Metric English DM
5.7x17mmR .22LR x10
6x18mm 6mm Auto x10
9x17mm .380 Auto x12
7.65x17mm .32 x12
9x18mm 9mm Makarov x13



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Ceska Vz-92 +0 x12 6m 2 25 550/20 1.5kg 3 7.65x17mm
Gepard SMG +0 x12 10m 2 20 400/20 2kg 3 7.65x17mm
Grendel SMG +0 x12 5m 2 25 450/25 1.5kg 3 9x17mm
Ingram M-11 +0 x12 8m 2 30 300/20 2kg 3 9x17mm
IZHMASH Bizon +0 x13 10m 2 64 600/30 3kg 3+ 9x18mm
KBP Kiparis +0 x13 6m 2 20 500/20 2kg 3 9x18mm
Generic 6mm MP +0 x10 5m 1 30 350/20 1kg 3 6x18mm
Generic 6mm SMG +0 x10 10m 2 30 400/20 1kg 3 6x18mm
Generic .380 MP +0 x10 5m 1 25 400/20 1kg 3 9x17mm
Generic .380 SMG +0 x10 10m 2 25 500/20 1.5kg 3 9x17mm


Ceska Vz-92 +0 x12 6m 2 25 $550/20 1.5kg 3 7.65x17mm

The Czech-developed Ceska Vz-92 is a direct descendent of the original Vz-61 Skorpion SMG. Like its ancestor, the Vz-92 is popular for its concealability and controllability on full-auto. However, this does come at a price: the Vz-92 is typically chambered for the comparatively underpowered 7.65x17mm (.32cal) or 9x17mm (.380) cartridge. The Vz-92 comes standard with a folding wire stock, one 15rd and one 25rd magazine. Conversion kits are also available, rechambering the Vz-92 for the 6x18mm round (20/40rd magazine, x10, $100 for the kit). The Vz-92 has been a favorite of the Solos of Eastern Europe for years!


Gepard SMG +0 x12 10m 2 20 $400/20 2kg 2+ 7.65x17mm

The Gepard at one time was designed to be the next-generation standard-issue light SMG for the Russian Federation military, developed in the last decade of the 20th century. Many of the Gepard's lines resemble the AK-74, especially the barrel shroud and foregrip, and in fact shares a 70% parts commonality with the AK-74SU. The .32cal design features a folding stock, and a vestigial thumbhole grip. The standard 20rd magazine fits flush with the bottom of the grip. Larger 30- and 45-rd magazines are also available ($30, $45 respectively). The Gepard is uncommon (Avail 4) outside of Eastern Europe. Additionally, the Gepard is available in a number of other calibers, ranging from the .32 ACP up to the 9x30mm "Grom" cartridge. The Gepard is also commonly seen chambered in either 9x18mm (standard) Makarov, or the 9x18mmHI Makarov High Impulse.


Grendel SMG +0 x12 5m 2 25 $450/25 1.5kg 3 9x17mm
  The Grendel SMG owes much of its design to the compact 2nd-generation telescopic bolt SMGs like the IMI MicroUZI. The ultra-compact Grendel is normally chambered for 9x17mm, though 7.65x17mm models are also manufactured. The Grendel has a forward grip to enhance controllability during full autofire, and has a short 25-round magazine for concealability, and a larger 35-round magazine ($30) when concealability isn't an issue. Even with a 25rd magazine, the Grendel is not substantially larger than most handguns.


Ingram M11 +0 x12 8m 2 30 $300/20 2kg 3 9x17mm

The Ingram M11, though no longer "officially" produced, is a common street SMG, popular for its low cost and reasonable reliability. Additionally, when used with a 15rd magazine, the M11s overall size is not much greater than a typical large-framed handgun. Model at left shows M11 with stock extended, 30rd magazine and optional suppressor ($200).


IZHMASH Bizon +0 x13 10m 2 64 $600/30 3kg 3+ 9x18mm

Note similarity to AK74 design

The Soviet Bizon (Bison) SMG is another contender for the next-generation submachinegun for CIS personnel. The Bizon is fairly unique, when compared to the Gepard, as the Bizon utilizes a 64-round helical magazine, similar to the Calico M950/951, but in the Bizon, the magazine feeds from below. However, the selection of the lighter 9x18mm round allows perceived recoil to be substantially lessened, allowing the firer to use autofire in a much more controlled manner. Unfortunately, the Bizon is much longer than the Gepard, and will thus be less likely to be seen in concealed use, but will probably see extensive use as a PDW-style weapon for rear-area troops. When reconfigured for (limited) export sales, the Bizon is typically rechambered for the .32 or .380 Auto cartridges, and the availability increases to 4. The Bizon receiver will also support the more powerful 9x18mm High Impulse cartridge (x15).


KBP Kiparis +0 x13 6m 2 20 $500/20 2kg 3 9x18mm

The CIS Kiparis ("Cypress"), manufactured by KBP, is a third development for a standard-issue SMG for Russian forces. The Kiparis seems to show several similarities with the Czech Cz/Vz-90-series. The Kiparis is nominally chambered for 9x18mm Makarov, and 20- and 30-round magazines are currently available. The Kiparis shown at left also features an detachable suppressor and underbarrel laser sight.

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