Type: Landmate (Exo-Suit)
TV: 120 (190 OTV,130 DTV,47 MTV)
Cost: $90,000
Production: Mass Production
Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Availability: Y

Size: 3.4
(1600 kg maximum/1480 kg nominal)
Default Size: 5
Stacking Size: 3 (20m3)
Crew: 1 (Actions: 2)
Armor: 9/18/27

Sensors: +1/3km
Communications: +1/10km
Fire Control: +1
Mode Combat Top Maneuver
Walker 4 7 (42kph) +1
Deployment Range 200km (10hrs)
Name Rating Effect
Low Profile   +1 to Concealment
2x Manipulator Arm 3.4 Slave arms, can punch
Reinforced Location Armor 1 Crew Compartment
2x Tool Arm 1 Master arms, cannot punch
2x Tool Arm 1 "Bunny Ear" sensor antennae, cannot punch
Sensor Dependent   Must use Active or Passive Sensors
# Name Arc DM BR Acc ROF Ammo Specials
1 Heavy MG F x4 1 0 2 60 AI
1 15mm Rifle F x6 2 0 0 6  
2 Punch F x3.4 M 0 0 0  
More complete description pending.

Default weapon system is a Poseidon Arms Type 98 LM-OICW, a 9x85mm heavy machinegun with a 60-round helical magazine mated above a 15mm Anti-Armor Rifle with a 6-round magazine. More heavily armed versions designed to attack other Exo-suits and Landmates replace the Type 98 with a heavier weapon, such as the Ares M215 15mm gatling autocannon or the SACO/Shinnakasu GU-18A. Landmates used in the security/MP role typically replace the Type 98 with a lighter machinegun, when the OICW is either too expensive, or too powerful.

Security/Light Arms:
Replace Heavy MG/15mm with Light MG (7.62x51mm): F, x3, BR1, +0Acc, ROF+2, 100rds, AI, -128 OTV.
OR Replace HMG/VLRF with Heavy MG (9x85mm): F, x4, BR1, +0Acc, ROF+2, 100rds, AI, -90 OTV.
OR Replace HMG/VLRF w/ V.Heavy MG (11x95mm/12.7x99mm): F, x5, BR2, +0Acc, ROF+1, 30rds, AI, +20 OTV.

Anti-Light Armor:
Replace Heavy MG, 15mm Rifle with
Ares M215: F, x6, BR2, +0Acc, ROF+3, 100rds, +50 OTV
OR Replace Heavy MG/VLRF with SACO
GU-18A (15x105mm): F, x6, BR2, +0Acc, ROF+1, 30rds, -60 OTV.