Metric English DM
5.7x17mmR .22LR x10
7.65x17mm .32 x12
9x17mm .380 Auto x12
6x18mm 6mm Auto x10



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AMT Backup +0 x12 3m 0 6 125/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Armatech/DS WSP +0 x12 2m 0 1 150 .25kg 2A 9x17mm
Astra Starlite +0 x12 3m 0 8 200/10 .5kg 2 7.65x17mm
Autauga MkII +0 x12 3m 0 6 250/10 .5kg 2A 7.65x17mm
AWM SAR-7 Mk II +0 x10 5m 0 8 350/10 1kg 3+ 6x18mm
Baikal MR-541 +0 x12 3m 0 2 200 .25kg 3B* 9x17mm
Benelli MP90 +0 x10 8m 0 6 950/20 1kg 3 6x18mm
Beretta 951 +0 x12 3m 0 8 250/10 .5kg 2 7.65x17mm
Derringer +0 Var 3m 0 2 150+ .25kg 2 Various
Hammerli Competition 6 +1 x10 8m 0 8 800/20 1kg 3 6x18mm
Heckler & Koch P4 +0 x12 5m 0 7 750/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Mini-Revolver +0 x10 3m 0 4 125 .25kg 2 6x18mm
NAA Guardian +0 x10 3m 0 8 300/10 .5kg 2 6x18mm
PSS "Vul" 7.62mm +0 x12 3m 0 6 600/10 .5kg 4+ 7.62x42mm
RADOM P-83 +0 x12 5m 0 8 250/12 .5kg 2/3 9x18mm
RADOM P-93 +0 x12 5m 0 8 285/15 .5kg 2/3 9x18mm
S&W 2230 +0 x10 3m 0 10 200/10 .5kg 2 6x18mm
S&W 380 +0 x12 3m 0 6 225/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Walther PB-120 +0 x12 5m 0 5 400/15 .5kg 3A 7.65x17mm
Walther PPK +0 x12 5m 0 6 350/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm



AMT Backup +0 x12 3m 0 6 $125/10 0.5kg 2 9x17mm

AMT's Backup pistol, commonly chambered in 9x17mm (.380ACP) is typical of many hold-out pistols. The Backup's small size make it ideal for boot- or even pocket-carry. The Backup has the minimum of safety devices, and a fairly small magazine capacity (6rds), but if it's all you've got, it's better than being unarmed...

AMT also manufactures variants chambered for larger calibers (9mm, .40S&W, and even .45ACP), available for a slightly higher price ($150/10, 5rds).


Armatech/Downsizer WSP +0 x12 2m 0 1 $150 .25kg 2A 9x17mm

During the late 1990s, Downsizer Corporation introduced their World's Smallest Pistol, with a total length just over 7cm. A simple break-open 1-shot derringer design, the WSP is designed as a last-chance hold-out. When the Collapse came, Downsizer (whose WSP was the sole product) didn't make it. However, in 2015 Armatech recovered the design rights, and began manufacture. The WSP is available in a nearly every major pistol caliber. The most common chamberings: 9x17mm, 7.65x17mm, 9x18mm, 9x33mm, .400 Cor-Bon (10x23mmCB, shown, x20), and 11.43x23mm.


ASTRA Starlite +0 x12 3m 0 8 $200/10 0.5kg 2 7.65x17mm

The Spanish-manufactured ASTRA Starlite pistol, normally chambered for the 7.65x17mm (.32 Auto) or 6x18mm (6mm Auto) round is a small and concealable light pistol, in the same vein as the Smith & Wesson 2230. The Starlite's lightweight construction as well as single-stack magazine give the pistol a very slender cross-section, ideal for concealed carry. When chambered in 6mm Auto, the Starlite has a 10-round capacity.


Autauga Mk II +0 x12 3m 0 6 $250/10 0.5kg 2A 7.65x17mm

The Autauga Mk II is another supercompact semiautomatic, chambered for the 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP) cartridge.


AWM SAR-7 Mk II +0 x10 5m 0 8 $350/10 1kg 3+ 6x18mm

The SAR-7, produced by Australian Weapons Manufacturing (AWM), is the standard suppressed weapon of the Australian Marines and Maritime Special Service groups. Developed from a late 20th century design, the SAR-7 MkII is rechambered for the modern 6x18mm round, possessing slightly better terminal ballistics than the aging .22LR.


Baikal MR-541 +0 x12 3m 0 2 $200 .5kg 3B* 9x17mm

The MP-541 is a derringer-styled holdout pistol, manufactured by Baikal (formerly IZHMEKH), for sale to security personnel in the CIS. This is an example of the liberalization of the Gun legislation toward creating a super-compact pistol that could be used as the second concealed carry handgun. However, the pistol is not allowed to be owned by regular Russian citizens, and is used mostly by private detectives and security agents (Class B). In less restrictive nations, exported MR-541s are available to civilians (Class A).


Benelli MP90 +0 x10 8m 0 6 $950/20 1kg 3 6x18mm

The Benelli MP90 is a top-quality match-grade marksman pistol, accurate to exceptional distances. The MP90 has been a regular weapon used in Olympic and other world-class competitions. Chambered in either the light 6x18mm, .22LR or the .32 wadcutter (SWC) cartridge, the MP90 is highly renowned for its accuracy. The MP90 features anatomical grips, adjustable fore- and rear-sights, and a trigger customizable for length and weight of pull.


Beretta 951 +0 x12 3m 0 8 $250/10 0.5kg 2 7.65x17mm

The Beretta 951 is a fairly typical holdout style light pistol Usually chambered in .25cal or .380 (9x17mm), the 951 is small enough to be hidden inside a boot or pocket, and still pack a decent punch! Available with synthetic or optional real wood grips. Add $50 to price for real wood.


Derringer Hold-out +0 See Text 3m 0 2 $150+ 0.25kg 2 Various

The Derringer-styled pistols have been a common last-chance holdout weapon for nearly two centuries. Though small in size, many Derringers are chambered for powerful cartridges. Available in a variety of calibers, from .22LR to .357 Magnum through even .454 Casull! Also capable of firing the specialized "Silentfire" arrested-piston silenced cartridge, developed from late 20th century Ex-Soviet designs. The "Silentfire" ammunition allows for a nearly completely silent weapon, without the bulk and mass of a conventional silencer. Silentfire ammunition is relatively expensive ($5/rd) and short-ranged (BR3). Prices vary depending on caliber and appearance (Low caliber: $150, Medium caliber: $175, Heavy Caliber: $200, V.Heavy: $250).


Hammerli Competition 6 +1 x10 6m 0 8 $800/15 1kg 3 6x18mm

The Hammerli Competition 6 is a fairly typical high-accuracy target pistol. A very specialized weapon, the Competition 6 features a carved real wood grip, partial slide, and a adjustable-pull trigger.


Hecker & Koch P4 +0 x12 5m 0 7 $750/10 0.5kg 2 9x17mm

The Hecker & Koch P4 is HK's foray into the subcompact firearm market, with all of the qualities you'd expect from a pistol crafted by the German corporation. The P4 features an interchangeable barrel & breech system, allowing the P4 to be configured in a number of calibers, ranging from .22LR, 6mm Auto, .25, .32, and .380 Auto. The P4 is sold as a kit, containing each of the listed conversion barrels, as well as a matching magazine. The P4 has lines very similar to the Walther PPK, but with a number of 21st century improvements, such as a polymer frame and polygonally rifled barrel.


Mini-Revolver +0 x10 3m 0 4 $125 0.25kg 2 6x18mm

The Mini-Revolver, as well as similar Derringer-styled pistols, have been around for decades, and will be for decades to come. In spite of the typically low stopping power, these miniature pistols are highly concealable and reliable, and are still very popular. Mini-revolvers are produced by a wide variety of manufacturers.


NAA Guardian +0 x10 3m 0 8 $300/10 0.5kg 2 6x18mm

North American Arms' Guardian line is a series of pocket pistols designed for concealed personal defense. Though the basic .22LR or 6mm Auto round is comparatively lacking for stopping power, the use of hollowpoint (HP) or improved hollowpoint (IHP) ammunition substantially increases the weapon's effectiveness in the defensive role.


PSS "Vul" +0 x12 3m 0 6 $600/10 0.5kg 4+ 7.62x42mm

The "Vul" special-service pistol (PSS), developed in the CIS/Russian Federation in the late 1990s uses the special SP-4 cartridge utilizing the captured piston principle to fire a 10g bullet at approximately 200m/s. This special cartridge guarantees a nearly completely silent weapon, without the added bulk of an external suppressor as the expanding propellant gases are trapped by the cartridge and piston, while the bullet itself is subsonic. The Vul is an otherwise conventional manually-repeating pistol. The Vul is commonly used in CIS special operations, and as such is relatively difficult to procure, even in Eastern Europe (Avail 4, 5 in the West). The SP-4 ammunition is also fairly rare and expensive ($2-5/rd, same availability).


RADOM P-83 +0 x12 5m 0 8 $250/12 0.5kg 2/3 9x18mm

Manufactured in Poland, the RADOM P-83 is a modernized variant of the Makarov pistol. It features a redesigned hammer, decocking lever behind the trigger, a more easily accessible magazine release in the base of the pistol, and a much more comfortable grip. The P-83 was manufactured in very large numbers, leading to its widespread availability throughout Europe and especially Eastern Europe (Avail 2). However, comparatively few have been imported into North America (Avail 3). The P-83 is also manufactured in the much more potent FedRussian 9mm High Impulse (9x18mm HI, $300), and the more conventional 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm, $300). Many of the models reaching North America are also rechambered for the much more common 9x17mm cartridge.


RADOM P-93 +0 x12 5m 0 8 $285/15 0.5kg 2/3 9x18mm

The RADOM P-93 is a sleeker Makarov update, with a slightly lengthened barrel and improved iron sights. The P-93 shares many of the P-83's characteristics (e.g. decocking lever, easy-access mag release), but adds adjustable rear sights and a squared-off trigger guard. The P-93 is also nominally chambered for the 9mm Makarov cartridge (9x18mm), variants in 9mm High Impulse and 9mm Parabellum are also available (+1 Avail). Most Export models are converted to 9x17mm to enhance compatibility with the more commonly available round. The P-93 is Availability 2 in Eastern Europe, and Availability 3 elsewhere.


S&W 2230 +0 x10 3m 0 10 $200/10 0.5kg 2 6x18mm

Designed for the same niche market as the NAA Guardian, Smith and Wesson's model 2230 is chambered for the .22LR or 6mm Auto cartridge, sacrificing killing power for ammunition capacity. This particular design choice makes the 2230 a poor selection as a primary weapon, but its small size makes it an excellent holdout or bootstrap pistol. As in the Guardian, the use of HP or IHP rounds substantially increases the weapon's effectiveness in combat. A target-grade model of the 2230 exists, known as the 2232, which possesses a barrel nearly twice as long as the 2230 (BR6, $250), but sacrifices concealability.


Smith & Wesson 380 +0 x12 3m 0 6 $225/10 0.5kg 2 9x17mm

The Smith & Wesson 380 is a subcompact derivative of the S&W Sigma series. The weapon is very compact, lending itself very strongly to concealed carry use. The S&W 380 is mechanically simple using standard blowback operation and the simplest of safety mechanisms (trigger safety). The weapon was so designed in order to minimize the number of components that may cause snagging during presentation. To fulfill this end, the 380 has an enclosed hammer and a simple, serrated slide release lever which lies nearly flush with the frame. The sights are a simple square groove that runs along the length of the slide. The 380 holds 6 rounds of 9x17mm (.380).


Walther PB-120 +0 x12 5m 0 5 $400/15 0.5kg 3A 7.65x17mm

The striker-fired Walther PB-120 is the 2032 update to the Walther legacy of compact pistols. The PB-120 features a light-alloy frame, with a polygonally rifled cermet barrel, a 5+1 round capacity, and two safety systems (trigger and sear). The PB-120 has an exceptionally narrow cross-section, and thus has excellent concealability, and is still both accurate and comfortable to shoot. The PB-120 has seen excellent sales both in the higher-end civilian self-defense market as well as the security and VIP-protection sectors. The PB-120 still shares the aesthetics and style of the original PPK.


Walther PPK +0 x12 5m 0 6 $350/10 0.5kg 2 9x17mm

The Walther PPK, first developed in the 1930s, and later made famous by the 20th century vid hero, James Bond, has made quite a name for itself as a compact and concealable firearm. Early models were chambered for the 7.65x17mm (.32 cal) round, but the 21st century update is nominally chambered for the 9x17mm (.380 Auto) cartridge. The PPK's excellent handling as well as speed of use, slim profile, and not to mention style, have led to the substantial popularity of the weapon, which will likely continue well into the 21st century.


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