Typical Launchers ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Notes
60mm Rocket +0 x140 100m 0 1 8000 5kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT
60mm LAW -1 x140 50m 0 1 300 3kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable
70mm ILAW -1 x160 50m 0 1 1000 5kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable
Light Missile 0 x150 0 0 1 10000 8kg 6 AE=5m, HEAT, Guided


Weapon Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Avail Notes
Ares R25 LATGM +0 x180 150m 0 1 22500 8kg 6 AE=5m, HEAT, Guided
M72A6 LAW -1 x140 50m 0 1 300 3kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable
M202 Flash -1 x24/x8 50m 0 4 4000 10kg 5 AE=8/12m, HEAT, MR=20m
RPG-7 +0 x180 50m 0 1 500 7kg 4 AE=5m, HEAT
RPG-16 +0 x200 75m 0 1 2500 10kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT
RPG-18 -1 x140 50m 0 1 300 3kg 5 AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable
Stinger IV 0 x150 150m 0 1 10000 8kg 6 AE=5m, HEAT, Guided*, Anti-Air
30mm Micromissile Launcher -1 x80* 50m 0 1 5000/50 6kg 5 AE=2m, HEAT

* See weapon description for details.


Ares R25 Saber LATGM +0 x180 150m 0 1 $22500 8kg 6 85mm Guided Missile AE=5m, HEAT, Guided

The Ares R25 is a dedicated light anti-armor missile launcher, capable of inflicting severe damage on light armor assets, and a high kill rate against exo-suits. The rather stubby 85mm missile utilizes laser- or radar-guidance, and the missile can be easily modified to be radiation seeking by replacing the seeker head. The Saber is issued with a integral designator, which can be used to designate for itself and other Sabers, using code-pulsed beam, which is set prior to firing. Additionally, the Saber has an optical sighting system with low light, and passive IR/UV subsystems mated with the designator. Each missile costs approximately $2500, including seeker array.


M72A6 LAW -1 x140 50m 0 1 $300 2kg 5 60mm Rocket AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable
M202 Flash -1 x24/x8 50m 0 4 $6000 10kg 5 60mm Incendiary Rkt AE=8/12m, HEAT, MR=20m

The M72 Light Anti-Armor Weapon first debuted in the late 1960s, and has since fathered numerous revisions and imitations. Even nearly 80 years later, the LAW concept is still in use in countries around the world for putting hard-hitting anti-armor capability into the hands of the basic infantryman at low cost. The disposable aluminum-lined composite collapsible cylinder contains a single 60mm rocket-propelled projectile with a shaped-charge warhead with secondary fragmentation effects.
A reloadable 4-shot version in a pepperbox configuration is also available, called the M202 ($4000, 10kg). The M202 is typically loaded with 4 60mm rockets with incendiary warheads (x24/x8, 8/12m blast radius, $100ea). All other weapon stats are identical (minus Disposable).
Requires 1 action to prepare launcher for firing.


Micromissile Launcher (30mm) -1 x80* 50m 0 1 $5000/50 6kg 5 30mm Micromissile AE=2m, HEAT

This magazine-fed, shoulder-fired weapon fires 30mm cold-launched rocket-propelled missiles carrying any of a number of different warheads. Typically used with a standard HEAT warhead (x80, $25/ea), HESH (x60 AC, $100/ea), HEAP (x100, $75/ea), laser-guided (G, $250), Airburst (x30, AE=10m) and Incendiary (x40, Intensity 4+MOS, $50) are also available. Smart munitions are also rumored to be available (Smt 2, Sk 1, $1000/ea, Avail 8). Ares (pictured), Arasaka, and Tsunami are but a few of the companies that manufacture similar weapon systems.


RPG-7 +0 x180 50m 0 1 $500 7kg+ 4 85mm Rocket AE=5m, HEAT

The RPG-7, introduced in 1967, and all of its numerous variants, manufactured by an amazing number of factories worldwide. A relatively simple inexpensive, and devastating weapon, the RPG-7 packs a 2kg 85mm shaped-charge warhead with a rocket motor capable of penetration up to 350mm of armor steel. A typical HEAT warhead costs approx $50-$100. Unfortunately, the weapon is very slow to load (2 actions to reload). Very popular with 3rd world (and 3rd rate) militias. (7kg launcher + 2kg projectile)


RPG-16D +0 x200 75m 0 1 $2500 10kg+ 5 82mm Rocket AE=5m, HEAT

The RPG-16 was essentially a product improved RPG-7, and it retains several of the characteristics of the earlier weapon. The RPG-16 fires a rocket-propelled overcaliber grenade that utilizes two shaped-charge warheads in tandem for enhanced armor penetration. Additionally, the RPG-16D has an integral bipod to aid in steadying aim. Typical projectile weight is 3kg, and cost $75-200, depending on warhead. Smaller 60mm rockets are also available with a slightly reduced yield (x160, $50), that make the RPG-16D look like a more standard recoiless rifle. Basic optical sights are issued (subsumed into the enhanced accuracy), and light-amplification, IR, and UV sights are also available.


RPG-18 -1 x140 50m 0 1 $300 3kg 5 64mm Rocket AE=5m, HEAT, Disposable

The RPG-18 is the Russian Federation/CIS equivalent to the M72 LAW. Functionally similar to the M72 LAW, the RPG-18 is commonly issued to ground troops as a anti-armor weapon. Additionally, the RPG-18 has been extensively sold to a wide number of military and paramilitary organizations around the world.


Stinger IV +0 x150 150m 0 1 $10000 8kg 6 70mm Guided Missile AE=5m, HEAT, Guided, Anti-Aircraft

Utilizing a third-generation laser-seeking sensor array, the Stinger IV missile system provides excellent anti-aircraft and anti-armor capabilities. The weapon is dual-role capable, as the missile can be programmed for fast-burn high speed for anti-air duty, as well as a slower-burn maneuverability mode for ground targets. The weapon system consists of three components: the launcher, the guidance/designator system, and the missile. Though capable of using friendly designation, the Stinger IV also contains an integral designator for self-designation. However, to reduce costs the designator is not universal -- tailored specifically for the Stinger IV seeker warhead. Additional missiles cost $1500 apiece.

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