Metric English DM
9x55mm .357 Ultramax x30
10.92x33mmR .44 Magnum x22
12x31mm 12mm Auto x23
12.7x33mm .50AE x25
13x34mm 13mm Auto x25
11.53x35mm .454 Casull x27



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Armalite .44 +0 x22 5m 0 8 500/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm
Colt-AMT M2000 +0 x22 5m 0 8 550/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm
Colt Manhunter +0 x23 5m 0 8 600/25 2kg 2 12x31mm
EAA Equalizer +0 x25 5m 0 7 850/30 2kg 2 13x34mm
Enfield Spitfire +0 x23 6m 0 12 700/30 2kg 2+ 12x31mm
Hellbringer CHP +0 x40 7m 0 3 2000/30 3kg 4 13x55mmUMX
IMI Desert Eagle Mk.XXI +0 x25 5m 0 7 750/30 2kg 2 12.7x33mm
Mateba Earthshaker +0 x30 7m 0 3 1000/20 2kg 2 9x55mmUMX
S&W 44Magnum +0 x22 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 10.92x33mm
Taurus Raging Bull M454 +0 x27 7m 0 5 850/20 1.5kg 2 11.53x35mm
.50 BMG "Pistol" +0 x50 10m 1/3 1 2500 5kg 4 12.7x99mm
Generic .44Mag Auto +0 x22 5m 0 8 500/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mmR
Generic .44Mag Revolver +0 x22 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 10.92x33mmR
Generic 12mm Auto +0 x23 5m 0 8 550/25 2kg 2 12x31mm
Generic 12mm Revolver +0 x23 6m 0 6 500/20 1.5kg 2 12x31mm
Generic .50AE Auto,
Generic 13mm Auto
+0 x25 5m 0 6 600/30 2kg 2 12.7x33mm



Armalite .44 +0 x22 5m 0 8 $500/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm

The Armalite .44 was designed as an alternate to the 2019 Western Free States Army sidearm trials. A solid contender with good reliability, this pistol utilizes a composite frame with a cermet polygonally rifled barrel. Though military sales have been poor (Armalite lost out in the trials), the Armalite .44 is very popular in the civilian market, a favorite of "Big Gun" enthusiasts along the Pacific coast. Armalite also sells a version rechambered for the 12x31mm round (x23, $550).


Colt-AMT M2000 +0 x22 5m 0 8 $550/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm

Now the standard officer's sidearm for the Free States Army, the Colt-AMT Model 2000 served well during the Central American Wars. This workhorse has served for over twenty years, but it still has solid knockdown capability versus even the newer, heavier personal armors. As of 2023, field officers and vehicle crews are being given a choice of issue sidearms, either the M2000 or the quicker Ares M100. The M2000 has a partial slide, adjustable rearsight, top mounting rail (for optics), and anatomical parkerized rubber grips.


Colt Manhunter +0 x23 5m 0 8 $600/25 2kg 2 12x31mm

Colt's independent entry into the 12mm market, the Manhunter, was developed through extensive consultation with a number of private security organizations, and then underwent a full year of field testing. A sturdy and deadly design, the Manhunter is designed for reliable use under even the most hostile of conditions. The weapon is an open-slide design (similar to the Beretta 92), with substantial engineering to prevent catastrophic failure. The choice of the heavy 12mm cartridge nearly guarantees a one-shot drop of the target.


EuroAm Arms Equalizer +0 x25 5m 0 7 $850/30 2kg 2 13x34mm

The EAA Equalizer is EuroAmerican Arms' largest-caliber handgun. Chambered for the mighty 13x34mm cartridge, the Equalizer utilizes extensive barrel porting and a patented recoil-absorption system to reduce the perceived recoil of firing. The EAA Equalizer is a massive and intimidating weapon, and one of the largest-caliber mass-produced autoloading pistols available today, a title shared only with the Desert Eagle XXI.


Enfield Spitfire +0 x23 6m 0 12 $700/30 2kg 2+ 12x31mm

The Royal Enfield Ordinance Spitfire battle pistol is a high quality long-slide counterbalanced military pistol designed to replace the aging Browning automatic. Using composite plastics and ceramics, the Enfield factory has managed to produce a smartchippable high-capacity 12mm pistol of unrivalled accuracy for its class. The SAS and SBS versions of this pistol have been further modified to allow "double tapping" of a target via custom muzzle brakes and recoil compensators. This modification reduces the penalty on a single extra shot on the same target. The Spitfire is Availability 2 in the UK, 3 in Europe and the Americas. The SAS/SBS version is availability 5.


Hellbringer Cyborg Heavy Pistol +0 x40 7m 0 3 $2000/30 3kg 4 13x55mmUMX

Magnum Opus' massive double-action revolver holds only three rounds in its solid titanium-steel cylinder, but each one is a 13mm UltraMax man-killer. The CHP is a break-action design, engaged by a left-side thumb button. The entire handgun is composed of ultrastrong hybrid alloys and the ported barrel has a heavy full-length underlug for balance. Adjustable iron sights are standard, and smartchippable versions are available (+$1000). Requires a minimum +2 STR and BLD to fire! Specially designed for augmented humans, cyborgs, and smaller exo-suits (large grips), the firer suffers a -1 ACC penalty if BLD < +3. Speedloader available for $30.


IMI Desert Eagle +0 x25 5m 0 7 $750/30 2kg 2 See Text

Until the introduction of EAA's Equalizer, the IMI Desert Eagle Mk. XXI had the distinct honor of being the largest-caliber automatic available on the market for nearly 50 years! Additionally, the Mk. XXI has interchangeable barrels, making the Desert Eagle one of the most versatile handguns as well! Typically chambered in either the .50 Action Express or 13mm Auto (x25), additional conversion kits are also available for most calibers ranging between 9x33mmR (.357, x20) and 12x31mm (12mm Auto, x22). The Desert Eagle is a very large weapon, and thus many firers with small hands (BLD<0) may find the Eagle a bit uncomfortable. When chambered for .50AE or 13mm Auto, the Desert Eagle has a 7rd capacity. In "light" calibers (.357), the Desert Eagle has a 9rd capacity, decreasing to 8rds for the "medium" calibers (.44 and 12mm Auto). The Desert Eagle also possesses a mounting surface for standard pistol optics.


Mateba Earthshaker +0 x30 7m 0 3 $1000/20 2kg 2 9x55mmUMX

Mateba has created yet another characteristic revolver...The mighty Earthshaker! This revolver is chambered for the unparalleled .357 Ultramax cartridge for massive striking power! This power does not come without a price, however, as the cylinder only holds 3 shells. As did the venerable but underpowered M207, the Earthshaker uses a substantially counterweighted barrel, in addition to using a grip style that puts the recoil force more in-line with the firing arm. As is the problem with revolvers, the Earthshaker takes substantially longer to reload than most semiautomatic handguns (2 actions to reload, unless using a speedloader).


S&W 44Magnum +0 c22 6m 0 6 $450/20 1.5kg 2 10.92x33mm

The Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum is fairly typical of revolvers of its class. Reliable and functional to the extreme, the pictured model has an adjustable rear sight, matte chrome finish, and parkerized ergonomic grips. Muzzle porting is available on most models, assisting in reducing the perceived recoil. Commonly referred to on the street as a "Dirty Harry," in reference to an old 20th century vid series.
The Super Redhawk is an equivalent model, produced by Ruger (identical except in appearance)


Taurus Raging Bull .454 (M454) +0 x27 7m 0 5 $850/20 1.5kg 2 11.53x35mm

The Raging Bull .454, produced by Taurus is a massive revolver, is chambered for the .454 Casull cartridge, one of the most potent rounds in existence. The Raging Bull incorporates numerous recoil-reducing designs, such as an integral compensator and 3cm-long expansion chamber in the barrel, as well as specially designed ergonomic grips. The M454 also features fully-adjustable fore- and rear sights, as well as available mountings for other optics, and a unique hex-key operated security system that locks the hammer in place, and comes with a standard 16cm barrel. The .454 is perhaps the highest caliber (and most powerful) handgun usable by unaugmented humans.


.50 Caliber "Pistol" +0 x50 10m 1/3 1 $2500 5kg 4 12.7x99mm

Another Borg weapon of incredible power, is the 12.7x99mm "Pistol". Produced by various manufacturers, these super-powerful weapons are essentially a "miniaturized" .50cal rifle. In order to keep the weight manageable, the weapon uses a removable breech, much like an artillery cannon. To reasonably fire this weapon without a brace of some sort, the firer must be massive (Minimum +4 BLD, +2 STR). Unfortunately, the breech mechanism makes the weapon fairly slow to reload (2 actions).

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