Live Action Roleplaying

Ever imagine yourself as a medieval warrior? Or to envision yourself as a great and powerful sorceror? Or perhaps just enjoyed tromping through woods with a blade strapped to your side, at the ready for any encounter? Or perhaps you just enjoy the art of swordplay, wearing medieval/fantasy costumes...

Then perhaps Live-Action Roleplaying is for you! No longer are you just sitting around a table rolling dice, but actually living the adventure, feeling the adrenaline course through your veins as you engage an opponent in combat!

Two different "schools" of LARPs exist, the Live-Combat, and the Theatre style. Live-Combat involves player combat utilizing foam or "boffer" weapons. Many also include a magic system for those wishing to use more arcane powers. The Theatre style generally use cards, or another method to simulate player interaction and combat.

Here are some links to some LARP resources:

Shade's LARP List A good LARP resource, lists LARP groups worldwide, both Live-Combat and Theatre. Also has FAQ and other LARP information. Well worth the trip!

...Unfortunately, that's all I have for the moment on LARPs. I am currently working on writing my own Live-Combat system, tentatively titled Greystone. Greystone is a skill-based system, with several "archetype" classes, with inherent abilities, advantages, and disadvantages. It's currently in the final development and playtesting phases. Eventually I hope to make the system accessible on the Net.
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