Metric English DM
8.6x70mm .338 Lapua x40
9x75mm 9mm AMG x40
12.7x99mm .50 BMG x50
11x95mm 11mm AMG x50



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AI M338 SM +0 x40 125m 0 10 4000/50 8kg 5 8.6x70mm
Barrett M82A9 +0 x50 150m 0 8 4500/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm
Barrett M95A4 +0 x50 150m 0 5 4000/50 10kg 5 12.7x99mm
Barrett M98 +0 x40 125m 0 10 4000/50 7kg 5 8.6x70mm
Harris M96 +0 x50 150m 0 8 4000/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm
Mauser TK50 +0 x50 150m 0 3 5000/40 10kg 5+ 12.7x99mm
PGM Hecate II +0 x50 150m 0 5 5500/50 10kg 5 11x95mm
Windrunner 50 +0 x50 125m 0 6 3000/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm



AI Model 338 SM +0 x40 125m 0 10 $4000/50 8kg 5 8.6x70mm

The Accuracy International Model 338 SM, chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge is essentially a scaled-up version of their bolt-action AWP sniper rifle. The M338 also features an integral bipod, adjustable buttstock, and muzzle brake.


Barrett M82A9 +0 x50 150m 0 8 $4500/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm

One of the world's heaviest sniper rifles, this is a development of the old Barrett BMG rifle. It can fire both standard or accurized .50 caliber rounds (+10m to Base Range), and is most effective when combined with a powerful telescopic scope (~$2000, Sniper System to 2000m range). A smartlinked version is available for $3500 (Avail 6)


Barrett M95A4 +0 x50 150m 0 5 $4000/50 10kg 5 12.7x99mm

A modified bolt-action bullpup version of the Barrett M82 "Light 50,", the M95 substantially decreased the operating mass from the original 12kg (over 25lbs!), as well as decreasing the overall weapon length. The other significant difference between the M82 and M95 is the latter's use of a bolt-operated action, compared to the former's gas-blowback system.


Barrett M98 +0 x40 125m 0 10 $4000/50 7kg 5 8.6x70mm

The Model 98 is the latest addition to the Barret line of semi-automatic heavy caliber rifles. Barrett is a recognized leader of semi-automatic heavy caliber weapons, it was natural for introduction of a semi-auto chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. This cartridge, generally speaking, is intermediate between the 7.62mm NATO and the .50 caliber BMG. The rifle is designed around the receiver of a traditional bolt action rifle with its heavy receiver and free floating barrel mounted on an aluminum base. All of the gas mechanisms are in the butt stock of the gun to eliminate any disturbances to the harmonics of the barrel. Gas is delivered to the rear mechanisms via a gas tube from the barrel into a tappet system behind the firing mechanism.


Harris M96 +0 x50 150m 0 8 $4000/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm

The M96 heavy sniper rifle, was developed by Harris Armaments for a number of sniper weapon system trials in the late 1990s. The M96 is a semiautomatic design with an 8-round magazine, and a heavy barrel with an integral high-efficiency muzzle brake. The M96 sold in limited numbers to the military and security, as well as non-military (civilians and independents).


Mauser TK50 +0 x50 150m 0 3 $5000/40 10kg 5+ 12.7x99mm

The Mauser TK50 is an enormous bolt-action .50 caliber heavy sniper rifle, designed primarily for anti-light armor work, but the sheer stopping power of the immense .50 Browning round has also found a niche in ESWAT and other special security units for use against augmented criminals, exo-suited terrorists, in addition to the occasional cyberpsycho. The TK50 also features an integral forward bipod, reinforced with a rear monopod (effectively making the system a very stable tripod), fully adjustable buttplate and cheekpiece, free-floating rifled barrel, and a very large overbarrel mount that can be used for a Full Sensing System. Additionally, Mauser has developed a specialized targeting interlink system, allowing the weapon's scope to use sensory feeds from a vehicle! Ideal for airborne helicopter sniper teams! Mauser Sensor Interlink System (MSIS) upgrade adds $5000, and allows the user Active Sensor capabilities of the parent unit.


PGM Hecate II +0 x50 150m 0 5 $5500/50 10kg 5 11x95mm

The French PGM Hecate II is a bolt-action very heavy sniper rifle based on the Ultima Ratio, chambered for the 11x95mm Ares Machine Gun (AMG) round. The power of the 11mm AMG round required substantial modifications to be a viable design. Intended to be fired from the integral tripod, the Hecate also has a significant recoil-absorbing stock as well as a high-efficiency muzzle brake at the end of its 700mm match-grade barel. The original Hecate was chambered for the 12.7x99mm cartridge. The Hecate is the standard-issue weapon used by the French GSG-9 in an anti-materiel role.


Windrunner 50 +0 x50 125m 0 6 $3000/50 12kg 5 12.7x99mm

The Windrunner .50 is fairly typical of many "homebrewed" high-caliber rifles. This particular item is the manufacturer's sole and namesake product. The weapon consists of a mechanically simple bolt-action, fluted and compensated barrel, integral forward bipod, and a marginally efficient shock-absorbing buttstock. Substantially less expensive than most mass-produced weapons of its caliber, the Windrunner also masses significantly higher than similar bolt-action .50's.

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