Metric English DM
10.41x63mm .410 x8/x16
15.6x70mm 20 Ga x11/x22*
18.5x70mm 12 Ga x14/x28*
19.7x73mm 10 Ga x16/x32*

* The damage listed to the left of the slash is for Fragmentation (buckshot), the right is for Slugs.



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AAI CAWS +1 x14 15m 1 12 1200/20 4.5kg 3 18.5x70mm
Arasaka M29 +1 x14 10m 0 4 700 3kg 3 18.5x70mm
Ares RAS-12 +1 x14 15m 1 20 1500/40 5kg 3 18.5x70mm
Armscor Striker +1 x14 15m 0 12 750 5kg 2 18.5x70mm
Benelli M1 S90 +1 x14 15m 0 7 500 4kg 2 18.5x70mm
Benelli M3 +1 x14 15m 0 7 600 4kg 2 18.5x70mm
Benelli M4 +1 x14 15m 0 8 800 4kg 3A 18.5x70mm
CWI CX-19 +1 x14 15m 1 10 1400/20 4kg 3B 18.5x70mm
Franchi SPAS-10 +1 x16 15m 0 5 800 4.5kg 2 19.7x73mm
Franchi SPAS-15 +1 x14 15m 0 6 800/20 4kg 2 18.5x70mm
HK CAWS +1 x14 15m 1 10 1500/20 5kg 3 18.5x70mm
KBP RMB-93 +1 x14 15m 0 6 600 3kg 2A 18.5x70mm
Mossberg 500/590 +1 x14 15m 0 7 300 4kg 2 18.5x70mm
Mossberg Bullpup +1 x14 15m 0 7 600 4kg 3A 18.5x70mm
Mossberg CMDT +1 x14 15m 1 8 1500/20 5kg 3 18.5x70mm
Neostead 9812 +1 x14 15m 0 12 800 3.5kg 2 18.5x70mm
Pancor Jackhammer +1 x14 15m 1 10 1500/20 4.5kg 3 18.5x70mm
PA Gong +1 x11 10m 0 6 600/20 3kg 2 15.6x70mm
Saiga 12K +1 x14 15m 1 10 1250/20 4kg 3B+ 18.5x70mm
Saiga 410 +1 x8 15m 1 20 1000/20 4kg 3+ 10.41x63mm
Sawn-off +1 x14 10m 0 4 450 3kg 2+ 18.5x70mm
Semiauto Shotgun +1 x14 15m 0 5 500 4kg 2 18.5x70mm
Shortened Pump +1 x14 12m 0 5 500 4kg 2+ 18.5x70mm
Generic Pump SG +1 x14 15m 0 6 350 3kg 2 18.5x70mm
Generic SA* SG +1 x14 15m 0 5 400 3.5kg 2 18.5x70mm
Generic 2bbl SG +1 x14 15m (1)* 2 400 3.5 2 18.5x70mm
Sawn-off 2bbl SG +1 x14 10m (1)* 2 500 3 2+ 18.5x70mm
Underbarrel SG +1 x14 10m 0 4 400 2kg 2+ 18.5x70mm

All Shotguns listed above have stats based on shotshell (fragmentation) ammunition. Slugs reduce ACC by 1 and double the listed damage.
Generic shotguns of higher and lower caliber are also available for +/-$100 of the listed 12-ga price.
Use of Buckshot Rounds gives the Shotgun the Attenuating Damage R2 weapon characteristic, meaning the DM is reduced by 2 points for each range band beyond Short.

Shotguns may also use modified Burst fire rules -- only 5rds are required per ROF point in standard burst (walking fire, etc) and 15rds per ROF point when used in Saturation Fire.

* ROF 1 when both barrels are simultaneously fired.



AAI CAWS +1 x14 15m 1 12 $1200/20 4.5kg 3 18.5x70mm

The AAI CAWS (Close-Assault Weapons System) was developed during the mid-1980s in competition for a US military contract for a close-quarters assault shotgun. The AAI weapons system is designed to be similar to standard military rifles, with a low line of recoil to reduce muzzle climb during automatic fire. The AAI CAWS has the recoil impulse similar to that of the M16 rifle, thanks to the stock design, recoil suppression systems and muzzle brakes. The AAI design even has a custom-built reflex sight (shown, $200) for rapid target acquisition. Though no longer manufactured (in 2040), many second-party manufacturers reproduce the weapon.


Arasaka M29 +1 x14 10m 0 4 $700 3kg 3 18.5x70mm

The Arasaka M29 shotgun is commonly seen in use by several police and ESWAT units worldwide. The small overall size of the weapon makes the M29 ideal for squad car stowage and a heavy backup weapon for many vehicle drivers (military and civilian) as well. The M29 is designed for use with and without the skeletal buttstock.
The M29 is also available in 10-gauge, reducing ammunition capacity to 3rds, and receives a -1 ACC penalty for firing without the buttstock extended due to the massive recoil.


Ares RAS-12 +1 x14 15m 1 20 $1500/40 5kg 3 18.5x70mm

The high-powered Ares Rapid Assault Shotgun 12 (RAS-12) used by private and military security units worldwide! Feeding from a large "saddle" drum clip allows the RAS-12 a substantially longer combat endurance than similar autoshotguns. The RAS-12 is also equipped with a specialized high-recoil absorption buttstock, making burst fire both very controllable and comfortable.


Armscor Striker +1 x14 15m 0 12 $750 5kg 2 18.5x70mm

The unusual Striker shotgun is another design hailing from South Africa. Similar to the Pancor Jackhammer (see below), the Striker utilizes a 12-round cylindrical magazine, however in the Striker, the cylinder is not removable. The design is very reliable, as in a standard revolver, if a "dud" round should occur, pulling the trigger will index a fresh round. Modern updates of the Striker exist, adding a selector and a motorized system that will index any chamber, thus allowing for a truly multi-ammunition system ($2000). Unfortunately, the Striker is very slow to reload, as each round must be individually reloaded, taking 4 actions total (3 shells/action). Also called the "Street Sweeper."


Benelli M1 S90 +1 x14 15m 0 7 $500 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

Utilizing a unique system of recoil operation, the Benelli is the fastest operating semiautomatic shotgun available: an expert operator can fire all eight shots before the first shell has hit the ground. This weapon also has excellent reliability.


Benelli M3 S90 +1 x14 15m 0 7 $600 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

The Benelli M1 interested the British SAS so much that they requested a custom model to be designed, consisting of a slightly longer barrel, pistol grips, a folding buttstock, and slightly modified iron sights.


Benelli M4 +1 x14 15m 0 8 $800 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

The Benelli M4 is a joint development between Benelli and Heckler and Koch. Although it appears to be externally similar to its predecessors (The M1 and M3), the M4 introduces several design improvements. The telescoping buttstock with adjustable cheekpiece is one such improvement.


CWI CX-19 +1 x14 15m 1 10 $1400/20 4kg 3B 18.5x70mm

Initial reports of the CX-19 seem to indicate that the weapon is derived from the HK CAWS design, but is substantially lighter. However, the CX-19 does not possess the HK-CAWS integrated telescopic sight in the carrying handle, presumably to reduce cost (especially as long-range accuracy is somewhat irrelevant in CQB and roomsweeping duty). Although currently in late experimental/early production phases, the CX-19 is slated to become the CAS standard-issue assault shotgun for urban combat deployment.

The CX-19 is commonly seen deployed with APDS (AP slugs) and/or flechette ammunition.


Franchi SPAS-10 +1 x16 15m 0 5 $800 4.5kg 2 19.7x73mm

The SPAS-10 is a massive 10-gauge heavy shotgun of very lethal intentions. The action can be switched from gas-operated semiautomatic to pump action repeater at the flip of a switch. This allows for the firing of lower-power shells that may not have the energy to cycle the action.
Also available in 12-gauge (x14, 8rds).


Franchi SPAS-15 +1 x14 15m 0 6 $800/20 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

The SPAS-15 is a substantially modified version of the SPAS-12, designed primarily for military sales. The SPAS-15 replaces the tubular magazine with a more conventional removable box magazine, and the gas operation system was placed over the barrel. The semiautomatic and pump action systems of the SPAS-12 are retained, and the mode of operation is selected via a thumb switch on the slide, and the cocking handle for semiautomatic fire is located within the carrying handle.


HK CAWS +1 x14 15m 1 10 $1500/20 5kg 3 18.5x70mm

The Heckler & Koch CAWS model was AAI's competitor in the US military trials. The HK system utilized a bullpup configuration coupled with a lightweight polymer composite frame. Though neither company received the contract (the US cancelled the program), HK has continued development independently for the security sector and private sales. Though the HK weapon originally utilized special ammunition (19.5x76mm brass-cased shotshells), HK's modern version is able to use standard polymer-cased shells. The HK CAWS is issued standard with a 1X optical sight built into the handle, with a rapid-acquisition illuminated circle designating shot spread.
1xOptical sight does not grant any Sniper System bonus.


KBP RMB-93 +1 x14 15m 0 6 $600 3kg 2A 18.5x70mm

KBP's RMB-93 is a novel Russian semiautomatic design incorporating a unique boltless action, developed in the early 1990s. The RMB-93 is also unique in that it feeds from a tube mounted above the barrel, unlike most tube-fed shotguns. Availability 3A in Eastern Europe, 4A in the West.


Mossberg 500/590 +1 x14 15m 0 7 $300 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

The Mossberg 500-series is a very popular and common model of pump-action shotgun, available to civilians in most countries. The standard model (above left) has a seven-round magazine and available in barrel lengths from 45 to 50cm. Mossberg also makes a tactical entry weapon based on the 500, designated the 590C, in which the buttstock is removed, and the barrel shortened to a mere 33cm, pistol grips, and a 5 round capacity. Needless to say, the entry model is substantially more concealable than the original.

Stats on the 590C: +1 Acc, x11, BR10m, ROF0, 3kg, $350, Avail 3


Mossberg 500 Bullpup +1 x14 15m 0 7 $600 4kg 2A 18.5x70mm

The Mossberg 500 Bullpup is the Model 500 mechanism in a polymer-composite body. The weapon retains the pump-action mechanism, but places the majority of the action well behind the pistol grip, giving the weapon a substantially longer barrel than an equivalent conventionally configured weapon. Additionally, a pistol grip for the slide is also available for an additional $100. A variant replacing the flip-up sights with fixed iron sights and a carrying handle is also available (no change).


Mossberg CMDT +1 x14 15m 1 8 $1500/20 5kg 3 18.5x70mm

The Mossberg CMDT combat shotgun chambered for 12-gauge was developed for a military close-range assault weapon, and thus was designed to be highly reliable in a great variety of conditions. Additionally, the weapon has an integral laser sight, which projects a single dot with a circle around it, designating the point-of-aim as well as the impact zone for a standard buckshot round.

Larger 10, 15, and 20rd magazines are also available ($25, $35, $50). The largest magazine increases the mass of the weapon to 5kg total.


Neostead 9812 +1 x14 15m 0 12 $800 3.5kg 2 18.5x70mm

The South African Neostead 9812 is a relatively recent development. The 9812 utilizes a reversed pump-action mechanism, and dual 6rd side-by-side tube magazines. Lightweight and relatively compact, the 9812 features a glass-reinforced polymer shell with chrome-alloy barrel and mechanism. The 9812 also features a carrying handle that has mounting fixtures for standard sighting accessories. The slide is pushed forwards to eject the spent casing downwards, and drawn back to chamber a fresh round. The 9812 is fully ambidextrous, and can even be comfortably fired one-handed. 12+1 rd capacity.


Pancor Jackhammer +1 x14 15m 1 10 $1500/20 4.5kg 3 18.5x70mm

The Jackhammer is a unique combat shotgun, in that it utilizes a rotating cylindrical cassette that contains 10 standard 12-gauge shotgun shells. This means of loading solves the heating problem many autoshotguns were vulnerable to. The trigger is of the progressive type, with a slight pull giving semiautomatic fire, and a long pull giving fully-automatic fire. The Jackhammer also possesses a decocking/cocking lever that allows for the striker to be lowered on a loaded cartridge, and silently cocked before use.


Poseidon Arms Gong +1 x11 10m 0 6 $600/20 3kg 2 15.6x70mm

The Poseidon Arms Gong is a 20-gauge whippet-styled shotgun with a 6-round box magazine. The size of a very large handgun or submachinegun, this weapon is excellent in close-quarters fighting. As with other shotguns, the Gong is capable of firing some very specialized ammunition types.


Saiga 12K +1 x14 15m 1 10 $1250/20 4kg 3B+ 18.5x70mm

The Saiga 12K is an automatic shotgun developed in the Russian Federation during the 1990s, based on the AK-47/74 mechanism.. The Saiga 12K is chambered for the western 12ga shotgun shell (x14 damage w/ buckshot), but variants are also chambered for 20-, 16-, and 12-gauge, designated the Saiga 20, Saiga 16, and Saiga 12. The Saiga shotguns are rugged, and possess a fairly large ammunition capacity (15rds in 20ga, and 10 in 16- and 12-gauge). A semi-auto version is available, designated the Saiga 12 ($650). Conventional rifle stock/grip also available.
Saiga weapons are fairly easy to find in Eastern Europe, but are relatively uncommon in the West (Avail 4). Civilian models (no autofire) are more easily accessible (reduce Avail threshold by 1).


Saiga 410K +1 x8 15m 1 20 $1000/20 4kg 3+ 10.41x63mm

The Saiga 410 is essentially the Saiga 12, rechambered for the western .410 shotgun shell (x8 w/ buckshot, x16 w/ slugs). As with the other shotguns in the Saiga family, the 410 is robust and functions well under nearly any conditions. A semiautomatic version is also available, desginated the Saiga 410 ($500).
Saiga weapons are fairly easy to find in Eastern Europe, but are relatively uncommon in the West (Avail 4). Civilian models (no autofire) are more easily accessible (reduce Avail threshold by 1).


Sawn-Off Shotgun +1 x14 10m 0 4 $450 3kg 2+ 18.5x70mm

The shotgun is an excellent close-range weapon, but it is often too long to be used effectively in especially closed quarters (e.g. hallways) A qualified gunsmith is easily able to fix this problem -- at the expense of range, ammo capacity and about $100 of his time.
GM's call: listed availability is assumed to be the minimum. Apply a modifier based on how legal and easy it is to find a willing (?) gunsmith.


Semiautomatic Shotgun +1 x14 15m 0 5 $500 4kg 2 18.5x70mm

One of the most popular civilian hunting rifles is the semiautomatic shotgun. Utilizing a gas-operated mechanism, models such as the Remington X2 (left) are capable of up to 20 rounds per minute. Most are also capable of accepting 18.5x76mm (3") magnum shotshells as well (modeled as HV shotshells).


Shortened Pump-Action Shotgun +1 x14 12m 0 5 $500 4kg 2+ 18.5x70mm

The shortened pump-action is another modification tot he typical shotgun, also sacrificing some ammunition capacity and range for concealability.

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