.
Extra handy-dandy tool to whip up vehicles using the construction rules as seen in Jovian Chronicles, also known as the Silhouette Version 2 ruleset.

General Tools:

Vehicle Construction Spreadsheet for MS Excel 5.0. (Coming Soon!)

Character Construction Sheet for MS Excel 7.0/97
Quick-and-dirty character construction! Skills, Perks, Flaws, AND a fully printable character sheet! It will even sort and enter the majority of the character information (Stats, skills, perks/flaws, etc) for you! Tres groovy!

Character Construction Sheet for MS Excel 5.0 (Coming Soon!)

Character Card
Silhouette Character sheet, formatted for a standard 3x5 index card! Perfect for gaming on the go! (Works nicely too! Small and convenient enough to use for playing in restaurants, etc! Just don't drop your dice in your dinner...)
FYI- I have actually used these cards to play Silhouette over dinner...

GM's Tools:

Expendables Sheet
Write up table for those hordes of nameless goons!

Vehicle Squad Sheet
Four vehicle sheets per page, perfect for listing the baddies equipment!

NPC Sheet
Four streamlined character sheets to a single printed 8.5x11" page, good for quick write-ups and reference to those NPCs with speaking roles!

Biographical Information

AKA Cipher, Cypher, and IRL Pierre Bourque

Senior in Materials Science Engineering at Washington State University
Veteran Silhouette GM (3rd year running!)
Veteran Mecha-game GM (5-6 years...): Mekton/Zeta, Battleblech, others
Occasional RPer, whenever I can con someone
Even more occasional LARPer...

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