Metric English DM
9x33mmR .357 Magnum x20
11x28mm 11mm Auto x20
5.56x23mm .224 BOZ* x20/x16**

* The .224 BOZ is a 10x25mm cartridge that has been necked down to accept a 5.56mm bullet
** First value is against armored targets, second value is against unarmored targets.



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Ares Firehawk +0 x20 6m 0 10 650/20 2kg 2 11x28mm
Ares Predator +0 x20 5m 0 12 400/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Armitage M32 +0 x20 4m 0 6 700/20 1kg 2 11x28mm
Asagiri Member-II +0 x22 10m 0 3/5 600/var 1.5kg 4 7x48mm
CADCO Medusa +0 x20 5m 0 6 500+/15 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
Colt King Cobra +0 x20 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
C.O.P. Derringer-4 +0 x20 3m 0 4 450 0.5kg 3 9x33mm
Glock .224 BOZ +0 x16/x20 7m 0 12 1000/20 1.5kg 3 5.56x23mm
Hammerli 280 +1 x20 7m 0 6 2750/30 2kg 3 11x28mm
HK Mk23A4 SOCOM +0 x20 5m 0 12 2000/25 1.5kg 4 11x28mm
HK USP11 +0 x20 5m 0 12 500/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Howa Type 29 Revolver +0 x20 8m 0 6 800/20 1.5kg 3+ 9x33mm
IMI Jericho 942FS +0 x20 5m 0 11 450/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
IZHMASH Gyurza +0 x20 5m 0 14 500/20 1.5kg 2+ 9x26mm
Malorian Arms TM11 +1* x20 8m 0 5 2250/20 1.5kg 3 11x28mm
Mateba Trigun +0 x20 2m+ 0 6 500+/20 1.5kg+ 2 9x33mm
Mini-Magnum Revolver +0 x20 2m+ 0 6 400/20 .5kg 2 9x33mm
Rossi Cyclops II +0 x20 6m 0 6 500/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
Ruger SP101 +0 x20 5m 0 5 450/20 1kg 2 9x33mm
Sternmeyer P-35 +0 x20 5m 0 12 550/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Taurus M627 Tracker +0 x20 6m 0 7 550/20 1kg 3A 9x33mm
Territorial Arms J30 +0 x20 10m 0 6 850/20 1.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Generic .357 Auto +0 x20 5m 0 10 400/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
Generic .357 Revolver +0 x20 6m 0 6 350/20 1kg 2 9x33mm
Generic 11mm Auto +0 x20 5m 0 10 400/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Generic 11mm Revolver +0 x20 6m 0 6 350/20 1kg 2 11x28mm
* See Text for details



Ares Firehawk +0 x20 6m 0 10 $650/20 2kg 2 11x28mm

The Ares Firehawk is a high-end heavy pistol that has gained much popularity as a military officer's sidearm, has also seen much success in the public and private security market as well. The ergonomics of the design assist in offsetting the comparatively heavy weight of the handgun. In addition to the customizable grip, the Firehawk also sports adjustable match sights, a universal option mount (similar to the HK USP/SOCOM), a partial slide, and a polygonally rifled barrel.


Ares Predator +0 x20 5m 0 12 $400/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm

Whereas the Ares Firehawk is the pinnacle of Ares' heavy pistols, the Predator is Ares' design for mass-market release. The Predator is chambered for the 11x28mm cartridge, and is generally of a utilitarian design -- solid high-density polymer grips and frame, alloy barrel and slide, and an enclosed hammer. The Predator is also available with a factory-mounted red-dot laser sight (located in the trigger guard) for an additional $100. A invisible IR or UV laser is also available for $250.


Armitage M32 +0 x20 4m 0 6 $700/20 1kg 2 11x28mm

The Armitage M32 is one of the highest-caliber "holdout" pistols available in today's small-arms market! Available both in 11x28 and 12x31mm chamberings, the Armitage has incredible firepower in a very small package. The design features an integrated trigger safety, a partial slide, an enlarged triggerguard, and ergonomic fore- and rear grips. The enlarged triggerguard contains a thumbhole for the hand using the forward grip, giving the M32 a very stable firing position, keeping the small weapon controllable. The 12mm variant is available from Armitage for $800, and has a 5rd capacity.


Asagiri Member-II +0 x22 10m 0 3/5 $600/var 1.5kg 4 7x48mm

Made from a cut-down rifle action, this modular pistol fires standard 7x48mm or 5.56x45mm rifle ammunition! A powerful, bulky pistol, it can be broken into action, grip, and magazine for concealment. Conversion kits are available for rechambering to 5.56x45mm (x20, $100), in addition to extended 5 and 10rd magazines (larger magazines substantially reduce concealability). This weapon also has an incredible muzzle flash and report, and cannot be suppressed. A machinepistol version is also available (ROF1, -1 ACC in burst fire mode) called the Member-IIB ($1000, Avail 3). A third kit includes a barrel extension, scope mount, and buttstock module for use as a full rifle (BR50, $800 including weapon). All components of the rifle will fit in a briefcase-sized package.
Magazines cost $10, $20, and $30 for 3, 5, and 10rd magazines respectively.


CADCO Medusa +0 x20 5m 0 6 $600+/15 1.5kg 2 9x33mm

The CADCO Medusa, developed by Phillips & Rodgers is a unique revolver featuring a multi-caliber system of replaceable cylinders allowing firing of almost any available 9mm-diameter bullet! By simply replacing the cylinder, the Medusa is compatible with: .380 ACP (x12), 9mm Parabellum (x15), .38 Special (x16), and .357 Magnum, as well as several other less-common 9mm cartridges.


C.O.P. Derringer-4 +0 x20 3m 0 4 $450 0.5kg 2 9x33mm

Concealable Ordinance Products' 4-shot pepperbox derringer, normally chambered for .357 Magnum. The Derringer-4 can be easily modified to a wide number of alternate calibers, by simply replacing the barrel and breech assemblies with one of the appropriate caliber. Excellent high-powered concealable firepower. The extra width of the 4-barrel design makes it slightly less concealable than a comparable 2-barrel derringer, but most argue that the extra two barrels (and thus shots) more than make up for the added bulk.


Colt King Cobra +0 x20 6m 0 6 $450/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm

The Colt King Cobra is fairly typical for a .357 Magnum (9x33mm) revolver, holding 6 cartridges within its cylinder. The King Cobra is factory-equipped with adjustable rear sights, and has an optional scope mount. The pictured 6-inch barrel (15cm) yields impressive terminal ballistics, and its mass helps compensate for muzzle flip. The King Cobra is also available in a 4 inch version, which reduces the Base Range to 5m.


Glock .224 BOZ +0 x16/x20 7m 0 12 $1000/20 1.5kg 3 5.56x23mm

The Glock .224 BOZ is one of the few manufactured firearms that are chambered for the comparatively unique 5.56x23mm (.224 BOZ) round. The use of a rifle-type narrow cross-section bullet and a fairly high propellant charge yield some exceptional armor-penetration characteristics! The .224 BOZ round typically fires with a muzzle velocity of over 600m/s, and an energy of nearly 750J. Another large advantage of the .224 BOZ round is ready availability of specialty bullet types for military and police, such as AP and tracer. Other manufacturers produce models firing the .224 as well, with the most common being a highly modified 1911-style pistol.


Hammerli 280 +1 x20 7m 0 6 $2750/30 2kg 3 11x28mm

The Hammerli 280 is one of the premier heavy pistols on the market today! The potent 11x28mm round, coupled with incredible accuracy make this one of the most popular models on the racegun circuit. The model 280 also features ergonomically styled real wood grips, checkered at 300lpi, adjustable sights, and an optional factory-fitted smartchip (add $1250 to list price).


HK Mk23A4 SOCOM +0 x20 5m 0 12 $2000/25 1.5kg 4 11x28mm

The Heckler & Koch Mk23A4 Special Operations Command (SOCOM) pistol is a specialized version of the USP, designed for use by organizations such as GSG-9, GIGN, and other Special Forces. The Mk23 features a polymer frame, a quick-release underbarrel option mount (shown with combination Smartlink, IR laser, visible red laser and flashlight "pod"), and a custom suppressor/silencer. Highly reliable, resilient, and accurate, the Mk23 comes with all mentioned options in the box! The Mk23 is also available in .45ACP (x12/x18, 12rds, $1750), as well as a non-smartlinked (but includes other listed options) version that retails for $1200.


HK USP11 +0 x20 5m 0 12 $500/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm

The HK USP series is the civilian and private security version of the SOCOM pistol. Utilizing the same recoil management system, the USP remains highly controllable despite the large round. Also, the USP possesses the same universal option mount located beneath the barrel, capable of mounting flashlights, smartlinks, laser sights, etc. Heckler and Koch also manufactures variants rechambered for 9mm Parabellum (x15, 16rds, $500), .40S&W (x16, $500) and .45ACP (x12/x18, 12rds, $500), known as the USP9, USP40 and USP45, respectively. For .357 SIG variant, see WonderSIGs entry.
Match-grade variant, which adds an extended barrel and compensator is also available (Increase BR to 6, $600).
Compact variant also available (reduce Capacity by 2rds, no cost change).


Howa Type 29 +0 x20 8m 0 6 $800/20 1.5kg 3+ 9x33mm

The Howa Manufacturing Type 29 Revolver is the standard issue officers' sidearm of most city and state police units in Poseidon. The Type 29 possesses the incredible reliability of the revolver with the exceptional accuracy and range of many match-grade pistols. The exceptional accuracy from custom barrel porting and a large underbarrel counterweight give the Poseidon police an incredible engagement range. The Type 29 is available in North America, imported by InterSec (International Security, Inc.) but is only sold to licensed security, police, or government personnel (Avail 4).


IMI Jericho 942FS +0 x20 5m 0 11 $450/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm

The Jericho 942FS, also known as the UZI Eagle or IMI Eagle, is manufactured by Israeli Military Industries (IMI), and shows distinct lineage to the IMI "Desert Eagle" .50AE. This weapon is chambered for the potent 11x28mm round. The 942FS is a popular large-framed handgun, and is used in several organizations throughout the world. This autoloader also sports hexagonal rifling for greater accuracy.
Also available in 9x19mm (x15, 14rds, $350), and 10x25mm (x17, 12rds, $350) in the 940 and 941FS, respectively. Compact models are also available for a minor reduction in ammunition capacity (reduce Capacity by 2 rds)


IZHMASH P-9 Gyurza +0 x20 5m 0 14 $500/20 1.5kg 2+ 9x26mm

The Russian Gyurza ("Snake" or "Viper") pistol, chambered for the 9x26mm "Grom" cartridge is the current issue heavy sidearm of CIS officers. The Gyurza follows much of the more modern stance on pistol technology -- short-recoil operation, polymer frame, grip safety, and a number of other features. The Gyurza round is reportedly capable of excessive armor penetration even at extended ranges, penetrating nearly 20 layers of ballistic kevlar at a range of nearly 40m. Additionally, the 9x26mm cartridge is also available in an armor-piercing variant that utilizes a tungsten core which protrudes slightly from the bullet nose. Availability 2 in Russia and Eastern Europe, 3+ elsewhere.


Malorian Arms Target Master 11 (+1)* x20 8m 0 6 $2250/50 1.5kg 3 11x28mm

The Malorian Arms Target Master series of pistols are world-class competition grade target- and race-guns of unmatched quality. Additionally, the Target Master series of pistols also feature integral smartchipping. Malorian manufactures Target Masters in a wide variety of calibers, ranging from 6mm (x10), .32 Wadcutter (x12) through 11mm, and even manufactures variants chambered for 5.7mmFN (x18).


Mateba Trigun +0 x20 See Text 0 6 $500+/20 1.5kg+ 2 9x33mm

The Trigun is Mateba's M207's big brother, chambered for .357 Magnum. The Trigun has very similar lines to the M207, as it has a very distinct solid overbarrel lug, and the barrel is aligned with the cylinder's lowest chamber. The Trigun is also available in a number of barrel lengths, ranging from 5cm (2in) to nearly 20cm (8in). However, the Trigun utilizes a break-open mechanism, rather than the more common tip-out cylinder. Base cost for a Trigun is $500, plus $25 per centimeter of barrel length. Every 2 centimeters of barrel length increases the Base Range by 1m. The Trigun is also available in a satin chrome finish as pictured for an additional $250. Each cm of barrel length also increases the mass of the weapon by 0.05kg. For convenience, round to the nearest 0.5kg.

Example: A Trigun with a 12cm (5in) barrel will cost $800 (500 + 12*25), and have a Base Range of 8 (2 + 12/2), and a mass of 2.1kg (1.5 + 12 x 0.05), rounded to 2kg.


Mini-Magnum Revolver +0 x20 2m+ 0 6 $400/20 0.5kg 2 9x33mm

The Mini-Magnum is typical of many snub-nosed high-caliber revolvers available on the market. Typically chambered for the 9x33mm (.357 Magnum) or .41 Magnum ( 10.41x33mm) cartridges, the "mini-mags" are available in a number of barrel lengths from 2.5 to 10cm (1 to 4in). Longer barrels substantially enhance the range of the weapon, but can detrimentally affect the concealability. A MiniMag with a 2.5cm barrel has a Base Range of 2. A 5cm barrel has a BR of 3. A 7.5cm barrel has a BR of 4. A full 10cm barrel has a BR of 5. There is no added cost for the longer barrels.


Rossi Cyclops II +0 x20 6m 0 6 $500/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm

The Rossi Cyclops II is a typical large-caliber revolver, chambered for the .357 rimmed cartridge. The large, heavy barrel is engineered and ported to help compensate for muzzle flip in addition to possessing mounting rails for standard accessories. As nearly all revolvers, the Cyclops is very reliable, as well as easily customized.


Ruger SP101 +0 x20 5m 0 5 $450/20 1kg 2 9x33mm

The Ruger SP101 is typical of many large-bore compact revolvers available on the modern market. Often offered as a Home- or Self-Defense gun, the SP101 is lightweight and has a narrow cross-section, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry. A spurless model is also available, reducing the possibility of the weapon snagging on presentation, capitalizing on the concealed carry market.


Sternmeyer P-35 +0 x20 5m 0 12 $550/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm

The P-35, manufactured by Sternmeyer of Germany is a rugged and highly reliable large-framed pistol with excellent knock-down power. The P-35, chambered for the 11x28mm cartridge, is the standard sidearm in many private and corporate security organizations in Europe. The P-35 has a reinforced polymer frame, with an alloy barrel. The P-35 also has an underbarrel universal option mount, like its competitor, the HK USP11. However, the P-35 is equipped with a visible laser mount as standard. Additionally, the P-35 is available in a number of color options, such as gray, black, camel, and white.


Taurus M627 Tracker +0 x20 6m 0 7 $550/20 1kg 3A 9x33mm

The Taurus M627 Tracker is typical of many "high-capacity" revolvers, with a 7-round cylinder and a 10cm barrel.. The Tracker also features fore- and rearsights adjustable for elevation and windage. Additionally, Taurus offers a "Total Titanium" variant, with a titanium-alloy frame, reducing the overall mass to just under 700g, loaded ($700).


Territorial Arms J30 +0 x20 10m 0 6 $850/20 1.5kg 3+ 5.56x45mm

Another runner-up for the way-too-powerful handgun category. The Territorial Arms J30 seeks to occupy the same market niche as the Asagiri Member II. The J30 is a rare specialty pistol, typically chambered in the common 5.56x35mm (.223 Remington) cartridge. Although it uses a substantially "lighter" cartridge than the Member II's 7x48mm, the J30 retains much more controllability, as well as a substantially larger standard capacity (6+1, vs the Member II's 3+1). The J30 utilizes a novel gas-retarded blowback mechanism as well as a heavily ported barrel to help diminish recoil forces and increase firer comfort. The J30 also utilizes a barrel specially rifled for the SS109/M139 5.56mm cartridge to help stabilize the bullet.

A autofire-capable variant is also rumored to be under development (ROF 1, $1000). Extended 10- and even 20-round magazines are also currently available ($35 and $50).



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