Section VI: Vehicular Weapons Systems

Rocket Launchers
Missile Systems


Name ACC DM BR ROF Cost MS/Mass Availability WC AC Special
Ares M215-LM +0 x6 2 3 $22500 2/185kg 4 64 0.18 15mm
SACO GU-18A                    



Ares M215-LM +0 x6 2 3 $22500 2/185kg 4 96 0.18 none

The Ares M215 is a 3-barreled minigun chambered in the 15x105mm cannon cartridge. The LM variant reconfigures the weapon for use as a hand-held weapon by larger exo-suits, such as landmates. The M215-LM is typically used in the fire-support role by a landmate 'suit squad. The M215-LM is commonly deployed using an integral 60-round magazine, but is far more effective when using an external linkless belt-feed. The M215 is approximately 2.7m in total length. The large cylindrical protrusion at the rear of the cannon is the electric motor that powers the barrels. Typical loading is a HEDP shell, though AP (x7 w/ Boosted Damage) and HE anti-personnel warheads (Fragmentation = Anti-Infantry, x3) are also commonly used.


SACO GU-18 +0 x6 2 1 $12750 2/140kg 4 84 0.18 None
SACO GU-18A +0 x8 2 1 $25000 3/225kg 4 122 0.29 None
  The SACO Defense GU-18 is manufactured domestically in the Free States under license from Shinnakasu Heavy Industries of Poseidon. The GU-18 is a burst-capable rifle-configured weapon system available in both 15- and 20mm variants. The smaller, lighter GU-18A in 15mm is the standard deployment weapon for the Guges-class Landmate in both Poseidon and Free States' military forces. It feeds from an internal 30- or 20-round helicoidal magazine (15 or 20mm), or below the barrel. The handle and housing collapse, decreasing the occupied volume for easier storage.


Name Acc DM BR ROF Cost MS/Mass Avail WC AC Special