Metric English DM
9x19mm 9mm Auto x15
11.43x23mm .45 Auto x12/x18
10x25mm 10mm Auto x17
5.7x28mm 5.7mmFN x18



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Ares FMG +0 x15 8m 2 30 800/30 2kg 3 9x19mm
Armatech M951 +0 x15 5m 1 50 800/40 2kg 4 9x19mm
Armscor BXP +0 x15 10m 2 30 600/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
Beretta M99 +0 x15 5m 1 20 600/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm
Beretta PM-24S +0 x15 10m 2 35 700/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
Bushman IDW +0 x15 5m 2 20 850/20 2kg 3B 9x19mm
Colt M16/9mm +0 x15 15m 1 30 450/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
ENARM MSM +0 x15 10m 2 30 450/30 3kg 3C 9x19mm
FAMAE MiniSAF +0 x15 10m 2 30 500/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
FN P90 MkIV +0 x18 15m 2 50 800/50 3kg 3 5.7x28mm
FNB 3-Spot +0 x17 6m 1 24 600/25 1.5kg 3 10x25mm
HK CMP46 +0 x18 10m 2 20 1250/30 2kg 5B 4.6x30mmCL
HK MP5 Series +0 x15 10m 2 30 450/30 3kg 2/3 9x19mm
HK MP5SD6 +0 x14 8m 2 30 650/30 2kg 3+ 9x19mm
HK MP5TX +0 x15 10m 2 30 650/30 2kg 3 9x19mm
HK MP2024 +0 x15 10m 2 30 1250/30 2.5kg 3 9x19mm
HK PDW +0 x15 8m 2 30 650/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
HK UMP45 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 25 750/30 2.5kg 3 11.43x23mm
Ingram M10 +0 x12/x18 8m 2 30 300/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm
Ingram M25 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 450/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm
Ingram M33 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 600/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm
Intratec TEC-9 +0 x15 8m 2 30 250/30 3kg 2-3 9x19mm
KBP PP-90 FMG +0 x15 8m 2 30 500/30 2kg 3+ 9x18mmHI
KBP PP-93 +0 x15 6m 2 20 650/30 1.5kg 3+ 9x18mmHI
KEDR/KLIN +0 x15 8m 2 30 500/30 3kg 3+ 9x18mmHI
KGP-9 +0 x15 10m 2 35 500/30 3kg 3+ 9x19mm
LAPA SM +0 x15 10m 1 30 400/30 3kg 3B 9x19mm
Ruger MP9 +0 x15 10m 2 30 600/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
Seburo D-Weapon +0 x18 10m 1 30 950/40 2kg 3+ 5.7x28mm
SOCIMI 821 +0 x15 10m 2 30 600/30 2.5kg 3C 9x19mm
Steyr SPP +0 x15 6m 1 15 500/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm
Steyr TMP +0 x15 8m 2 15 600/15 2kg 3 9x19mm
Thompson SMG +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 600/30 4kg 3 11.43x23mm
UZI +0 x15 10m 2 30 600/30 4kg 2/3 9x19mm
Micro UZI +0 x15 5m 2 30 600/30 2kg 2/3 9x19mm
Vektor Auto-9 +0 x15 6m 1 20 850/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm
Viking SMG +0 x15 10m 2 30 500/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
Generic 9mm MP +0 x15 5m 1 15 500/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm
Generic 9mm SMG +0 x15 10m 2 30 600/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
Generic 10mm MP +0 x17 5m 1 12 550/15 3kg 3 10x25mm
Generic 10mm SMG +0 x17 10m 2 30 650/30 3kg 3 10x25mm


Ares FMG +0 x15 8m 2 30 $800/30 2kg 3 9x19mm

The Ares Folding Machine Gun (FMG) is a new development for a concealable close-range weapon, suitable for VIP duties, vehicle crewmen, and similar work. The complete weapon, including magazine, folds down to a mere 26 x 6.5 x 2.5cm box, and can be unfolded and readied in seconds (1 action).


Armatech M951 +0 x15 5m 1 50 $800/40 3kg 4 9x19mm

The Armatech 951 is functionally identical to the M950 except for one crucial difference -- the M951 is configured for full autofire! Empty cases are ejected downwards from a port just ahead of the trigger guard. A 100 round extended magazine is available for the M951 as well ($80, +1kg to loaded mass). This weapon is very popular with the security market. The empty weapon masses just over 1.5kg. With a full 50rd magazine, mass is just over 3kg. Shown at left is the M900 with 100rd magazine and telescoping stock.

The Armatech M900 is the SMG model (ROF2). An extended barrel version, incorporating a forward grip increases BR to 10m.


Armscor BXP +0 x15 10m 2 30 $600/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
  The Armscor BXP is a fairly common, robust, and relatively inexpensive submachinegun manufactured in South Africa. The BXP has seen substantial sales throughout Africa and the Azanian Confederacy, as well as to independent security forces the world over. The BXP features a wide variety of optional muzzle attachments (compensators, flash suppressors, etc), and has an integral folding stock.


Beretta M99 +0 x15 5m 1 20 $600/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm

The Beretta Model 99 is the newest development of Beretta's machine-pistol family. With lines similar to the original M93, the M99 adds a few new features. The M99 utilizes a full-length slide, rather than the M93's open design. Additionally, the M99 no longer requires the use of a buttstock in order to use burst fire. Lastly, Beretta added a slightly longer barrel with integral compensation to make burst fire more controllable. The combination of these characteristics make the M99 a worthy weapon for undercover and VIP operations!


Beretta PM-24S +0 x15 10m 2 35 $700/30 3kg 3 9x19mm

The new standard-issue SMG for Interpol. Beretta Euroarms has set new standards in weapon technology with their M-24 SMG. Using the time-proven M-12 SMG as the basis for this new weapon, they incorporate features such as a large magazine capacity, retractable stock, recoil compensator, and an optional integral smartlink (add $750). The latest version, new for 2041 is the PM-24S.


Bushman IDW +0 x15 5m 2 20 $850/20 2kg 3B 9x19mm

The Bushman Individual Defense Weapon programme was initiated in the late 1970s, and developed in the United Kingdom. The IDW is an extraordinarily compact (if heavy) machine pistol/SMG. The weapon possesses a novel electronically-controlled fire regulator, that allows the rate of fire to be carefully controlled. The battery-powered electronic system triggers an electromechanical servo that holds the bolt for fractions of a second before allowing it to return to chamber a new round. This rate limiter then allows the rate of fire to be tuned to the natural frequency of the weapon, so that the weapon does not "lead up" under burst fire. This also makes the IDW one of the few SMGs that can be comfortably (and accurately) fired single-handedly. Replacement batteries cost $20, and last for approximately 10,000 rds.


Colt M16/9mm +0 x15 15m 1 30 $450/30 3kg 3 9x19mm

The venerable M16/M16B has often been converted to 9mm caliber, yielding a potent SMG with good range due to its long barrel and closed-bolt operation that is easily operated by anyone familiar with the parent M16. The conversion includes modifications to the feed ramp and magazine well so that the system will reliably feed both standard ball as well as hollowpoint or other soft-nosed rounds available. Unfortunately, the M16/9mm's size is its largest hindrance, as it retains nearly the full dimensions of the shortened M16 "Commando" variants (~70cm). Variants with a collapsible telescoping stock are also available that help alleviate this problem ($550). Also available in .45ACP (x12/x18, 25rds).


ENARM MSM +0 x15 10m 2 30 $450/30 3kg 3C 9x19mm
The MSM (Mini Sub Metralhadora "mini submachinegun"), was developed by LAPA and HAGA, and manufactured by ENARM of Brazil during the mid-1980s. The MSM is a compact blowback-operated weapon utilizing a telescoping bolt and a fixed firing pin. The receiver is stamped alloy, with one of two styles of nylon polymer grips (with or without forward hand grip). The MSM has a collapsing stock, fixed fore and rear sights and a threaded barrel fixture for mounting flash or sound suppressors. Initial models did not possess 3rd burst capabilities, but later models had an optional alternate trigger group available (+$100). Fairly common in South and Central American security and paramilitary forces, but rare elsewhere (Avail 4C+).


FAMAE MiniSAF +0 x15 10m 2 30 $500/30 3kg 3 9x19mm
The MiniSAF, manufactured by FAMAE of Chile is a compact 9mm SMG based on the SIG 540 mechanism and body. A full-sized variant (the FAMAE SAF) is also available.


FN P90 MkIV +0 x18 15m 2 50 $800/50 3kg 3 5.7x28mm

This unique weapon system, comprised of the FN-P90 Personal Weapon and the 5.7x28mm SS190 cartridge was designed by FN Herstal as one of the first Personal Defense Weapons on the market in the late 90's. The Mark IV revision lightened and enhanced the weapon's reliability and balance. Because of the P90's firepower and compact profile, it is very popular with special forces and mercenaries, experiencing brief sales. The SS190 cartridge is also well known for its impressive penetration capabilities.


FNB 3-Spot +0 x17 6m 1 24 $600/25 1.5kg 3+ 10x25mm

Fabrique National and Browning combined their design talents to develop the 3-Spot Machine Pistol specifically for law enforcement and security duties in the more dangerous parts of Europe. With a two-stage trigger, with the first stage single-shot, and the second set for purely accurate fire suppression, the pistol unleashes a burst of 10mm cased slugs. The 3-spot is in active use in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy (Availability 3), but fairly difficult to find elsewhere (Avail 4).


HK CMP46 +0 x18 10m 2 20 $1250/30 2kg 5B 4.6x30mmCL

When HK designed their G11 caseless assault rifle, plans were already in the works to develop a personal defense weapon using derivative technology. The HK CMP46 (Caseless Machine Pistol, 4.6mm caliber) is the culmination of that project and features a polymer composite frame with alloy barrel and breech, and utilizes the 4.6x30mm caseless cartridge, derived from the 4.73x33mm cartridge utilized by the G11. In addition, the CMP46 features a folding foregrip, a collapsing stock, and a free-floating barrel (similar to the MP2000/24) that is designed to accept a screw-on suppressor. The CMP46 feeds from a 20-round box-type magazine in the grip. The 4.6mm copper-jacketed bullet achieves a muzzle energy of 470J, and can penetrate 1.7mm of titanium and 20 layers of Kevlar body armor at a range of 50m.


HK MP5 Series +0 x15 10m 2 30 $450/30 3kg 2/3 9x19mm

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is an incredibly popular and reliable SMG. Although the design is nearing 60 years old, decades of upgrades have kept this weapon one of the standards all subsequent SMGs are compared to. Though HK no longer produces the MP5 (HK has since moved on to the PDW, a MP5 derivative -- See below), there are tens of licensed (listed price), and hundreds of unlicensed manufacturers (cheaper, poorer quality) of the MP5 worldwide, and they can be found almost anywhere.


HK MP5SD6 +0 x14 8m 2 30 $650/30 2kg 3+ 9x19mm

The HK MP5SD6 is one of the final MP5 models produced by Heckler & Koch. This variant of the MP5 removes the collapsible buttstock, and shortens the barrel to enhance concealability, as well as adds an integral suppressor. Unfortunately, the very short length the suppressor had an adverse affect on the sound dampening efficiency (Base Notice threshold of 3 rather than 4). A suppressor extension is available ($100) raises this back to a 4, but increases the weapon length. Model at left shown with 15rd magazine ($15). The MP5SD6 is small enough to fit in a long shoulder holster. The integral suppressor slightly reduces the muzzle energy of the weapon when using standard ammo (x14 rather than the 9mm's typical x15 damage)


HK MP5TX +0 x15 10m 2 30 $650/30 2kg 3 9x19mm
The Heckler and Koch MP5TX is a specialty variant originally commissioned by and designed for the Texas Air Rangers, prior to the split between Free Texas and the Coalition State of Lone Star. Typically chambered in 9x19mm, it has also seen manufactured variants in 10mm and .40S&W. The MP5TX is still the standard-issue close-combat weapon of the (Free) Texas Air Rangers.


HK MP2024 +0 x15 10m 2 30 $1250/30 2.5kg 3 9x19mm

A development of the MP5 program, the MP2024, under field trial and testing for a number of years finally reached mass-production in 2024. The MP2024 was specifically designed for special forces operations in mind, possessing numerous significant enhancements on the basic MP5 design. The stock is designed in such a way as to prevent the weapon from snagging while the stock is retracted. The MP2024's adjustable gas porting allows for subsonic firing of supersonic ammunition at the push of a button. A long extension on the optional suppressor ($250) threads onto the barrel and gives a very rigid mount which when tightened, enhances accuracy (no reduction in BR when using the suppressor).


HK PDW +0 x15 8m 2 30 $650/30 3kg 3 9x19mm

Heckler & Koch's newest update to the venerable MP5 line is the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). Specially designed for troops not needing or not having space for a full-length assault weapon (e.g. vehicle crews and aircraft pilots), the PDW is chambered for the 9x19mm with a 30rd magazine (15rd magazine pictured, $15), and is fitted with a collapsible buttstock and a forward handgrip. The PDW is also popular with special forces units for its small overall size, and can easily mount suppressors and silencers.


HK UMP45 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 25 $750/30 2.5kg 3 11.43x23mm

The Heckler and Koch Universal Machine Pistol (UMP), chambered in .45 caliber (11.43x23mm) was one of the latest designs to come out of HK prior to the Collapse. The UMP45 was developed to fulfill a need presented by many Security and other special units for a submachinegun capable of firing the .45 cartridge in preference to the 9mm for its much improved stopping power versus soft targets as well as for compatibility with many units existing stocks of the .45 caliber ammunition. The UMP45 delivers with an exceptionally compact and rugged package, substantially shorter and lighter (under 2kg empty) than the MP5 in 9mm! The UMP45 also lives up to its "Universal" title, as the UMP45 is equipped with two universal mounting rails (lower and upper) as well as has multiple caliber conversion kits available.


Ingram M10 +0 x12/x18 8m 2 30 $300/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm

The Ingram M10 (also MAC-10), is was one of the first high-caliber SMGs of the late 20th century. Chambered for the 11.43x23mm (.45ACP), it possessed incredible stopping power. The M10 found substantial popularity after its inception as a close-in weapon for SWAT and some special forces units. The M10 is also occasionally seen as an alternate officer's sidearm in several militaries. The largest disadvantage to the M-10 is the high cyclic rate, making accurate burst fire difficult to master. An optional suppressor designed for the Ingram ($200) makes firing much more manageable. As with its little brother, the M11, the Ingram M10 is no longer produced by Ingram, but numerous second- and third-party manufacturers still produce them, with varying results. Also available in 9mm Parabellum (9x19, x15 damage)


Ingram M25 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 $450/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm

The Ingram M25, also commonly described as the MAC-II is one of many factory upgrades to the M10 design. The forward assembly aids in the controllability in burst fire (as the suppressor did in the original), as well as has an integral hardpoint may fit a number of options (such as Smartlink, flashlight, laser, etc). One such option may be installed in the foregrip. Additionally, the longer barrel enhances the weapon's effective range (BR10), as well as is equipped to accept a standard suppressor of the appropriate caliber. The M25 is available in .380, 9mm and .45 calibers.


Ingram M33 +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 $600/30 3kg 3 11.43x23mm

The Ingram M33, commonly nicknamed the MAC-III, is the newest addition to Ingram's family of submachineguns. Chambered in either 9x19 or 11.43x23mm, the M33 comes factory-standard with a barrel extension and/or suppressor (for security and military sales), collapsible stock, and a universal option mount. The Ingram M33 is also available smartchipped from the factory at a reduced cost ($1000) to licensed customers. The M33 is shipped with two 30rd magazines as standard. Shorter 15- and 20-rd magazines are also available. A more compact version is also available, chambered for the substantially smaller 9x17mm (.380) cartridge -- essentially an update of the M11 for the same price as the .45cal version.


Intratec TEC-9 +0 x15 8m 2 30 $250/30 3kg 2+ 9x19mm

The Intratec TEC-9 is one of the most common submachineguns on the streets today. In some cases, the TEC-9 has even received a bit of a street reputation [See Jackie Brown, --ed] as an inexpensive, but effective weapon. The TEC-9 utilizes a simple blowback mechanism, yet capable of a very high cyclic rate. Under burst fire, the TEC-9 can burn away an entire 30rd magazine in just over a second. Several variants of the TEC-9 exist (many not even manufactured by Intratec), one of which utilizes a lengthened barrel with a sliding shroud that is linked to the cocking knob, effectively making the weapon pump-action to chamber a round. There are also variants rechambered for .45ACP (x12/x18, 20-30rd, $400), most notable a ultra-compact MP45 machine-pistol produced by ENCOM (20rd, 3kg, $400).


KBP PP-90 FMG +0 x15 8m 2 30 $500/30 2kg 3+ 9x18mmHI
CIS equivalent of the Ares FMG, chambered for 9x18mm Makarov High-Impulse, but also compatible with standard Makarov (9x18mm, x13) or .380 ACP (9x17mm, x12). As with the Ares FMG, the PP-90 was designed for end-users with a need for compact, concealable weaponry, such as VIP protection. Common within the CIS and Eastern Europe (Avail 3), but hard to find elsewhere (Avail 4). Manufactured by KBP of Izhevsk, Russia.


KBP PP-93 +0 x15 6m 2 20 $650/30 1.5kg 3+ 9x18mmHI
CIS machine-pistol with an exceptionally high rate of fire. Features a long barrel and folding skeletal stock. Common within the CIS and Eastern Europe (Avail 3), but hard to find elsewhere (Avail 4). Manufactured by KBP of Izhevsk, Russia.


KEDR/KLIN +0 x15 8m 2 30 $500/30 3kg 3+ 9x18mmHI

The Soviet KEDR submachinegun fulfills a similar niche in the Soviet small arms program as the Bushman Individual Defense Weapon (IDW). The KEDR shares a number of similarities with the Bushman IDW in its small profile as well as general layout. The KEDR is believed to be a replacement for the older VZ-74 Skorpion SMG, and shares a compact design philosophy, featuring a integral folding stock as well as using a smaller 20rd magazine as standard for concealability. Larger 30rd magazines (as shown) are also available. The KEDR is typically chambered in the 9x19mm for export sales, but is chambered in 9mm Makarov High Impulse (9x18mm, x15) as well, and designated the KLIN. The KEDR is rarely seen outside of Eastern Europe, and the availability increases from 3 to 4.


KGP-9 +0 x15 10m 2 35 $500/30 3kg 3+ 9x19mm
Hungarian-developed SMG, chambered in 9mm Parabellum. Large, bulky, but fairly robust. Relatively common in Eastern Europe (Avail 3), but rather uncommon elsewhere (Avail 4+).


LAPA SM +0 x15 10m 1 30 $400/30 3kg 3C 9x19mm

The LAPA SM is the result of a project started in 1979 by the private R&D firm Laboratorio de Projetos de Armamento Automatico (LAPA, "Automatic Armament Design Laboratory"). The SM is a conventional blowback-operated weapon firing from an open bolt. The entire body is a high-impact polymer composite with ergonomic texturing. The long tubular receiver projects significantly into the stock, providing for 150mm of travel, giving excellent rapid-fire stability. Fairly common in South and Central American security and paramilitary forces, but rare elsewhere (Avail 4C+).


Ruger MP9 +0 x15 10m 2 30 $600/30 3kg 3 9x19mm

The Ruger MP9 is effectively a 21st century update of Ruger's SMG design. Incorporating a collapsible integral stock (which lies flush with the rear "grip" when collapsed), a reverse-angled magazine well, integral muzzle compensators, excellent ergonomics and light weight, the MP9 appears to be a strong competitor in the law enforcement and "independents" market, but has underperformed in military sales.


Seburo D-Weapon +0 x15 10m 1 30 $950/40 2kg 3+ 5.7x28mm

Seburo's entry into the Personal Defense Weapon market, the Seburo D-Weapon is a sleek, ergonomic and lightweight bullpup configuration SMG. The D-Weapon fires the 5.7mmFN cartridge, which is the same lightweight and potent round used by the FN P90. The D-Weapon is very compact and concealable. Again, this weapon is no exception to Seburo's excellent product quality. Like most Seburos, it is hard to find outside of Poseidon (Avail 4). The D-Weapon is issued standard with a highly efficient suppressor/barrel extension (not shown).


SOCIMI Type 821 +0 x15 10m 2 30 $600/30 2.5kg 3C 9x19mm

Italy's SOCIMI Type 821 SMG is an exceptionally lightweight weapon developed in the late 20th century. Outwardly resembling the UZI, the Type 821 adds several design improvements, primarily reducing the weight from the UZI's by over a kilogram, and a few other improvements that simplify manufacture. As in the UZI, the overhung bolt encloses approximately 100mm of the barrel. The folding stock swings out from the right side of the weapon, rather than the UZI's more complex folding stock. The design is licensed in the US to the MTS Corporation in Philadelphia.


Steyr SPP +0 x15 6m 1 15 $500/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm

The Steyr SPP (Special Purpose Pistol) could equally be considered a pistol, especially for its size, but its full-automatic capability and general configuration places it into the new "personal weapon" category. The weapon utilizes a polymer frame, a rotary locking system, and an ambidextrous cocking handle beneath the rear sight. Burst fire is controlled using a 2 stage trigger. Very popular with security forces, the SPP is not only fairly concealable with the "short" 15 round clip, the cyclic rate of fire is optimized for controllability and tactical effectiveness. 20 and 30rd magazines are also available ($20, $30). Kits that convert the SPP to .380, 10mm, 7.65x17mm, and .41AE are also available ($100/kit).


Steyr TMP +0 x15 8m 2 15 $600/15 2kg 3 9x19mm

The Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) is nearly identical to its brother, the SPP. However, the cyclic limiter has been removed, and this weapon can fire up to 900rpm! Though the SPP's 2-stage trigger was maintained, a cyclic selector was also included. In order to compensate for the additional recoil, a front handgrip was added to maintain controllability. As with the SPP, the TMP comes standard with a 15rd "short" clip for concealability, but has 20 and 30rd "long" clips available (TMP w/ 30rd magazine shown). As with the SPP, Steyr also manufactures modular components that allow quick rechambering for a number of different calibers (see SPP entry for details).


Auto-Ordinance Thompson SMG +0 x12/x18 10m 2 30 $600/30 4kg 3 11.43x23mm

The tommy gun is back! Auto-Ordinance has begun remanufacturing the (in)famous Thompson submachinegun, first developed during the early 20th century. The revamped design includes a number of 21st century enhancements to the original weapon, but retaining the chambering for the .45 Auto (11.43x23mm) cartridge. Even the 50-round drum magazines are also available ($75, +.5kg).


UZI +0 x15 10m 2 30 $600/30 4kg 2/3 9x19mm

Popular for decades, the UZI and its many derivatives are still very much in service today. Generally said to combine the best qualities of a handgun and a powerdrill, these SMGs are highly reliable, if heavy (4kg loaded) and are often seen in use by security personnel and police. The large overall mass of the weapon, coupled with the heavy bolt make the weapon somewhat difficult to control in full-automatic fire. The UZI is fairly simple mechanically, utilizing blowback operation and three mechanical safeties. The iron sights are also very simple and robust, consisting of a pair of fixed U-notch sights, occasionally seen with luminous inserts. As with the HK MP5, the UZI is also often imitated. These second-market UZI-lookalikes are substantially cheaper and easier to find ($400, Avail 2) but are usually much less reliable and accurate (BR ~8).


Micro-UZI +0 x15 5m 2 30 $600/30 2kg 2/3 9x19mm

The Micro-UZI, a derivative of the standard model, shown here with a 15rd "short" magazine, frontstrap, and muzzle porting, is typical of many small-frame SMGs the world over. Originally targeted towards VIP protection and other duties which necessitate the capability to conceal a high-firepower weapon. The substantially reduced barrel length severely decreases the weapon's range, but for the close-quarters duty it was intended for, the UZI and similar designs (MAC-10, MAC-11) excel. As with the UZI above, the Micro-UZI is also often imitated, and these copies are usually much cheaper and poorer quality. Typically, a Micro-UZI copy will cost around $400.


Vektor Auto-9 +0 x15 6m 1 20 $850/15 1.5kg 3 9x19mm
  The South African Vektor Auto-9 is a burst-capable variant of their SP-1 pistol, featuring an extended barrel with muzzle compensation, as well as rapid-acquisition "Guttersnipe" style sights. The Auto-9 is fairly large, especially with the barrel extension, but the added forward mass helps make burst-fire more controllable.


Viking SMG +0 x15 10m 2 30 $500/30 3kg 3 9x19mm

The Viking SMG was developed by a small American manufacturer during the late 20th century. However, financial difficulties caused the collapse and reorganization of the parent company. The Viking design was "rediscovered" in 2004, and is currently produced in 14 countries around the world. The Viking is a comparatively simple telescoping bolt design, with a collapsing wire stock, and flash suppressor.


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