Metric English DM
6.5x50mm 6.5mm Hybrid x22
7x48mm 7mm Rifle x22
7.62x39mmS 7.62 Soviet x22



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
VSK-94 Vintorez +0 x25 15m 1 20 5500/30 3.5kg 4 9x39mm
Typical Medium Sniper Rifle +0 x22 60m 0 12 800/25 4kg 4 Various
" Upgraded Med. Assault +0 x22 60m 1 25 1000/30 4kg 4 Various



VSK-94 Vintorez +0 x25 20m 1 20 $5500/30 3.5kg 4+ 9x39mm

The VSK-94 Vintorez "Thread Cutter" is rumored to be the newest standard-issue Russian Federation/CIS mid-range sniper rifle for Russian Spetznaz/Special Operations. The VSK-94 has a completely composite construction with alloy barrel, integral suppressor, and full-automatic capability. The VSK-94 is also incredibly lightweight (2.6kg unloaded) and can be broken down to fit in a conventional briefcase. The new 9x39mm round was optimized for suppressed firing, and maintains impressive stopping power even when suppressed. The VSK-94 is destined to become a favorite weapon of many freelance units worldwide.

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