Metric English DM
5.56x45mm .223 x20
5.6x33mm .22 Jet x18
6x42mm 6mm Rifle x20



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
DPMS M500 +0 x20 60m 1 20 1000/20 3kg 4 5.56x45mm
Mitchell M2206 +0 x18 60m 0 25 600/30 2.5kg 3 5.7x30mm
Ruger 1006 +0 x20 60m 0 5 1000 2.5kg 3 6x48mm
SIG 550 Sniper +0 x20 60m 1 20 800/20 6kg 4 5.56x45mm



DPMS Model 500 +0 x20 60m 1 20 $1000/20 3kg 4 5.56x45mm

The Defense Procurement Manufacturing Service M500 is another combat rifle upgraded and heavily modified to fit the sniper role. The PS500, based on the AR15/M16 frame, has been given a free-floating match-grade heavy barrel, integral bipod as well as an available tripod in the buttstock. The barrel is also designed to accept any of a number of compatible suppressors. As with most upgrade-type rifles, the PS500 retains its burst-fire capabilities. Shown with variable 3-12X tactical scope (Sniper System capable of 2X range, no peripheral vision penalties), that is an available option for an additional $1000.


Mitchell 2257 +0 x18 60m 0 25 $600/30 2.5kg 3 5.7x30mm

The Mitchell 2206, unlike many of the other rifles in this category, is designed for comparatively close-in work where overpenetration is a potential issue. Chambered for the .22 Remington Jet cartridge (5.7x30mm), the weapon has lines very similar to the common M16, but is substantially more compact.


Ruger 1006 & 1006S +0 x20 60m 0 5 $1000 2.5kg 3 6x48mm

The Ruger 1006 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for the 6x48mm round, and fired from an exceptionally heavy bull barrel. The 1006S (S for Suppressed, pictured. x18 BR30m) variant has an integral suppressor mounted, and like the Mitchell 2206, is designed for close-in sniper work. Both the 1006 and 1006S have an integral bipod as standard.


SIG 550 Sniper +0 x20 60m 1 20 $800/20 6kg 4 5.56x45mm

The SIG 550 is fairly typical of 5.56mm sniper-upgraded assault rifles. A longer bull-barrel grants a slightly increased range and the addition of a telescopic sight and tripod allow highly accurate fire to just under a kilometer. Unfortunately, the 5.56mm round loses energy very rapidly beyond this range. The SIG 550 is also relatively overbuilt -- the original 550 Sniper weighed in at over 7kg (!), well above most sniper rifles chambered in 5.56x45mm (4-5kg).

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