Metric English DM
9x33mm .357 Auto x20
11x28mm 11mm Auto x20



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
HK MP-2020K +0 x20 10m 2 45 1100/50 3kg 3 11x28mm Caseless
Briefcase SMG 5.56 +0 x20 15m 2 50 2000/50 5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Sternmeyer SMG-21 +0 x20 10m 2 30 600/40 3kg 3 11x28mm


HK MPK2020 +0 x20 10m 2 45 $1100/50 3kg 3 11x28mm Caseless

The Heckler & Koch Mashinenpistole-Kurz (MPK) 2020 is a descendant of the MP5 and the G11 assault rifle. HK developed the 2020 at the special request of European special forces units such as GSG-9, the SAS, and GIGN. Slightly longer and bulkier than the MP5, the MPK2020 is still compact enough to be carried in a thigh or long shoulder holster. The 2020 is also one of the only SMGs in major service to utilize a caseless cartridge. However, the use of caseless ammunition is what allows the MPK2020 its superb ammunition capacity. Uncommon outside of Europe (Avail 4+) this weapon is a mainstay of antiterrorist and special forces units in the EuroTheater.


SecuriTech Briefcase-Concealed SMG +0 x20 15m 2 50 $2000/50 5kg 3 5.56x45mm

SecuriTech's entry into the VIP-protection market, their briefcase SMG is practically a bullpup assault rifle concealed within a hard alloy or polymer case! Chambered for the 5.56x45mm round, SecuriTech's SMG utilizes belted ammunition in a helical magazine, located in the lower half of the weapon. The upper half contains the remainder of the weapon. The Briefcase SMG utilizes either a high-speed shutter or memory polymers to reveal the barrel of the weapon. Additionally, the SecuriTech weapon has an integrated laser sight (standard) or smartlink system (+$2000), substantially increasing the accuracy of the weapon.


Sternmeyer SMG-21 +0 x20 10m 2 30 $600/40 3kg 3 11x28mm

Sternmeyer's best entry in the anti-terrorist category, with wide service in both ESWAT and Psychosquads across the world. A heavy duty SMG with a collapsible stock and rugged construction for use in adverse conditions. Capable of firing in semi-automatic mode from a closed-bolt for accuracy, or in full auto from an open bolt for firepower. Unlike other open-bolt designs, the Sternmeyer does not have a fixed firing pin. The gun also has mountings for an optical sight for use in the semiautomatic mode. A tough and versatile weapon at a good price.

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