Type: Strider (Command/Urban Combat)
TV: 690 (760 OTV, 530 DTV, 790 MTV)
Cost: $1,575,000
Production: Limited Production
Indv. Lemon Dice: 2
Availability: 4 (Uncommon)

Size: 8 (16,500 kg)
Default Size: 9
Stacking Size: 8 (125 cubic meters)
Crew: 1 (2 Actions)
Armor: 23/46/69 (27/54/81 vs HEAT)

Sensors: +0/3km
Communications: +0/10km
Fire Control: +0
Mode Combat Top Maneuver
Walker 4 7 (44kph) +0
Deployment Range: 525kms (~25hrs)
Name Rating Effect
Amphibious   May move 1/2 MP in water
Autopilot   Acts as Lvl 1 pilot. 60deg turns only.
Computer 1 KNO+1, CRE+1, PP1
ECM 1  
HEAT Resistant 4  
Manipulator Arms (x2) 4 Can Punch
Rugged Movement   Absorbs first Movement Hit
Large Sensor Profile 1 Reduces Concealment by 1
Sensor Dependent   Requires Active/Passive Sensors
# Name Arc DM BR Acc ROF Ammo Specials
2 20mm Autocannon F x8 2 +0 2 400ea Linked
2 60mm Rocket Pod FF x12 1 -1 2 16 HEAT, IF, Mis
1 APERS Grenade Launcher T x3 1 -1 0 8/6* AI, AE0, IF, HEAT
2 Punch F x4 M +0 0 n/a -
Equipment Notes: *Carries 6 Flare, Smoke, or Teargas grenades in APGL.
Standard Computer Modules: Autopilot 1, Fire Control 1, and Electronic Warfare 1.

The G-41 Thinktank is an older German strider design, most often seen as a command vehicle for mechanized units, thanks to its comparatively heavy armor and electronics suites, as well as a heavy urban combat (and riot suppression) unit. The Thinktank possesses a rugged six-legged motive system capable of being fully functional even after losing one, or even two legs. Recent upgrades to the Thinktank have added a number of technological improvements, including a Electronic Countermeasures suite, as well as a Model 462 Cyberbrain (AKA PseudoIntelligence) capable of operating nearly all of the G-41's onboard systems, including movement, weapons, and electronics, allowing the pilot to optimize his efforts.

The G-41's primary armament consists of two Rhinemetall 3-barrelled 20mm cannons, slaved for simultaneous operation. Secondary armament is composed of a pair of 16-shot 60mm rocket pods for anti-light armor work, mounted on the either side of the "abdomen" of the strider. Both of these weapon systems ensure rapid kills against hostile light armor, such as Exo-suits, APCs, and some light tanks. Finally, antipersonnel protection is provided by a 12-shot grenade launcher, with a 360-degree arc of fire. Standard load for the APERS grenade launcher is 8rds of fragmentation, and 6rds of either flare, smoke, or teargas canisters. The design of the APERS system allows for independent firing of any of the loaded grenades.

A G-41 was reported delivered to Poseidon's Public Security Section One on 12.24.2029, and was reported destroyed 2.5.2030 during an operation whose details remain undisclosed. [Ever hear of the Anaconda Assassination Op? --ed]

The most common variant of the G-41 replaces the 20mm autocannons for 11mm AMG gatling machineguns in order to optimize operations against infantry. Additionally, many of these variants also utilize a turreted Mk25 automatic grenade launcher (in addition to the standard APERS system).

1x Mk25 AGL (T, x3, BR1, -1Acc, ROF+1, 100rds, AI, AE0, HEAT, IF. +68 OTV)

20mm ACs w/ 11mm AMG machineguns (F, x4, BR1, +0Acc, ROF+3, 1000rds/ea, AI, Linked. OTV = 520)