Metric English DM
7.62x51mm .308 x30
7.62x66mm .300 Winchester x33
7.62x71mm .300 Weatherby x35



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AI Precis +0 x30 80m 0 8 1500/30 5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm
Arasaka PS400 +0 x30 80m 0 16 1500/30 6kg 4 7.62x51mm
Ares M42A +0 x30 80m 0 6 2450/30 6kg 5 7.62x51mm
Blaser R93 +0 x30 80m 0 10 3000/30 5kg 4 7.62x51mm
CWI C-29 Mephisto +0 x35 100m 1 10 2000/40 7kg 4+ 7.62x71mm
HK G3 SG/1 +0 x30 80m 1 5/20 2000/30 6kg 4 7.62x51mm
HK PSG-2 +0 x30 90m 0 5 8000/30 8kg 6 7.62x51mm
Mauser SR-93 +0 x33 90m 0 6 7500/30 6kg 4 7.62x66mm
PGM Ultima Ratio +0 x30 90m 0 5 5000+/30 8kg 5+ 7.62x51mm
Remington M40A6 +0 x30 100m 0 5 1000 5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm
SVD +0 x30 80m 0 10 3000/30 4kg 4 7.62x54mm
Walther WA-2000 +0 x33 100m 0 6 8000/30 8kg 5 7.62x66mm

Scopes not included in list price unless the weapon description mentions the inclusion. See Modifications page for details.


Accuracy International Precis +0 x30 80m 0 8 $1500/30 5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm

The Accuracy International Precis is a good, lightweight, reliable bolt-action sniper rifle, popular with many freelances and other independents. Combining a floating barrel with an ergonomic frame and a manual bolt, the Precis lives up to its name for precise field sniping. Also available in 5.56x45mm ($1000), and integrally silenced version ($2500, BR15, x25 (7.62), x18 (5.56), Avail 5). Scope not included.


Arasaka PS400 +0 x30 80m 0 16 $1500/30 6kg 4 7.62x51mm

Arasaka Security Corporation's semiautomatic product aimed for the private security and ESWAT markets. Standard equipment includes adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable grips. An optional 8x telescopic sight is available for $600 (Sniper System to 600m).


Ares M42A +0 x30 80m 0 6 $2450/30 6kg 5 7.62x51mm

The Ares M42A Scope Rifle is the Free Western States' special-issue sniper rifle. A bullpup chambered for the 7.62x51mm round, the M42A also features integral flash suppression, and removable bipod (not shown). A specialized multi-spectrum scope is also available ($1000, includes Low Lite, IR, and acts as a Sniper System). The M42A is also capable of utilizing a PARGET target-acquisition scope ($8000), capable of interfacing with and controlling sentry guns and other field sensors.


Blaser R93 +0 x30 80m 0 10 $3000/30 5kg 4 7.62x51mm

The Blaser R93 is typical of many modern bolt-action sniper weapons platforms -- lightweight composite construction, free-floating, fluted alloy barrel with high-efficiency muzzle brake/flash hider, integral bipod with "tripod" rest on stock, and fully adjustable cheekpieces and buttplate. The bolt-action R93 is chambered for the common 7.62x51mm cartridge, and has a 10rd magazine. The R93 may also be rechambered for 30-06 (x30), 30-30 (x27), and .300 Winchester Magnum (x33).


CWI C-29 Mephisto +0 x35 100m 1 10 $2000/40 7kg 4+ 7.62x71mm

The Coalition's special-issue sniper system, manufactured by Coalition Weapon Industries, the Mephisto is chambered for the powerful .300 Weatherby round. Nearly 1.5 meters long, this massive rifle can be used as a battle rifle if necessary (burst-fire capability is available). The Mephisto is usually deployed with a COS-29 All Environ Optical Scope (Thermal, Low Lite, Active IR, $1000), and can optionally be outfitted with a Smartchip.


HK G3 SG/1 +0 x30 80m 1 5/20 $2000/30 6kg 4 7.62x51mm

This weapon is a sniper version of the standard G3A8 battle rifle selected for accuracy and suitably modified at the factory. The G3 SG/1 is one of the few production sniper weapons capable of full-automatic fire. Includes integral bipod and adjustable stock. Scope not included.


HK PSG-2 +0 x30 90m 0 5 $8000/30 8kg 6 7.62x51mm
This weapon, the Prazisions Schutzen Gewehr Zwei (PSG-2) was developed specifically as a police and military snipers' weapon and as such, it is not a modified production weapon. The barrel is a smooth bull-barrel design with the HK polygonal rifling for extended life and accuracy. The action is the same roller-locked delayed blowback system used in most HK weapons with even tighter operating tolerances. The pistol grip is ergonomically shaped and has an adjustable palmrest to help eliminate fatique. The stock is fully adjustable for length and height to fit any shooter. A silent bolt closure device is fitted to the right side allowing for the weapon to be quietly reloaded if the situation demands. A special aluminum carrying case is made for the PSG-2 and it weighs 10.4kg empty. Filled with the weapon, scope, tripod, 2 filled 20rd and 2 filled 5rd magazines, the case weighs 22kg. Sold separately, the PSG-2 sells for approximately $6000. With the kit and listed equipment, a mere $10000.


Mauser SR-93 +0 x33 90m 0 6 $7500/30 6kg 4 7.62x66mm

Mauser of Germany took a position of "No Compromise" when developing the SR-93 sniper rifle. The bolt-action rifle is exceptionally lightweight for its class, primarily due from the extensive use of composite materials in its construction. The design also features a floating heavy barrel with harmonic dampeners, muzzle brake, integral bipod/tripod, anatomical grips, adjustible cheekpiece and stock, as well as an easily modified trigger set. The SR-93 can also be easily reconfigured for .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6x70mm, x40, 5rds), as well as the much cheaper 7.62x51mm (x30, 6rds) for training purposes.


PGM Ultima Ratio +0 x30 90m 0 5 $5000+/30 8kg 5+ 7.62x51mm

The ultimate argument of kings! The French-manufactured Ultima Ratio (UR) "intervention rifle" is the sniper system utilized by two of the most significant anti-terrorist units in the world: the French GSG-9 and Poseidon Public Security Sections 1 and 9. The UR features a bolt-action mechanism, recoil-absorbing stock and gyrostabilized mount. However, the real beauty of this weapon is its targeting system. The "Full Sensing" version (Standard version with 12x Zeiss scope ($800, Sniper System to 800m) shown; Full Sensing scope is seen in the upper-left) is equipped with a full-spectrum computer controlled targeting system which offers unparalleled accuracy. This system can see through most walls as well as detect thermoptic camouflage. The "Full Sensing" scope must be interfaced with a smartgun-enhanced shooter. Full Sensing scope acts as a +1 Active Sensor system, and retails for $5000.


Remington M40A6 +0 x30 100m 0 5 $1000 5kg 3+ 7.62x51mm

The M40 was the USMC sniper rifle of choice for three decades prior to the Collapse, and though it is no longer in active service, it remains highly popular for its accuracy and ruggedness. The rifle is also usually issued with the special Unertl 10x sight customized for the M118 match round. However, the rifle only has a capacity of 5 rounds in its integral magazine, and each round must be hand-loaded through the top of the rifle, a very slow process (2rds may be loaded per action). The Unertl scope is available for an additional $500.


SVD +0 x30 80m 0 10 $3000/30 4kg 4 7.62x54mm

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vinyovka Dragunov), is a very heavily modified Kalishnikov AK-47, first seen in 1963. The SVD is chambered for the 7.62x54mm cartridge, and the SVD is outfitted with a 10-round magazine. The barrel is also fitted with a combination flash suppressor/compensator, aiding in accurate 2nd-shot placement. The SVD is intended for use with the PSO-1 4x telescope with passive IR, illuminated reticle, and range finder that is good to 1300 meters ($4000, acts as Sniper System to 1000m). Many "westernized" SVDs have been rechambered for 7.62x51mm.


Walther WA-2000 (Update) +0 x33 100m 0 6 $8000/30 8kg 5 7.62x66mm

The Walther WA-2000 Sniper Weapons System was developed specifically for use as a sniper weapon, rather than a modified production weapon. The WA-2000 design yielded a bullpup-configured rifle nominally chambered for the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, chosen for its exceptional penetration and terminal ballistics. The weapon may be easily reconfigured to other calibers, by simply replacing the barrel and bolt assemblies. The fluted free-floating barrel adds strength, reduces vibration, as well as enhances barrel-cooling. The weapon is fully ambidextrous, with the ejection port configurable for either right- or left-handed firers. There are no iron sights, as the standard Schmidt & Bender variable telescopic (2.5-10x, Sniper System to 1000m) sight is issued as standard.

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