Coalition SAMAS
Type: Exo-Suit (Flight-Capable)
TV: 140 (140 OTV, 120 DTV, 150 MTV)
Cost: $135,000
Production: Mass Production
Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Availability: 2

Size: 2.6 (~750 kg)
Default Size: 5
Crew: 1 (2 Actions)
Armor: 8/16/24

Sensors: +0/2km
Communications: +0/10km
Fire Control: +0
Mode Combat Top Maneuver
Flight 8 16 +0
Walker 3 5 0
Deployment Range 600km (450km Flight, 150km Walker)
Power is for flight is provided by a gas turbine. Servo power is provided by 4 powercells. The turbine may also be used as a generator to recharge powercells (up to the full 600km of walker movement)
Name Rating Effect
Ammo Storage   40 rds 15mm in a drum stored below turbines
Loudspeakers   AUX
2x Manipulator Arms 2 Can Punch
NOE Flyer    
Searchlight 1 Illuminate 50m FF arc
Annoyance   Requires Aircraft Pilot 1 for Flight maneuvering
Cannot Glide   Aerodynamics like a brick...
Maximum Ceiling 7 5000m Maximum Flight Ceiling
Defect: Annoyance   Turbines require 3 RPG-scale turns (~20sec) to "warm up" as well as generate a large thermal signature (insufficient for Traceable Emissions, however)
# Name Arc DM BR Acc ROF Ammo Specials
1 C-40R 15x105mm Rifle F x6 2 +0 +2 80 -
1 C-88 Underbarrel APERS Grenade Launcher F x3 1 -1 +0 5 AI, AE=0, IF, HEAT
1 Vibroknife F x4.6 M +0 +0 n/a -
The SAMAS (Strategic Airborne Mechanized Armor Suit) was designed during the first decade of the new millennium to serve as a light airborne strike and reconnaisance unit. However, the Collapse would prevent the broad distribution and manufacture for several years. During the Collapse, the regime of Chairman Karl Prosek came to power during a successful military coup in 2018, forming the new Coalition of American States (CAS), and began remanufacturing this highly capable, if experimental, combat suit. The first CS SAMAS rolled off the assembly line in February 2027. Since then, the SAMAS has been a staple Coalition exo-suit seen in a number of roles, ranging from close air support, light force reconnaisance, and even crowd and riot suppression. The greatest advantage possessed by the SAMAS is its incredible maneuverability and mobility when faced with conventional ground units in a lightning strike. It is also commonly used as a "pocket" gunship, as its Coalition Heavy Armaments C-40R 15mm autocannon makes short work of other powered armor and even light armor units (e.g. APCs). The C-40's underbarrel-mounted C-88 40mm grenade launcher provides the primary antipersonnel (APERS) capabilities. Unfortunately, in order to achieve its fullest potential, flight training is required in addition to conventional exo-suit training.
None are currently reported. Analysts in the Olympus Free State believe that the Coalition has used a SAMAS as the testbed for an advanced mind-link system, similar to the NorCal/Poseidon jointly-developed Brain-Direct Interface (BDI) system.

Editor's note: Recent reports (circa May 2041) seem to suggest that one of these Coalition prototyped SAMAS was lost in a "training accident" -- those of you keeping score at home, this is a euphemism for "we lost it, but can't admit it." Other reports of such a "specially-equipped" SAMAS seen in operation during the failed Brazilian rebellion sporting a sky-blue paintjob and a modified helmet resembing a fox?