Metric English DM
5.56x45mm .223 x20
7.62x51mm .308 x30
7.62x66mm .300 Winchester x33
12.7x99mm .50 BMG x50



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Browning BAR-2 +0 x30 80m 0 5 750/15 3kg 2 7.62x51mm
Budget-50 +0 x50 75m 0 3 800/20 6kg 3 12.7x99mm
HK SL8 +0 x20 60m 0 5 1200/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm
HK SR9 +0 x20 50m 0 5 400/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm
High Point Carbine +0 x15 25m 0 8 300/15 3kg 3A 9x19mm
IMI Haddar +0 x20 50m 0 10 350/15 4kg 2 5.56x45mm
KAC SR25 Match +0 x20 60m 0 5 800/15 4kg 2 5.56x45mm
KelTec 212 +0 x15 25m 0 15 400/15 3kg 3A 9x19mm
Pauza FB50 +0 x50 100m 0 3 1000 8kg 3 12.7x99mm
Remington PSS +0 x33 75m 0 4 600 3.5kg 2 7.62x66mm
Ruger Mini-14 +0 x20 50m 0 5 300/20 4kg 2 5.56x45mm
SIG SSG69 +0 x20 60m 0 10 800/20 4kg 2 5.56x45mm
Steyr Scout Rifle +0 x30 80m 0 5 2000/30 3.5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm
Steyr USR +0 x20 50m 0 30 400/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm
Antique Lever-Action +0 Var 25m 0 7 500 5kg 3A Varies



Browning BAR-2 +0 x30 80m 0 5 $750/15 3kg 2 7.62x51mm

Browning BAR-2 is typical of a modern hunting rifle, available in a number of different chamberings. The BAR-2 features a specialized recoil-compensation mechanism, designed to enhance long-range accuracy. The pictured scope is optional, see Modifications for details of Scope systems.


Budget Arms Budget-50 +0 x50 75m 0 3 $800/20 6kg 3 12.7x99mm

The Budget Arms Budget-50 is one of the last alternate options for those needing a high-caliber long-range "sporting" rifle. The Budget-50 is a simple blowback-operated autoloading rifle, feeding from a standard 3-round magazine which lies flush with the magazine well. The Budget-50 is incredibly uncomfortable to shoot, as there are no other recoil-absorption systems besides the simple 6-vent muzzle brake. However, for those wanting the intimidation value of a "look-alike" high-power rifle, there are several less-expensive variants rechambered for lighter and more reasonable cartridges, down to the .308 Winchester (7.62x51, $400).


Heckler & Koch SL8 +0 x20 60m 0 5 $1200/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm

The HK SL8 is a recently developed civilian and police-grade semiautomatic rifle based on HK's G36 weapons system. The SL8 is chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge, as was the G36, and also features a reinforced polymer body and stock, thumbhole grip, adjustable cheekpiece, and a ghost-ring iron foresight and the standard HK adjustable rearsight. The SL8 will also mount any STANAG-compatible optics system. The SL8 comes with two 5rd magazines as standard; larger 10-, 20- and 30-round mags are also available ($20, $25, and $30). There is also a variant chambered for 7.62x51mm (x30, $1500, 5 or 20rd magazines)


Heckler & Koch SR9 +0 x20 50m 0 5 $400/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm

The HK SR9 is a semiautomatic rifle typical of those that can be purchased by civilians in most nations around the world. Reliable and accurate, the SR9 was designed especially for the civilian market. 30rd magazines are also available ($30). There is also a variant chambered for 7.62x51mm (x30, $500, 5 or 20rd magazines).


High Point Carbine +0 x15 25m 0 8 $300/15 3kg 3A 9x19mm

The High Point Carbine is a long-arm based around High Point Firearms' MK-4 series of semiautomatic pistols. The weapon is primarily of polymer construction, save critical components (e.g. barrel, breech, etc), which are metal alloys. The weapon features a long barrel (350mm) and a fixed polymer stock. This Carbine is impractical for large game, but works sufficiently for small game and self-defense (e.g. anti-personnel).


IMI Hadar +0 x20 50m 0 10 $350/15 4kg 2 5.56x45mm

The IMI Hadar is a common sporting rifle, manufactured in Israel. The Hadar is typically fitted with a telescopic scope and a 5- or 25-round magazine (not shown). The large iron-sights are very sturdy, and provide a necessary backup to more sophisticated optical systems.


KAC SR25 Match Rifle +0 x20 60m 0 5 $800/15 4kg 2 5.56x45mm

The Knight's Armament Corporation SR25 Match rifle is one of many civilian-grade variants of the ubiquitous M16/AR-15 family of rifles. The KAC SR25 features a floating barrel, NATO-standardized STANAG scope mount, and an optional bipod (adds $300). The SR-25, and many of the other civilian variant M16s are very popular for target shooting, many of which have been optimized for this purpose. The SR25 is typically used with a short 5-round magazine, though larger 20- and 30-round magazines are also available ($25, $30).


KelTec 212 +0 x15 25m 0 15 $400/15 3kg 3A 9x19mm

The Keltec 212 is a folding carbine, based on their P11 pistol frame (shown for scale). The rifle is relatively rudimentary, with a simple fixed tubular stock with polymer buttplate, and a long chromed barrel. The majority of the fixtures, save the grip and action are high-impact polymer. In general, the 9mm cartridge is insufficient for hunting large game, but the rifle is primarily designed for use as a compact survival and defensive long arm. To chamber a round, the charging handle (located underneath the stock) is pulled back and released. For safety, the weapon cannot be fired while folded (mechanism safeties, and the otherwise idiot-proof method of having the firing chamber located on the fore-end, which is folded upwards).


Pauza FB-50 +0 x50 100m 0 3 $1000 8kg 3 12.7x99mm

The Pauza Manufacturing FB-50 is a semiautomatic .50-caliber rifle, feeding from a massive 3-round internal rotary magazine. The weapon is comparatively lightweight, especially when compared to larger automatic heavy rifles such as the Barrett M82 and M95 rifles. The FB-50 features a custom high-efficiency recoil-absorption pad in the buttstock, as well as a large muzzle brake. As with most .50cal rifles, the FB-50 is nearly useless without a scope system. A basic scope (no Sniper System bonus) is available for a discounted price of $100 from the manufacturer.


Remington PSS +0 x33 75m 0 4 $600 3.5kg 2 7.62x66mm

The Remington PSS is a fairly typical large-bore hunting rifle available to most civilians. Similar to the Remington M40 sniper rifle, the PSS loses some magazine capacity in lieu of the increased power of the .300 Winchester Magnum round. The PSS is also available in .308 (7.62x51mm), increasing capacity to 5rds. The magazine is rather difficult to load, and only 2rds may be loaded per action.


Ruger Mini-14 +0 x20 50m 0 5 $300/20 4kg 2 5.56x45mm

The Ruger Mini-14 is one of the popular semiautomatic rifles available in North America in the civilian and police sectors. The Mini-14 is a tried-and-true design, with recent variants capitalizing on over the 50 years of the Mini-14's existence. The modern variant is a very lightweight and rugged rifle with a corrosion- and wear-resistant barrel and reinforced polymer stocks. Variants are also available with folding stocks (+$100), as well as a fully automatic version for police sales, called the AC-556 ($400, ROF+1). The Mini-14 is typically equipped with 5rd magazines, though 10- and 30-round mags are also easily available ($15, $30)


SIG SSG69 +0 x20 60m 0 10 $800/20 4kg 2 5.56x45mm

The SIG SSG69 is a 5.56mm-chambered sporting rifle designed for the civilian market, but also qualifies for police and competition applications as well. The SSG69 is a substantially lower-cost alternative for a lightweight "scout" rifle than the equivalent Steyr Scout.


Steyr Scout Rifle +0 x30 80m 0 5 $2000/30 3.5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm

The Steyr Scout Rifle, the brainchild of Col. Jeff Cooper, was developed in cooperation with Steyr-Mannlicher AG of Switzerland. The weapon was designed to be a general-purpose bolt-action long arm intended to perform duties ranging from hunting to sniper-work. The weapon is sleek and lightweight, and is fitted with a 5rd magazine (optionally 10rd) as standard, and a second magazine fits in a special recess in the stock. The weapon also features an integral folding bipod, and a customizable buttstock (via spacers), a standard 8x scope (Standard Sniper System to 600m), and backup folding iron-sights.


Steyr USR +0 x20 50m 0 30 $400/15 3kg 2 5.56x45mm

The Steyr USR is the 21st century revision of Steyr's AUG bullpup, redesigned for civilian and police markets. The USR possesses a vestigial thumbhole stock, and is sold without a flash suppressor. The USR is fitted standard with the same 1.5x optical scope as the AUG, but can be fitted with a STANAG-compatible "Picatinny" rail mount (+$100). The USR's design makes it an exceptional and compact weapon for civilians and security personnel when automatic weapons are unavailable or illegal.


Antique Lever-Action Carbines +0 Var 25m 0 Varies $500 5kg 3A Various (see text)

Lever action rifles, such as the Winchester (replicas) seen at left have a bit of the heroic "cowboy mystique" attached to them, and thus have a style all their own, even on nearly 200-year-old technology. The most common modern chamberings are 22LR (x10), .357 Magnum (x20), .44 Magnum (x23), and .45 Long Colt (x20/x14 unarmored/armored). Ammunition capacity varies primarily on barrel length, ranging from 7 (short-barrel, bottom) to 12 (long-barreled, top). .44 and .45 Long Colt are the closest to being historically accurate.

For the real historical-accuracy diehards, black-powder ammunition is available, and reduces DM by 20%.

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