FASHIONWARE: Appearance & Cosmetic Cyberware

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Biomonitor N 100 1 2 +1 to HEA rolls to resist drugs. ONLY adds in situations where the user has some ability to make a decision (e.g. resist intoxication by knowing his BAC.). Does not affect other circumstances. May aid a Medic in treatment (+1 to roll).
Skinwatch N 50 1 1 Subdermal timepiece
Light Tattoo N 1-20 0.5 1 Decorative Tattoo
Shift-Tacts N 1-200 0.5 1 Color-changing contact lenses.
ChemSkin N 200 0.5 1 Color/Pattern changing skin tints.
SynthSkins N 400 1d6/2 2 Color/Pattern changing artificial skins
TechHair N 100-200 2 1 Color/Light emmitting hair
OptiShields M 300 1d6+2 3 Removable bulletproof mirrorshades that cover the eyes. Holds two Options. The "Geordi LaForge" look.
- Times Square   250 0.5 2 LED screen option for OptiShields.
- TSquare Plus   300 0.5 2 LED link for MRAM and APTR. Uses 2 Options.
- Teleoptics   150 0.25 2 30x telescope option for OptiShields
- Lowlite   250 0.25 2 LowLite Option for OptiShields
- Active/Passive IR   250 0.25 2 Active IR emitter/detector for OptiShields.
- Thermoptics   300 0.5 3 Thermoptic sensors (thermal vision) for OptiShields.
- Time/Date Display   100 0 2 Time/date display for Optishields. Uses no Option spaces.
Color Gland Control M 250 1 2 Change eye color in 1d6 minutes.
Subdermal Viewscreen M 250 1d6/2 2 Subdermal LCD screen.
Flashlight Implant M 100 1 2 Glowing patch of synthskin. May be turned on & off.
Strobelight Implant N 175 1.5 2 Battery upgrade for Flashlight Implant. Slightly brighter flash. HEA roll vs. 3 or blinded for MOF rounds.
Kill Display N 100 1 2 LCD displays "Kills: XXX" up to 3 digits.
Cam-O-Skin N 850 1d6/2 3 Camouflaged skin. +1 to Stealth/Concealment. Requires 2d6 hours to change camouflage pattern.
Transparent Skin N 1000/m2 3d6 2 -1 APP/INf for each section covered. -2 APP for face.
Whole Body Transparent M 7000 6d6 2 APP changes to -5.
Mood Skin N 200/m2 1d6 2 Colors of skin changes based on mood. Mildly toxic (-1 FIT every 6 months)
Whole Body Mood Skin M 700 6d6 2 Colors of skin changes based on mood. Mildly toxic (-1 FIT every 4 months)
Turn-on Nails N 25/ea 0.1/ea 1 Single-pattern automatic nails. Coloring pen (allows changing colors) costs $50.
Turn-on Nails (set) N 200 1 1 Same as above, but set of 10.
Show-off Nails N 45/ea .2/ea 1 Multi-pattern capable version of above. Color pen costs $90.
Show-off Nails (set) N 425 2 1 Same as above, but set of 10.


NEURALWARE: Neural Interface Cyberware (Hardware & Boosters)

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Basic Interface Processor MA 1000 1d6 3 Basic Processor required for all systems.
Kerenzikov Boosterware N 1500 2d6 4 +1 to Combat Sense and any other rolls requiring quick reflexes. Warning: Reflex responses may often be faster than the user's choice to act/not act (Combat Sense vs. 5).
Sandevistan Speedware N 2000 1d6/2 4 +3 to Initiative rolls for 30 seconds (5 turns), -2 for the next 30s, then can be reused. Also available in a mildly "downgraded" model: +2 for 5rds, -1 for 5rds.
Tactile Boost N 100 2 2 Increased sensitivity. +1 to all Touch-based Notice skills.
Taste Boost M 100 2 2 Increased sensitivity. +1 to all Taste-based Notice rolls. May attempt to ID chemicals by taste (Very Difficult, Notice vs. 6+, depending on chemical, concentration) if also possessing Physical Sciences (e.g. Chemistry).
Olfactory Boost M 100 2 2 Increased sensitivity. +1 to all Smell-based Notice rolls. May attempt to ID chemicals by smell (Very Difficult, Notice vs 6+, depending on chemical, concentration, experience).
Pain Editor N 800 2d6 3 Tunes out Hot, Cold, Pain. +2 to all consciousness checks once activated. Can ignore penalties from Flesh Wounds. Deep Wound penalties are reduced to -1. Also immune to Stunning effects.
Datalink N 200 1 5 Allows direct connection to computers, DataTerms, etc. +1 to Computer Initiative, Hacking Pool.
Machine Link N 200 2 4 Allows direct operation of machinery. Also allows use of augmented armor w/o a sensor suit (datasuit).
Smartgun Link N 200 2 4 For direct smartweapon control only. +1 to hit when firing a smartlinked weapon.
Smartgun Link II (upgrade) N 300 0 4 Upgrade of old cable-type smartgun links to new induction spot links. Must purchase Smartgun I to get upgrade.
Vehicle Link N 200* 3 6+ * Allows direct vehicle operation only. * Prototype technology in my campaign. Standard CP2020 availability is 4).
Interface Plugs N 200/set 1d6 3 Connection ports for interface plugs. Required for all Link systems. Purchased in pairs, they are commonly installed in the wrist, temple, behind the ears, or base of the skull. One set of Plugs allows for a single Linked item in use at any given time.
Chipware Socket M 100/slot 1d6/2 3 Allows up to 10 APTR or MRAM chips to be loaded.
APTR Reflex Chips - Varies - Var Chipped physical and technical skills
MRAM Memory Chips - Varies - Var Chipped mental (KNO or CRE) skills or databases
Personality Override Chips - Varies - Var A special variety of MRAM that "overlays" a surrogate personality over the original. Most varieties possess a "safeword" that can be used to end the program. A WIL roll vs. 5 is required to break out of character and keep the program running. [See Moddies from When Gravity Fails]
Cyberbrain Implant CR 10K - 30K 2d6 6 A supplemental brain which processes data, taking workload off the brain. With a cyberbrain, a human being's mental capabilities are greatle augmented. Also comes with a built-in set of link processors (all Links). Adds either +1 to either KNO or CRE. [See Ghost in the Shell]
Wet Drive MA 1500/MU 1d6 4 Expandable memory unit in skull. Uses a combination of biochips and "borrowed tissue" to store data. Memories in borrowed tissues may be recoverable (60% chance) if implant is removed. [See Johnny Mnemonic]
Wet Drive Access Link M 200 1d6/2 4 Interface to Wet Drive. Allows wearer to access information stored within Wet Drive.
Mag-Duct Spots M 300/pair 1d6/2 3 Subdermal Interface Plugs. Unpopular with Military due to poor results in harsh conditions (e.g. mud may interfere with connection)
Pacemaker Coprocessor N 150 2 2 Restarts heart in event of cardiac arrest. Replaceable battery stores enough charge for (1) restart.


IMPLANTS: Cyberware placed in the body

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Nasal Filters M 200 2 4 Stops most toxic gases and fumes. 70% effective (+2 to HEA check vs. most airborne toxins)
Gills MA 400 3d6 3 Water breathing system good for about 6hrs.
Independent Air Supply MA 400 3d6 3 Internal air supply good for 25 minutes at atmospheric pressure, if charged with pure oxygen. If it is refilled by breathing, it is only good for 6 minutes.
Mr. Studd Sexual Implant MA 400 3d6 2 All night, every night, and she'll never know. Also available in the Midnight Lady version for women.
Contraceptive Impant N 100 0.5 1 Versions available for both men and women. Good for 5 years, 98% effective.
Subdermal Pocket M 200 2d6 3 6x10cm pocket with Realskinn zipper
Adrenal Booster M 1000 2d6 4 +1 AGI for 1d6/2+1 turns. Requires 8 hours to recharge.
Motion Detector M 400 2d6 4 Detects up to 20m range in a 60deg arc. 70% Effective.
Digital Recorder M 300 2 3 2hr internal digital storage for A/V input. Input device (Cyberoptic, Cyberaudio) not included.
Radar Sensor M 1000 2 4 100m range radar. Must have Cyberoptic w/ HUD (Times Square/TS+) for display. 70% effective, but significantly disfiguring (-1 APP).
Sonar Implant M 550 2 3 50m range sonar. Must have cyberaudio or other cybernetic detectors (modified tactile boost). 70% effective, useful only in water.
Radiation Detector M 200 2 2 10m range geiger counter. 70% effective.
Chemical Analyzer M 1500 2 3 5m range, 70% effective. Internal memory contains a library of more common airborne chemicals (ammonia, gunpowder, etc). Skillchips designed for the Analyzer significantly increase the identifiable components. Requires some form of output device (Cyberoptic w/ Times Square/TS+, interfaced computer, etc).
Voice Synthesizer M 600 1d6 3 Can mimic up to 10 recorded sounds at 60% effectiveness.
AudioVox M 700 2d6 2 Vocal modification system for special vocal effects. +1 to relevant Music tests.
Voice Pattern - 350 2 2 AudioVox option: mimics recorded sounds and voices.
Forked Tongue - 350 2 4 AudioVox option: Uses subsonics to enhance persuasiveness (+1 Seduction, Etiquette, other relevant social skills).
Scrambler - 100 2 3 AudioVox option: Electronically alters user's voice to become unidentifiable and/or unintelligible (e.g. encoded). With modifications (Electronics vs. 6), AudioVox Scrambler effects can be decoded and "read" by a cellphone scrambler.
NewThroat CR 850 2d6 850 Entire throat/voicebox replaced with electronic vocal modifications: Holds 3 options at 1/4 cost and no Humanity Loss. Available options include AudioVox, Voice Synthesizer, Voice Pattern, Forked Tongue and Scrambler.
Rebreathers MA 700 1d6+1 700 Allows user to "rebreathe" air that is in the lungs, allowing the user to hold their breath for up to 15 minutse. Also includes a built-in toxin filter that is 55% effective (+1 to HEA rolls vs. airborne toxins, not cumulative with other options).
Pacesetter Sport Heart CR 900 1d6 2 Heart replacement that is tuned to the body like a racing engine! Adds +5m to sprinting distance, and +1 FIT for 4 minutes. Activated with a subvocal or mental command. WARNING!: Accelerated heart rate may speed blood-borne toxins! (HEA check is at -1 if Pacesetter is active).
Pacesetter 2000 OverDrive Heart CR 1500 1d6 2 Supercharged version of Pacesetter Sport! Adds +10m to sprinting distance, and increases FIT by +2 for two minutes. The same warnings apply as did with the Pacesetter Sport.
T-Maxx Enhanced Liber MA 450 1d6 2 Filters conventional toxins from bloodstream. Filters alcohol with 98% effectiveness, making the user practically immune to the effects (short- and long-term). Also grants a +1 to HEA rolls vs. most other toxins.
T-Maxx Enhanced Kidneys MA 2000 1d6 2 As the T-Maxx Enhanced Liver, the Kidneys also enhance toxin filtration from the bloodstream, adding an additional +2 to HEA rolls versus bloodborne toxins.
Zetatech Bodycomp MA 1750 1d6+4 2 Built-in E-book. (PP1, KNO-1, CRE-3 Computer with independent chipslots) And no, you can't use the E-book's chipslots instead of buying a real Chipware Socket, loser.
Lifescan Body Monitor M 4000 1d6 2 Linked to Biomonitor, TimesSquare, and other internal health systems. Gives user a "system status," of their body, if you will. Medical technicians may interface with the Lifescan in emergencies (via Interface cables), improving their chances of aiding (+1 to applicable First Aid or Medicine test).
Compact BrainDance Recorder CR 15000 2d6 5 Records up to 2 hours of sensory perceptions. Downloads out of the back of the head. WARNING: Highly illegal in most nations.
Cellular Phone MA 500 3 2 Built-in Cellphone. Don't forget to purchase a service contract from your local Telecomm company.
Communicator Implant M 200-400 3 2-4 Built-in Civilian Communicator w/ 10km range (-5Comm system). Also available in Military version, including encryption capabilities (10km range, -2 Comm).
LiveWires M 400 2d6 3 Prehensile 45cm wormlike Interface cables.
Autoinjector M 750 1d6/2 2 Holds up to 5 doses of your drug of choice in a subdermal IV, typically in the forearm.


BIOWARE/NANOWARE: Biological & Nanotech Enhancements

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Wired Reflexes CR *Spec* 2d6 6 Uses nanomachines to reconstruct nervous system to utilize either flexible high-temperature superconductors or fiber optics. End effect is substantially enhanced reflexes (+1 AGI). Cost is determined by (Current AGI) squared times $5000. Summary: +1 AGI for $5000*(AGI)^2.
Grafted Muscle MA 1000 1d6 3 Uses grafts of cloned muscle tissue to enhance strength. (+1 BLD)
Muscle and Bone Lace N 1500 1d6/2 4 Uses nanomachines to reinforce muscle and bone tissue. (+1 BLD)
Adv. Muscle/Bone Lace N 3500 1d6/2 4 Uses nanomachines to reinforce muscle and bone tissue. (+1 BLD, +1 STR)
SkinWeave N       Uses nanomachines to construct a bullet-resistant armor "skin" that offers protection ranging from Class I to Class IIIA ratings.
    1000 1d6 4 Armor Rating: 5 (Very Difficult to detect: Notice vs. 8)
    1250 1d6+3 4 Armor Rating: 10 (Difficult to detect: Notice vs. 6, skin is somewhat leathery)
    1600 2d6 4 Armor Rating: 15 (Easy to detect: Notice vs. 4, skin is very leathery)
    2200 2d6+2 5 Armor Rating: 20 (50% chance of reducing APP by 1, obviously thick, leathery skin)
    2750 2d6+4 5 Armor Rating: 25 (reduces APP by 1, extremely obvious "rhino hide")
Enhanced Healing Process N 3000 1d6/2 4 Nanotech augments autoimmune system to accelerate healing process. Reduces healing and recovery time by 25% (similar to Rapid Healing Perk).
Toxin Binders N 3000 1d6/2 4 Improve HEA rolls vs. Toxins, Drugs by +2. WARNING: Toxin Binders do not differentiate between "good" and "bad" drugs!
NanoOptical Rebuild N 3000 1d6/2 4 Nanosurgeons rebuild retinas, user gains Low-Lite and Passive Infrared OR Ultraviolet vision.
NanoAuditory Rebuild N 3000 1d6/2 4 Nanosurgeons rebuild auditory canal, user gains Enhanced Hearing Range and Level Damper.
Tailored Pheromones M Varies 1d6/2 3-6 Surgically implanted genengineered glands. User may select ONE pheromone type: Love (+1 to Seduction for specified sex, $1000, availability 3), Gullibility (incites gullibility in others, +1 to relevant rolls, $2000, availability 5). Nasal filters are 60% effective against pheromones.


CYBERWEAPONS: Implanted Body Weapons

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Scratchers N 100 2d6 3 Body Weapon (hands), retractable polyceramic fingernails. UD+2 damage.
Vampires N 200 3d6 3 Body Weapon (mouth), UD+2 damage.
Rippers M 400 3d6 4 Body Weapon (hands), retractable polyceramic claws. UD+4 damage.
Wolvers M 600 3d6+1 4 Body Weapon (hands), Retractable "Wolverine" blades. AD+6 damage.
Big Knucks M 400 2d6 3 Body Weapon (hands), implanted version of "brass knuckles". UD+2Blunt damage.
Slice'n'Dice M 700 3d6 4 Implanted Monofilament Whip (2m in length), AD+10 damage. On a Fumble, inflicts d6 MOS to the user.
Cybersnake MA 1200 4d6 4 Cyberweapon, self-controlling (Smart-2+0), x6DM
BigRipp M 850 3d6 4 Body weapon (hands), UD+6 damage.
Mandibles MA 1200 5d6 4 Body Weapon (mouth), UD+4 damage
Gang Jazzler M 600 2d6+3 4 Body Weapon (hand), Implanted contact Taser (up to Intensity 6. 20 "charges", used at 1 charge per point of selected Intensty.)
Stinger N 400 1d6+3 4 Body Weapon (hands), hypodermic needle. May be loaded with a single dose of drug of choice.
Bonespike M 1000 2d6 5 Body Weapon (hand/arm), AD+5 damage. Nearly undetectable by metal detectors and cyberscanners.
Spitting Cobra M 400 4d6 4 Spits acid or poison to a range of 2m.
- Retractable SC M 700 4d6 4 Same as above, but retractable.


CYBERAUDIO: Cybernetic Optical Enhancements

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Basic Cyberoptic MA 500 2d6 2 Basic cybernetic replacement eye. Can hold up to four options (not included).
Remote Cyberoptic MA 1500 3d6 3 Detachable eye, transmits information to user with a 100m range. Only holds one option.
Extra Cyberoptic CR 750 3d6+2 3 Additional eye, typically in the middle of forehead. Reduces APP by 1.
Livefeed Cyberoptic MA 1200 2d6+1 3 Video relay eye with multiple built-in options, typically LowLite, Telescopic, and Times Square.
Optic Options:         All options utilize one (1) option space unless otherwise noted.
Color Shift N 300 0.5 2 Allows color change of iris. Special fashion effects.
Image Enhancement N 300 1 3 +1 PER when performing a visual search.
Targeting Scope N 200 2 4 Used in tandem with a Smartlink Processor. Places crosshairs or other point-of-impact marker in line-of-sight.
Times Square Marquee N 300 1 2 LED/Heads-Up Display (HUD) for messages.
Times Square Plus N 500 2 2 HUD is linked to APTR and MRAM chips. Uses 3 options.
Teleoptics N 150 0.5 2 30x magnification
Micro-optics N 150 0.5 2 100x microscope
Antidazzle N 200 0.5 2 +1 to HEA roll versus blinding attacks.
LowLite N 200 0.5 2 See in dim light. All penalties for low light conditions (except total darkness) are removed.
Thermoptics N 200 1 3 See heat patterns, temperature readings
Passive Infrared N 200 1 3 See in near total darkness using an IR "flashlight".
Passive Ultraviolet N 200 1 3 See in total darkness using an ultraviolet flashlight.
MicroVideo Optic N 300 0.5 2 Miniature digital recorder with internal 20min storage. Uses 2 options. A single-option version is available that does not include internal storage (External or Implanted A/V recorder required).
Digital Camera N 300 0.5 2 Digital camera, capable of recording 20 digital images to internal memory. Additional images can be captured to an A/V recorder, Wet-Drive, or external memory unit.
Dartgun N 200 0.5 4 Poison dart gun takes 3 options and has a single dart.
Video Cam/Transmitter N 350 1 3 Relays vision to a remote monitor or recorder. Utilizes 4 options.
Video Imager N 350 2 3 Advanced Times Square for Video. Uses 2 options, and can interface with external video equipment via Interface Plugs.
Teargas Sprayer N 200 2 3 One-shot burst of gas, 1m range, lasts 20sec. Uses 2 options, and typically is loaded with Potency 10 Tear Gas. MOF=action penalty.
Bug Eye MA 1500 3d6 2 Oversized optic, holds 6 options per optic. Reduces APP by 1.
Compass N 300 1 2 Built-in inertial compass option. Requires Times Square for readout.
Laser-Comm Optic M 425 1 3 Low-power laser communicator with 20m range. Takes all spaces, communication utilizing laser is immune to ECM effects.
Interface Plug MA 600 2d6+2 2 Interface cables plug into the iris. Takes all option spaces, acts as normal Interface Plug.
Interferometry System M 400 1 2 Stereoscopic magnification, takes 1 space per eye.
Verbal-Eyes M 750 3 2 Displays images in iris and whites of the eye.
Video Imager Option N 1000 5 2 Specially designed for Verbal-Eyes, takes 3 options.
Revelation Cyberoptic MA 2000 3d6-1 3 Holds 2 options per eye. +1 PER bonus in addition to other options selected.


CYBERAUDIO: Cybernetic Auditory Enhancements

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Basic Audio Implant MA 500 1d6 2 Basic cybernetic hearing module. No option limit.
Amplified Hearing N 200 1 2 +1 to Notice checks using auditory cues. -2 to HEA rolls vs. loud noises.
Radio Link N 100 1 2 Radio communication up to 2km (-5 Comm rating)
- Milspec Version N 500 1 4 Radio communication up to 2km (-2 Comm rating)
Frequency Changer N 100 0 2 Gives user option of 6 transmission frequencies.
Phone Splice N 150 1 2 Full cellular communication. Don't forget to buy a cellular service contract!
Bug Detector N 200 0.5 3 Detects Taps and Bugs up to 3m range, 60% effective (+2 to Notice)
Voice Stress Analyzer N 200 1 3 Lie detector. +1 to Human Perception and Interrogation/Interview skill checks.
Sound Editing N 350 0.5 3 +1 to Notice specific sounds from background noise.
Enhanced Hearing Range N 150 2 3 Ability to hear super- and subsonic audio range.
Wearman N 100 0.5 2 Built-in stereo system.
Wearman Mk.II N 200 0.5 2 Stereo system with microdisk reader.
Radar Detector N 200 0.5 3 Beeps if radar emissions are detected. 40% effective.
Homing Tracer N 200 0.5 4 Can follow a tracer up to 100m.
Tightbeam Radio Link N 200 1 4 Allows LOS communication that is immune to ECM.
Wideband Radio Scanner N 200 2 3 50KHz-10MHz 200-channel radio scanner.
Microrecorder Link N 100 0.5 2 Transmits audio feed to a recorder in body or via interface plugs
Level Damper N 300 0.5 2 Automatic noise compensation. Adds +1 to HEA rolls against noise/deafening effects.
Seismic Detector N 220 1d6/2 3 Motion detection through footfalls. Requires Times Square/TS+.


CYBERLIMBS: Cybernetic Prosthetic Limbs

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Cyberarm CR 3000 2d6 2 Standard Arm replacement
Tentacle Arm CR 4000 5d6 3 8x 70cm prehensile tentacles.
Supersized Arms CR 4000 2d6 3 +1 STR
Cyberleg CR 2000 2d6 2 Standard leg replacement
Corvette Cyberlegs CR 7000/pr 3d6/ea 3 High speed cyberlegs. +5m Sprint Speed, +10m if High-Speed Myomer System (HSMS) present (+4HL, $500/leg)
Romanova Cyberlegs CR 5000/pr 2d6/pr 2 +4-6 inches (10-15cm) in height, +1 to Style rolls.

CYBERLIMB OPTIONS: Optional Prosthetic Equipment

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Quick-Change Mount N 200 2/ea 3 Allows changing cyberlimbs in 6 seconds (1 turn)
Hydraulic Mount N 200 3 2 +3 UD
High-Strength Myomers N 300 2 3 +2 UD
Artificial Shoulder Mount CR 1500 1d6 3 Can mount an extra set of arms (2) below the first set. Only two sets of arms total allowed!
Haywire/EMP Shielding N 300 1 3 Limb is considered Haywire Resistant
Plastic Covering N 100-200 1 2 Available in various colors, including transparent.
Realskinn N 200 0 2 Limb looks real (Notice vs. 6), lowers HC of limb by 1d6/2. Use of pop-up weapons will require reapplication/repair of coating.
Superchrome N 200 3 2 High gloss metallic coating. Silver, Gold, black chrome, etc available.
Armor N 200 0 3 Armors cyberlimb to Armor Rating 20. Incompatible with Realskinn or Plastic coverings.
Spiked Limb Cover N 200 2 3 Rows of 3cm spikes on forearm or upper arm. +3 UD.
Double-Jointed Limb N 350 1 3 +1 to grapples/holds/chokes. +1 to escaping holds.
Tentacle Arm Cover N 800 0 3 Hides tentacle arm.
Sycust Fleshweave N 20%+200 0 3 Cyborganic covering. 1 option space, repair cost is increased by 150%.
Leg Boosters N 500 1d6 3 Specialized myomers, hydraulics, memory-material springs increase leap dstance by 3m. Uses 2 Option spaces.
Cyberfoot N 200 1d6 2 Standard Foot. Can mount standard finger options. Cyberlegs include the foot.
Talon Foot N 600 2d6 3 Extendable toe blades. UD+3 damage.
Tool Foot N 300 2 2 Can mount standard finger-tool options.
Web Foot N 500 2 2 Doubles swimming speed, adds +1 to Swimming skill checks.
Grip Foot N 500 2 2 Designed for better gripping strength. +1 AGI versus falling checks.
Skate Foot N 450 1d6 2 Retractable inline skates in feet. Doubles movement speeds (eg. 2x Sprint distance is maximum speed)
Spike Heel N 500 2d6 4 Spike in heel for lethal kicks. UD+4AP
Stealth Foot N 150 1 4 +1 to Stealth rolls involving walking noise.
Sticky Foot N 250 1 4 +1 to Acrobatics/Climbing/AGI checks for climbing walls and other barriers.

BUILT-IN CYBERNETIC OPTIONS: Optional equipment placed in Cybernetic Limbs

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Computer N 2x Cost 1 2 Built-in computer. Capable of interfacing with Cyberoptic HUD (TS/TS+), DataLink. May also use other output devices. Purchased as standard Computer (select KNO, CRE, PP).
Digital Recorder N 1000 1 2 Built-in Chip Recorder. May download, record, and erase datachips.
Storage Space N 50 0.5 2 6x18cm storage space. Can be locked.
Minicam N 500 2 2 Popup mini-digital camera.
MiniVid N 200 2 2 Popup mini-video screen (5x3cm).
Hidden Holster N 100 1 3 Hidden holster for weapon in cyberlimb. Max weapon size based on BLD and limb.
LCD Screen Readout N 200 1 2 May act as video output device for capable equipment.
Watchman N 180 1 2 Popup TV screen with 5x3cm screen (cable-ready!)
LimbLink N 2xCost 1 4 Turns any popup gun into a SmartGun.
Winch N 500 1d6+3 3 Winch w/ 15m cable (1-ton test). Launchable version adds $250, Avail 4.
Icer N 200 1d6/2 2 CO2 fire extinguisher in forearm.
Quickdraw ArmHolster N 200 0 4 Launches small pistols into cyberhand. +1 to Initiative on surprise attacks. Also no penalty for drawing a weapon.

BUILT-IN CYBERNETIC WEAPONS: Weapons placed in Cybernetic Limbs

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Grenade Launcher N 500 2d6 6 Carries 2 grenades of any type. -1ACC, BR20m.
Micro-Missile Launcher N 1500 2d6 6+ 4-shot missile launcher. x80 damage each (HEAT warheads).
Popup Gun N Varies 2d6 4+ Any weapon, size based on BLD.
Flamethrower N 600 2d6 5 BR1m, Intensity 6 fire. Uses Heavy Weapons skill. Adds MOS to Intensity.
Weapon Mount & Link N 200 3 4 Mounting bracket and neural link for one external weapon.
2-shot Capacitor Laser N 800 2d6 5 Shoulder- or forearm-mounted. +1ACC, BR5m, x15DM.
Shotgun N 400 1d6 4 Folded in compartment. Occupies 2 spaces.
SmartWhip N 475 2d6 3 2.2m-long alloy/myomer tentacle. AD+3 damage.
Gas Jet N 275 1d6+3 3 Pressurized canister of any gas w/ BR2m, max range 5m. ~5shots.
Flashbulb N 250 1d6/2 3 20000 candela strobe in palm w/ 6m effect range. Viewers/victims of flash must make HEA checks versus the attacker's Sleight-of-Hand result plus 3, or be blinded for MOF rounds.
High-Five N 350 1d6 5 Wrist-mounted, palm-firing 1-shot shotgun.
ChainRipp N 1250 2d6+4 4 Non-retractable chainsaw. -1ACC, AD+20 Armor Crushing. Retractable version is -1ACC, AD+15AC.
Blitzkrieg Arc-Thrower M 5000 2d6 6 Cyberarm lightning-bolt launcher. Uses all arm options. Effectively a ranged haywire/taser weapon! (+0Acc, variable intensity/DM (Int 1-10), BR20m, 10charges. Counts as Haywire.

CYBERHANDS/FEET: Useful ends for your Cyberlimbs

Cyberware Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Cyberhand MA 750 1d6 2 Replacement hand. Holds 4 fingerse or 1 hand option.
Standard Hand N - - 2 Standard Cyberlimb attachment. Does not mount additional options.
Hammer Hand N 600 2d6 3 Hydraulic ram does AD+4 blunt damage.
Buzz Hand N 600 2d6 4 Electric chainsaw. AD+10 Armor Crushing (-1ACC).
Grapple Hand N 200 2 3 Launches rocket-propelled grapple with 100m line.
Modular Hand N 600 2 2 Can mount up to 4 tools or 1 hand option.
Surveillance Hand N 1000 1d6 3 Detachable, mobile remotely controlled hand with minicam in palm.
Web Hand N 250 2 2 +2m Swimming Speed, +1 to Swimming rolls.
Mace Hand N 300 3 4 High-density hand at end of 1m cable. AD+8 damage.
Medic Hand w/ Cyberarm N 975 1d6/2 3 Medical Accessories (scalpel, injectors, suture gun, etc)
Medic Hand (alone) N 975 1d6+2 3 As above
Tentacle Finger N 500 1 2 10cm long prehensile tentacle.
Extendable Tentacle Finger N 750 1 2 As above, but extendable to 30cm.
Dartgun N 100 2 3 Same as Cyberoptic Option.
Screwdriver N 50 0.5 2 Powered screwdriver finger.
Wrench N 50 0.5 2 Adjustable wrench finger
Drill N 50 0.5 2 Adjustable drill finger
Soldering Iron N 50 0.5 2 Electric soldering iron finger
Socket Wrench N 50 0.5 2 Adjustable powered socket wrench finger
Lockpick N 250 0.5 4 Concealed lockpick finger.
Minilight N 25 0.5 2 Battery powered flashlight w/ 25m range.
Finger Bomb N 150 2 4 Each digit segment (3) is a x25/3m diameter explosive device.
Scissors/Wirecutter N 50 1 2 2 fingers used to cut. Can do AD+1 AP damage.
Mace Sprayer N 150 2 3 2 bursts of mace (-2 to AGI and Notice for 1d6 rds)
Magnetic Grip N 60 0 2 Electromagnetic pads for feet or hands. Bought in pairs. May be switched on or off.


BIOSCULPTING: Cosmetic Surgery

Modification Surg. Cost HL* Avail Description
Facial M Spec 2 2+APP Increases Appearance stat and/or changes physical appearance. Cost for APP-boosting biosculpts is determined by current APP+1 squared times $1000, minimum $500. Appearance changing sculpts cost anywhere from $500 to $10000, depending on quality. Don't forget Surgery Costs. Cost of non-stat changing sculpt-jobs is up to GM.
Full-Body MA Spec 4 2+APP Increases Appearance stat and/or changes physical appearance. The entire body is biosculpted in this case. Costs for APP-boosting sculpt jobs is determined by current APP+1 squared times $2000, minimum $2000. Appearance-changing sculpt jobs cost anywhere from $1000 to $50000. Cost of non-stat changing sculpt-jobs is up to GM.


EXOTIC CONVERSIONS: Extreme Bodysculpting

Minor Packages Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Cat MA,M,2N 3400 4.5d6 2 Cat eyes, pointed ears, whiskers, Scratchers, Tail, Synthiskin.
(Mouse, rat, ferret, etc)
M,N 1400 1.5d6 2 Minor Facial Mod (Enlarged ears, pointed face, button nose, enlarged eyes), furry Synthiskin.
Rabbit/Bunny 2M 1250 1d6 2 Minor Facial Mod (Bunny ears, optional button nose, whiskers and teeth), optional bunny tail.
Elf M 1000 1d6/2 2 Minor Facial Mod (pointed ears, upturned eyebrows, narrow face).
Dwarf/Halfling CR,M 9000 2.5d6 3 Minor Facial Mod (broader features), Frame Alteration (shorter, stockier). -4m SPR from short legs.
Major Packages Surg. Cost HL Avail Description
Bear CR,MA,3M, 2N 24500 13d6 4 Major Facial Mod (short muzzle), natural fangs (UD+1), retractable claws (as Rippers), fur skinchange, frame alteration (bigger, taller), Grafted Muscle.
Tiger CR,MA,3M,N 21000 19d6 4 Major Facial Mod (shrot muzzle), Natural Fangs, Retractable Claws (as Rippers), Tail, Digitigrade Legs, Skinchange (fur)
Superman CR,3MA,M,8N 20000 13d6 4 The Bio-Borg. Grafted Muscle and/or Muscle & Bone Lace, Speed Grafts, Neural Processor, Kerenzikov Boost R1 (+1/-0), Pain Editor, Biomonitor, Skinweave R5, Lifesaver Weave, Toxin Binders, Pacesetter 2000 heart, Rebreather Lungs, Nanoptical Rebuild (IR, LL).