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Metric English DM
5.7x17mmR .22LR x10
7.65x17mm .32 x12
9x17mm .380 Auto x12
6x18mm 6mm Auto x10



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Mini-Revolver +0 x10 3m 0 4 125 .25kg 2 6x18mm
AWM SAR-7 Mk II +0 x10 5m 0 8 350/10 1kg 3+ 6x18mm
Astra Starlite +0 x12 3m 0 8 200/10 .5kg 2 7.65x17mm
Beretta 951 +0 x12 3m 0 8 180/10 .5kg 2 7.65x17mm
NAA Guardian +0 x10 3m 0 8 200/10 .5kg 2 6x18mm
S&W 2230 +0 x10 3m 0 10 200/10 .5kg 2 6x18mm
S&W 380 +0 x12 3m 0 6 225/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Hammerli Competition 6 +1 x10 6m 0 8 800/15 1kg 3 6x18mm
Heckler & Koch HK4 +0 x12 4m 0 7 750/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Walther PPK +0 x12 4m 0 6 350/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm
Derringer +0 Var 3m 0 2 150+ .25kg 2 Various
AMT Backup +0 x12 3m 0 6 125/10 .5kg 2 9x17mm


Mini-Revolver (various manufacturers)
The Mini-Revolver, as well as similar Derringer-styled pistols, have been around for decades, and will be for decades to come. In spite of the typically low stopping power, these miniature pistols are highly concealable and reliable, and are still very popular.


The SAR-7, produced by Australian Weapons Manufacturing (AWM), is the standard suppressed weapon of the Australian Marines and Maritime Special Service groups. Developed from a late 20th century design, the SAR-7 MkII is rechambered for the modern 6x18mm round, possessing slightly better terminal ballistics than the aging .22LR.


ASTRA Starlite  
The Spanish-manufactured ASTRA Starlite pistol, normally chambered for the 7.65x17mm (.32 Auto) or 6x18mm (6mm Auto) round is a small and concealable light pistol, in the same vein as the Smith & Wesson 2230. The Starlite's lightweight construction as well as single-stack magazine give the pistol a very slender cross-section, ideal for concealed carry. When chambered in 6mm Auto, the Starlite has a 10-round capacity.


Beretta 951  
The Beretta 951 is a fairly typical holdout style light pistol Usually chambered in .25cal or .380 (9x17mm), the 951 is small enough to be hidden inside a boot or pocket, and still pack a decent punch! Available with synthetic or optional real wood grips. Add $50 to price for real wood.


NAA Guardian  
North American Arms' Guardian line is a series of pocket pistols designed for concealed personal defense. Though the basic .22LR or 6mm Auto round is comparatively lacking for stopping power, the use of hollowpoint (HP) or improved hollowpoint (IHP) ammunition substantially increases the weapon's effectiveness in the defensive role.


S&W 2230  
Designed for the same niche market as the NAA Guardian, Smith and Wesson's model 2230 is chambered for the .22LR or 6mm Auto cartridge, sacrificing killing power for ammunition capacity. This particular design choice makes the 2230 a poor selection as a primary weapon, but its small size makes it an excellent holdout or bootstrap pistol. As in the Guardian, the use of HP or IHP rounds substantially increases the weapon's effectiveness in combat. A target-grade model of the 2230 exists, known as the 2232, which possesses a barrel nearly twice as long as the 2230 (BR6, $250), but sacrifices concealability.


Smith & Wesson 380  
The Smith & Wesson 380 is a subcompact derivative of the S&W Sigma series. The weapon is very compact, lending itself very strongly to concealed carry use. The S&W 380 is mechanically simple using standard blowback operation and the simplest of safety mechanisms (trigger safety). The weapon was so designed in order to minimize the number of components that may cause snagging during presentation. To fulfill this end, the 380 has an enclosed hammer, and a simple, serrated slide release lever which lies nearly flush with the frame. The 380 holds 6 rounds of 9x17mm (.380).


Hammerli Competition 6  
The Hammerli Competition 6 is a fairly typical high-accuracy target pistol. A very specialized weapon, the Competition 6 features a carved real wood grip, partial slide, and a adjustable-pull trigger.


Hecker & Koch P4  
The Hecker & Koch P4 is HK's foray into the subcompact firearm market, with all of the qualities you'd expect from a pistol crafted by the German corporation. The P4 features an interchangeable barrel & breech system, allowing the P4 to be configured in a number of calibers, ranging from .22LR, 6mm Auto, .25, .32, and .380 Auto. The P4 is sold as a kit, containing each of the listed conversion barrels, as well as a matching magazine. The HK4 has lines very similar to the Walther PPK, but with a number of 21st century improvements, such as a polymer frame and polygonally rifled barrel.


Walther PPK  
The Walther PPK, first developed in the 1930s, and later made famous by the 20th century vid hero, James Bond, has made quite a name for itself as a compact and concealable firearm. Early models were chambered for the 7.65x17mm (.32 cal) round, but the 21st century update is nominally chambered for the 9x17mm (.380 Auto) cartridge. The PPK's excellent handling as well as speed of use, slim profile, and not to mention style, have led to the substantial popularity of the weapon, which will likely continue well into the 21st century.


Derringer Hold-out  
The Derringer-styled pistols have been a common last-chance holdout weapon for nearly two centuries. Though small in size, many Derringers are chambered for powerful cartridges. Available in a variety of calibers, from .22LR to .357 Magnum through even .454 Casull! Also capable of firing the specialized "Silentfire" arrested-piston silenced cartridge, developed from late 20th century Ex-Soviet designs. The "Silentfire" ammunition allows for a nearly completely silent weapon, without the bulk and mass of a conventional silencer. Silentfire ammunition is relatively expensive ($5/rd) and short-ranged (BR3). Prices vary depending on caliber and appearance (Low caliber: $150, Medium caliber: $175, Heavy Caliber: $200, V.Heavy: $250.


AMT Backup  
AMT's Backup pistol, commonly chambered in 9x17mm (.380ACP) is typical of many hold-out pistols. The Backup's small size make it ideal for boot- or even pocket-carry. The Backup has the minimum of safety devices, and a fairly small magazine capacity (6rds), but if it's all you've got, it's better than being unarmed...

AMT also manufactures variants chambered for larger calibers (9mm, .40S&W, and even .45ACP), available for a slightly higher price ($150/10, 5rds).


Metric English DM
9x19mm 9mm x15
9x25mm .357 SIG x17
11.43x23mm .45 Auto x12/x18*
10x21mm .40 Auto x16
10x25mm 10mm Auto x17
5.7x28mm 5.7mm FN x18
11.43x32mm .45 Long Colt x14/x20
* First value is against armored targets,
second value is against unarmored targets.



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Ares M100 9mm +0 x15 5m 0 15 270/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
Mateba Model 207 +1 x15 6m 0 6 450/15* 2kg 3 9x19mm
Seburo Bobsons +0 x15 5m 0 8 400/15 1kg 3 9x19mm
Colt M2031 Gover +0 x17 5m 0 12 300/15 1kg 2 10x25mm
Walther P99 +0 x15 5m 0 16 450/15 1kg 3 9x19mm
Armatech M950 +0 x15 5m 0 50 500/30 2kg 3 9x19mm
Beretta Cougar +0 x15 5m 0 15 300/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
HK PS9 +0 x15 5m 0 9 400/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
S&W Sigma +0 x15 5m 0 14 250/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
S&W Sigma II +0 x15 5m 0 12 300/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
Colt Mini-45 +0 x12/x18 3m 0 6 350/15 1kg 2 11.43x23mm
Mustang K-23 +0 x15 5m 0 16 250/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
FedArms Impact +0 x17 3m 0 7 250/15 1kg 2 10x25mm
Glock 26 +0 x15 4m 0 8 350/15 .5kg 2 9x19mm
Intratec CAT-series +0 x15 3m 0 7 250/15 .5kg 2 9x19mm
High-Point MKS-4 +0 x15 5m 0 8 125/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
Lorcin L-9 +0 x15 5m 0 8 125/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
Browning Hi-Power +0 x15 5m 0 13 300/15 1kg 2 9x19mm
FN Five-seveN +0 x18 5m 0 20 700/20 1kg 2 5.7x28mm
Seburo SNAB +0 x18 5m 0 14 700/20 1kg 2 5.7x28mm
Beretta 92 +0 x15 5m 0 15 300/20 1kg 2 9x19mm
Vektor CP-1 +0 x15 5m 0 13 400/20 1kg 2 9x19mm
Stechkin APS +0 x15 5m 0 12 350/20 1kg 2+ 9x18mm HI
Mustang Tri-Star +0 x14/x20 5m 0 5 500/20 1.5kg 2 11.43x32mm
Wondernine +0 x15 5m 0 12+d6 Varies 1kg 2 9x19mm
Wondernine Compact +0 x15 4m 0 7+d6 Varies 1kg 2 9x19mm



Ares M100 9mm  
The Ares M100 is a rigid polymer-framed 9mm handgun manufactured in the California Free States and Olympus. Originally designed for military and law security personnel, the M100 sports a polygonal barrel and can be fitted with a quick-release laser-aiming system.
Also available in 10mm as the M104.


Mateba Model 207  
This peculiar revolver is chambered for the 9x19mm parabellum cartridge, and its six-round cylinder is hinged at the top of the frame, rather than the bottom. The M207's hexagonal barrel is aligned with the bottom-most chamber to be more in-line with the firing arm, and the design is also counterbalanced by a top-mounted weight. It should be noted that the Mateba's greatest feature is its accuracy. unfortunately, it is not as quick or as high-powered as most automatics. Additionally, its design causes problems with reloading (3rds can be loaded per action, unless a speedloader is used), making it less than ideal in situations where a lot of ammo is being expended. Also features ergonomic grips and interchangeable barrels. Speedloaders are available for $15.


Seburo Bobsons  
The Seburo Bobsons is a fairly typical small-frame polymer and alloy handgun, designed for maximum concealability for military and security forces, and other "higher-end users." The Bobsons comes standard with customizable ergonomic grips. Seburo is world-renowned for highly reliable weaponry, and the Bobsons is no exception!


Colt M2031 Gover  
An upgrade of the venerable Colt Model 1911 including such changes as a polygonally rifled barrel, built-in compensator, double-stack magazine and ergonomic grips. Additionally, the '31 is also available in an A2 variant rechambered for the more potent 11x28mm round, but at a sacrifice of ammunition capacity (x20DM, capacity reduced to 8rds, $400).


Walther P99  
Walther's new offering to the 2041 military and security sector! Walther's update to the P99 utilizes a high-density Sortex frame coupled with a cermet composite polygonally-rifled barrel for lightness, durability, and reliability. The P99 also features fully customizable ergonomic grips, luminous sights, underbarrel universal mounting rail, and an optional built-in laser sight. Additionally, the P99 is also designed with both right- and left-handed firers in mind, as all mechanisms (magazine and slide release, safeties, and decocking lever) can be easily adjusted to suit the user. Additionally, the P99 can be easily reconfigured from single- to double-action and vice versa.


Armatech M950  
Calico was a small company built on a single excellent product: the Calico M-900 series. The Calico was a revolutionary weapon for its time, utilizing advanced materials and a unique helical magazine. This helical design allowed for a remarkably large ammunition capacity (50 to 100rds) for a weapon of its size. However, Calico was one of the many companies to crumble during the Collapse. In 2036, Armatech, with the aid of one of the original designers from Calico, reapplied for the patent. The patent was approved, and the 900-series is back in production!
50rd magazine ($40), 100rd magazine ($100).


Beretta Cougar  
Another quality product from the Beretta corporation, the Cougar is a development of the M92, utilizing a cermet barrel and breech block, paired with a high-impact polymer frame for increased wear resistance and low weight. The Cougar is a popular weapon with police and security forces the world over, and is a staple sidearm of European forces.


Heckler & Koch PS9  
The Heckler & Koch PS9 is a small-frame handgun popular in several nations and used by numerous security and special operation forces. The weapon uses HK's proprietary roller-delayed blowback system, and is available in both 9x19 and 11.43x23mm calibers and maintains the HK tradition of reliability. The slender weapon is easily concealable at the cost of ammunition capacity.
11.43x23mm version is x18/x12, 7rds, and $400.


S&W Sigma  
Another very common, inexpensive, and readily available polymer-framed 9mm. Accurate and fairly reliable, this weapon is very popular in North America. Coalition Weapon Industries (CWI) produces a knockoff version of this handgun for standard issue to Coalition troops known as the C-9.
Also available in 10mm (x17, 10rds, $300) and .45ACP (x12/x18, 9rds, $300).


S&W Sigma II  
The Smith & Wesson Sigma II is virtually identical to the standard Sigma, the only significant change being the size. The Sigma II is substantially more compact and concealable than the original, at only a marginal loss of ammunition capacity. Magazines from the Sigma line are also usable in the Sigma II, however the reverse is not possible.
Also available in 10mm Auto (x17, 9rds, $350) and .45ACP (x12/x18, 7rds, $350)


Colt Mini-45  
This highly concealable hold-out style pistol carries a potent .45 caliber punch! Easily concealable, this weapon is popular for undercover work, especially when firepower is required. Also, for those who are less enthusiastic about the armor-penetration capability of the 11.43x23mm round, the Mini-45 is also available as the Mini-10 when chambered for the 10x25mm (x17, 6rds, $350).


Mustang Arms K-23  
A simple and fairly inexpensive handgun, Mustang Arms' K-23 is a suitable sidearm for many roles. By utilizing a short-travel bolt with recoil-buffering system, similar to that found on the UZI and Steyr TMP, Mustang was able to keep the bolt mechanism fairly compact. Constructed of reinforced high-impact polymer, the K-23 is both rugged and reliable, even if a little long for concealment.
Also available in 10mm (x17, 14rds, $300), and a machine-pistol variant (x15, 16rds, ROF1, $400, Avail 3).


Fed Arms Impact  
Federated Arms' Impact, chambered for the 10x25mm cartridge is a very compact holdout-style sidearm. Though small and stout, the Impact manages to carry quite a powerful punch! Popular with many boostergangers as an inexpensive concealable weapon, and with civilians as a self-defense weapon. Its defensive capabilities only increase with the use of specialized ammunition such as Hydra-shok improved hollowpoint ammunition.


Glock 26  
The Glock 26 is essentially the Glock 17 mechanism reduced to a very small package. Chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, the Glock 26 has a 10+1 capacity and a trigger safety, and a squared trigger guard to aid in a two-handed grip. Some complaints regarding the very small grip size have been addressed -- a special magazine is available ($25) that has a molded grip for the firer's pinky finger. Glock also produces compact models chambered for 10mm (Glock 28, 8rd capacity), and .45 caliber (Glock 30, 6rds).


Intratec CAT Series  
The Intratec CAT series of pistols are polymer-framed handguns targeting the holdout pistol market. The CAT series is most commonly available in 9x17mm, 9x19mm and 11.43x23mm chamberings. Intratec is currently developing models of the CAT capable of firing the larger .40S&W and 10mm calibers as well. The CAT series utilize an anodized alloy slide coupled with a polymer frame to yield a very lightweight, economical, and effective weapon.


High-Point MKS-4  
High-Point Firearms is one of the leading manufacturers of "Streetline Special" handguns -- low cost, a chunky styling that has some popularity, and the kind of reliability you'd expect from a handgun under $150, new. Commonly chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, the MKS-4 has a 9-round capacity single-stack magazine. Alternate chamberings are also available in .40S&W and 10mm. There is no change in cost, but capacity is reduced to 7 rounds in both cases. The MKS-4 also utilizes a large amount of polymer in its frame construction, keeping the weight down.

The cost of the weapon of randomly determined: Whenever a purchase is desired, roll 1d6 and multiply the result by $10. Subtract this value from $150 to determine "street cost".


Lorcin L-9  
The Lorcin L-9 is another manufacturer of "Streetline Specials," with the L-9 in 9mm Parabellum being the largest caliber produced by Lorcin Manufacturing. As the High-Point pistols, the L-9 is incredibly inexpensive (also under $150), leading to a few lawsuits brought against the company in the late 1990's, as Lorcin handguns had been used in a startling number of crimes in the Los Angeles area (The Ring of Fire case --ed). The L-9 uses a single-stack 9-round magazine, giving the weapon a very slim cross-section, making it very concealable for its size.

The cost of the weapon of randomly determined: Whenever a purchase is desired, roll 1d6 and multiply the result by $10. Subtract this value from $150 to determine "street cost".


Browning Hi-Power  
The Browning Hi-Power is the original high-capacity 9mm service pistol. First designed by John M. Browning, the Hi-Power utilized all of the improvements from Browning's earlier developments, yielding an reliable and incredibly rugged design. Available in both single- and double-action, the Hi-Power is one of the most widely-issued service pistols, with 47 different countries issuing or manufacturing the firearm. There also exist a number of compact variants of the Hi-Power available, trading ammunition capacity (8rds) for concealability. Additionally, extended magazines are also available, most commonly seen in 20-round capacity, though the bulk of the magazine detrimentally affects concealability.


FN Five-seveN  
The Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN was the first handgun to utilize the 5.7x28mm SS190 cartridge. Sharing many of the unique organic design features of its larger brother, the FN P90, the Five-seveN features numerous ergonomic features, as well as a polymer frame. The Five-seveN has seen some sales within the private sector, but has yet to become a standard issue military weapon. The SS190 round is well-known for its impressive penetration abilities and comparatively small size. A common loading in the 5.7x28 caliber utilizes a penetrator core wrapped in a polymer sheath (APDP ammunition), that is x20 versus both armored and unarmored targets.


Seburo SNAB  
The Seburo SNAB is the standard-issue sidearm of Poseidon Public Security's Section 9, and is chambered for the FN SS190 (5.7x28mm) round. In many ways very similar to the FN Five-seveN pistol, the SNAB differs mostly in Seburo's characteristic styling. Though typically used with a 14-round magazine, a 20-rd "long" clip is available that extends about 3cm from the base of the grip (model shown is so equipped).


Beretta 92  
The Beretta 92 was the standard US Armed Forces sidearm (as the M9) until the Collapse. The 92 and the M9 feature a reinforced magazine base, decocking lever, and a squared trigger guard to support a two-handed grip. Additionally, the weapon is coated with a teflon derivative for corrosion resistance and lubrication. Compact models are also available. Large numbers of these weapons are commonly available today because of the military stockpiles.


Vektor CP-1  
The CP-1 (abbreviation of Compact Pistol) produced by Vektor of South Africa is another excellent weapon developed and produced in South America due to the armament embargoes on the nation during the latter 20th century. The ergonomically-styled CP-1 features a system of gas-delayed blowback similar to that of the Heckler & Koch P7, adding a trigger-safety (as in the Glock line of pistols), as well as an additional safety forward of the trigger guard. Additionally, the CP-1 features a nearly completely polymer construction yielding an empty weight of a mere 700g (0.7kg). The CP-1 is available with two different sizes of magazine: a compact 11-round mag, and a larger 13-round magazine (shown).


Stechkin APS  
Standard Russian Federation/CIS sidearm. Incredibly rugged and reliable, the Stechkin has been rechambered from the typical 9mm Makarov High Impulse (9x18mm HI) to 9x19mm for export sales. Availability is 3 in Western Europe, but as few are exported to North America, the typical availability is 4, though occasional shipments do arrive.


Mustang Arms Tri-Star  
Update of the Pre-Collapse Thunder-Five revolver, chambered for the .45 Long Colt as well as the .410 gauge shotgun cartridge. When using shotshells, accuracy is increased to +1, and damage is changed to x8. Slug shotshells keep accuracy at +1, and are x16 damage. Mustang manufactures a custom laser-sighting device, that projects a single point surrounded by a circle, denoting point of aim as well as dispersion zone for buckshot. This visually distinctive weapon as well as laser pattern have made it very popular in movies.



Ceska Zjbrovska CZ-75

Kahr K9

Ruger P95

IMI Golan
The Wondernines are a class of typical 21st century small arms that are comparatively similar: reliable, "high-capacity" semi-automatic pistols that are common and relatively inexpensive, and produced by any of a number of different manufacturers. In game-effects, they are all identical, but will have varying cost, capacity, and name. The four pistols shown above are but a few examples of Wondernines. Additionally, many of these Wondernines are also available in the .40S&W (10x21mm) cartridge (x16 damage) at a minor loss of capacity (1 less). Ammunition capacity and cost are randomly determined for a given model: roll 1d6, and add the value to 12 for the number of rounds in a magazine. Multiply the number rolled by $10, and add this to $240 to determine the cost of the weapon. Upgrading to .40S&W reduces Capacity by 1, but adds $50 to the cost. The GM may further modify this cost based on brand name, quality, and reliability.


Wondernine Compacts    

Kahr K9 Compact

EuroArms America Witness Compact

Heritage Arms Shadow
The Wondernine Compacts essentially Wondernines that have been modified to a smaller frame for concealability. In game-effects, they are all identical, but will have varying cost, capacity, and name. The four pistols shown above are but a few examples of Wondernines. Additionally, many of these Wondernines are also available in the .40S&W (10x21mm, x16 damage) cartridge at a minor loss of capacity. Ammunition capacity and cost are randomly determined for a given model: roll 1d6, and add the value to 7 for the number of rounds in a magazine. Multiply the number rolled by $10, and add this to $240 to determine the cost of the weapon. Upgrading to .40S&W reduces Capacity by 1, but adds $50 to the cost. The GM may further modify this cost based on brand name, quality, and reliability.



Metric English DM
9x33mmR .357 Magnum x20
11x28mm 11mm Auto x20
5.56x23mm .224 BOZ* x20/x16**

* The .224 BOZ is a 10x25mm cartridge that has been necked down to accept a 5.56mm bullet
** First value is against armored targets, second value is against unarmored targets.



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Ares Firehawk +0 x20 6m 0 10 650/20 2kg 2 11x28mm
Ares Predator +0 x20 5m 0 12 400/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Hammerli 280 +1 x20 7m 0 6 2750/30 2kg 3 11x28mm
HK Mk23A4 SOCOM +0 x20 5m 0 12 2000/25 1.5kg 4 11x28mm
HK USP-11 +0 x20 5m 0 12 500/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
IMI Jericho 942FS +0 x20 5m 0 11 450/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Asagiri Member-II +0 x22 10m 0 3/5 600/var 1.5kg 4 7x48mm
Rossi Cyclops II +0 x20 6m 0 6 500/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
Glock .224 BOZ +0 x16/x20 7m 0 12 1000/20 1.5kg 3 5.56x23mm
Armitage M32 +0 x20 4m 0 6 700/20 1kg 2 11x28mm
Mini-Magnum Revolver +0 x20 2m+ 0 6 400/20 .5kg 2 9x33mm
Mateba Trigun +0 x20 2m+ 0 6 500+/20 1.5kg+ 2 9x33mm
Colt King Cobra +0 x20 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
IZHMASH Gurza +0 x20 5m 0 14 500/20 1.5kg 2+ 9x26mm
Sternmeyer P-35 +0 x20 5m 0 12 550/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Towa Type 29 Revolver +0 x20 8m 0 6 800/20 1.5kg 3+ 9x33mm
Ruger SP101 +0 x20 5m 0 6 450/20 1kg 2 9x33mm
Generic .357 Auto +0 x20 5m 0 10 400/20 1.5kg 2 9x33mm
Generic .357 Revolver +0 x20 6m 0 6 350/20 1kg 2 9x33mm
Generic 11mm Auto +0 x20 5m 0 10 400/20 1.5kg 2 11x28mm
Generic 11mm Revolver +0 x20 6m 0 6 350/20 1kg 2 11x28mm



Ares Firehawk  
The Ares Firehawk is a high-end heavy pistol that has gained much popularity as a military officer's sidearm, has also seen much success in the public and private security market as well. The ergonomics of the design assist in offsetting the comparatively heavy weight of the handgun. In addition to the customizable grip, the Firehawk also sports adjustable sights, a universal option mount (similar to the HK USP/SOCOM), a partial slide, and a polygonally rifled barrel.


Ares Predator  
Whereas the Ares Firehawk is the pinnacle of Ares' heavy pistols, the Predator is Ares' design for mass-market release. The Predator is chambered for the 11x28mm cartridge, and is generally of a utilitarian design -- solid high-density polymer grips and frame, alloy barrel and slide, and an enclosed hammer. The Predator is also available with a factory-mounted red-dot laser sight (located in the trigger guard) for an additional $100. A invisible IR or UV laser is also available for $250.


Hammerli 280  
The Hammerli 280 is one of the premier heavy pistols on the market today! The potent 11x28mm round, coupled with incredible accuracy make this one of the most popular models on the racegun circuit. The model 280 also features ergonomically styled real wood grips, checkered at 300lpi, adjustable sights, and an optional factory-fitted smartchip (add $1250 to list price).


The Heckler & Koch Mk23A4 Special Operations Command (SOCOM) pistol is a specialized version of the USP, designed for use by organizations such as GSG-9, GIGN, and other Special Forces. The Mk23 features a polymer frame, a quick-release underbarrel option mount (shown with combination Smartlink, IR laser, visible red laser and flashlight "pod"), and a custom suppressor/silencer. Highly reliable, resilient, and accurate, the Mk23 comes with all mentioned options in the box! The Mk23 is also available in .45ACP (x12/x18, 12rds, $1750), as well as a non-smartlinked (but includes other listed options) version retails for $1200.


HK USP-11  
The HK USP series is the civilian and private security version of the SOCOM pistol. Utilizing the same recoil management system, the USP remains highly controllable despite the large round. Also, the USP possesses the same universal option mount located beneath the barrel, capable of mounting flashlights, smartlinks, laser sights, etc. Heckler and Koch also manufactures variants rechambered for 9mm Parabellum (x15, 16rds, $500), .40S&W (x16, $500) and .45ACP (x12/x18, 12rds, $500), known as the USP-9 and USP-45, respectively.
Match-grade variant, which adds an extended barrel and compensator is also available (Increase BR to 6, $600).
Compact variant also available (reduce Capacity by 2rds, no cost change).


IMI Jericho 942FS  
The Jericho 942FS, also known as the UZI Eagle or IMI Eagle, is manufactured by Israeli Military Industries (IMI), and shows distinct lineage to the IMI "Desert Eagle" .50AE. This weapon is chambered for the potent 11x28mm round. The 942FS is a popular large-framed handgun, and is used in several organizations throughout the world. This autoloader also sports hexagonal rifling for greater accuracy.
Also available in 9x19mm (x15, 14rds, $350), and 10x25mm (x17, 12rds, $350) in the 940 and 941FS, respectively. Compact models are also available for a minor reduction in ammunition capacity (reduce Capacity by 2 rds)


Asagiri Member-II  
Made from a cut-down rifle action, this modular pistol fires standard 7x48mm or 5.56x45mm rifle ammunition! A powerful, bulky pistol, it can be broken into action, grip, and magazine for concealment. Conversion kits are available for rechambering to 5.56x45mm (x20, $100), in addition to extended 5 and 10rd magazines (larger magazines substantially reduce concealability). This weapon also has an incredible muzzle flash and report, and cannot be suppressed. A machinepistol version is also available (ROF1, -1 ACC in burst fire mode) called the Member-IIB ($1000, Avail 3). A third kit includes a barrel extension, scope mount, and buttstock module for use as a full rifle (BR50, $800 including weapon). All components of the rifle will fit in a typical briefcase-sized package.
Magazines cost $10, $20, and $30 for 3, 5, and 10rd magazines respectively.


Rossi Cyclops II  
The Rossi Cyclops II is a typical large-caliber revolver, chambered for the .357 rimmed cartridge. The large, heavy barrel is engineered and ported to help compensate for muzzle flip in addition to possessing mounting rails for standard accessories. As nearly all revolvers, the Cyclops is very reliable, as well as easily customized.


Glock .224 BOZ  
The Glock .224 BOZ is one of the few manufactured firearms that are chambered for the comparatively unique 5.56x23mm (.224 BOZ) round. The use of a rifle-type narrow cross-section bullet and a fairly high propellant charge yield some exceptional armor-penetration characteristics! The .224 BOZ round typically fires with a muzzle velocity of over 600m/s, and an energy of nearly 750J. Another large advantage of the .224 BOZ round is ready availability of specialty bullet types for military and police, such as AP and tracer. Other manufacturers produce models firing the .224 as well, with the most common being a highly modified 1911-style pistol.


Armitage M32  
The Armitage M32 is one of the highest-caliber "holdout" pistols available in today's small-arms market! Available both in 11x28 and 12x31mm chamberings, the Armitage has incredible firepower in a very small package. The design features an integrated trigger safety, a partial slide, an enlarged triggerguard, and ergonomic fore- and rear grips. The enlarged triggerguard contains a thumbhole for the hand using the forward grip, giving the M32 a very stable firing position, keeping the small weapon controllable. The 12mm variant is available from Armitage for $800, and has a 5rd capacity.


Mini-Magnum Revolver  
The Mini-Magnum is typical of many snub-nosed high-caliber revolvers available on the market. Typically chambered for the 9x33mm (.357 Magnum) or .41 Magnum ( 10.41x33mm) cartridges, the "mini-mags" are available in a number of barrel lengths from 2.5 to 10cm (1 to 4in). Longer barrels substantially enhance the range of the weapon, but can detrimentally affect the concealability. Base range is 3m with a 2.5cm barrel. A MiniMag with a 2.5cm barrel has a Base Range of 2. A 5cm barrel has a BR of 3. A 7.5cm barrel has a BR of 4. A full 10cm barrel has a BR of 5. There is no added cost for the longer barrels.


Mateba Trigun  
The Trigun is Mateba's M207's big brother, chambered for .357 Magnum. The Trigun has very similar lines to the M207, as it has a very distinct solid overbarrel lug, and the barrel is aligned with the lowest cylinder. The Trigun is also available in a number of barrel lengths, ranging from 5cm (2in) to nearly 20cm (8in). However, the Trigun utilizes a break-open mechanism, rather than the more common tip-out cylinder. Base cost for a Trigun is $500, plus $25 per centimeter of barrel length. Every 2 centimeters of barrel length increases the Base Range by 1m. The Trigun is also available in a satin chrome finish as pictured for an additional $250. Each cm of barrel length also increases the mass of the weapon by 0.05kg. For convenience, round to the nearest 0.5kg.
Example: A Trigun with a 12cm (5in) barrel will cost $800 (500 + 12*25), and have a Base Range of 8 (2 + 12/2), and a mass of 2.1kg (1.5 + 12 x 0.05).


Colt King Cobra  
The Colt King Cobra is fairly typical for a .357 Magnum (9x33mm) revolver, holding 6 cartridges within its cylinder. The King Cobra is factory-equipped with adjustable rear sights, and has an optional scope mount. The pictured 6-inch barrel (15cm) yields impressive terminal ballistics, and its mass helps compensate for muzzle flip. The King Cobra is also available in a 4 inch version, which reduces the Base Range to 5m.


The Russian Gurza pistol, chambered for the 9x16mm "Grom" cartridge is the current issue heavy sidearm of CIS officers. The Gurza follows much of the more modern stance on pistol technology -- polymer frame, grip safety, and a number of other features. The Gurza round is reportedly capable of excessive armor penetration even at extended ranges, penetrating nearly 20 layers of ballistic kevlar at a range of nearly 40m. Additionally, the 9x26mm cartridge is also available in an armor-piercing variant that utilizes a tungsten core which protrudes slightly from the bullet nose.


Sternmeyer P-35  

The P-35, manufactured by Sternmeyer of Germany is a rugged and highly reliable large-framed pistol with excellent knock-down power. The P-35, chambered for the 11x28mm cartridge, is the standard sidearm in many private and corporate security organizations in Europe. The P-35 has a reinforced polymer frame, with an alloy barrel. The P-35 also has an underbarrel universal option mount, like its competitor, the HK USP-11. However, the P-35 is equipped with a visible laser mount as standard. Additionally, the P-35 is available in a number of color options, such as gray, black, camel, and white.


Howa Manufacturing
Type 29 Revolver
The Howa Type 29 Revolver is the standard issue officers' sidearm of most city and state police units in Poseidon. The Type 29 possesses the incredible reliability of the revolver with the exceptional accuracy and range of many match-grade pistols. The exceptional accuracy from custom barrel porting and a large underbarrel counterweight give the Poseidon police an incredible engagement range. The Type 29 is available in North America, imported by InterSec (International Security, Inc.) but is only sold to licensed security, police, or government personnel (Avail 4).


Ruger SP101  
The Ruger SP101 is typical of many large-bore compact revolvers available on the modern market. Often offered as a Home- or Self-Defense gun, the SP101 is lightweight and has a narrow cross-section, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry. A spurless model is also available, reducing the possibility of the weapon snagging on presentation, capitalizing on the concealed carry market.



Metric English DM
9x55mm .357 Ultramax x30
10.92x33mmR .44 Magnum x22
12x31mm 12mm Auto x23
12.7x33mm .50AE x25
13x34mm 13mm Auto x25
11.53x35mm .454 Casull x27



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Armalite .44 +0 x22 5m 0 8 500/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm
Colt-AMT M2000 +0 x22 5m 0 8 550/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mm
Colt Manhunter +0 x23 5m 0 8 600/25 2kg 2 12x31mm
IMI Desert Eagle Mk.XXI +0 x25 5m 0 7 750/30 2kg 2 12.7x33mm
S&W 44Magnum +0 x22 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 10.92x33mm
Enfield Spitfire +0 x23 5m 0 12 700/30 2kg 2+ 12x31mm
EAA Equalizer +0 x25 5m 0 7 850/30 2kg 2 13x34mm
Taurus Raging Bull M454 +0 x27 7m 0 5 850/20 1.5kg 2 .454 Casull
Mateba Earthshaker +0 x30 7m 0 3 1000/20 2kg 2 9x55mmUMX
Hellbringer CHP +0 x40 7m 0 3 2000/30 3kg 4 13x55mmUMX
.50 BMG "Pistol" +0 x50 10m 1/3 1 2500 5kg 4 12.7x99mm
Generic .44Mag Auto +0 x22 5m 0 8 500/25 2kg 2 10.92x33mmR
Generic .44Mag Revolver +0 x22 6m 0 6 450/20 1.5kg 2 10.92x33mmR
Generic 12mm Auto +0 x23 5m 0 8 550/25 2kg 2 12x31mm
Generic 12mm Revolver +0 x23 6m 0 6 500/20 1.5kg 2 12x31mm
Generic .50AE Auto,
Generic 13mm Auto
+0 x25 5m 0 6 600/30 2kg 2 12.7x33mm



Armalite .44  
The Armalite .44 was designed as an alternate to the 2019 Western Free States Army sidearm trials. A solid contender with good reliability, this pistol utilizes a composite frame with a cermet polygonally rifled barrel. Though military sales have been poor (Armalite lost out in the trials), the Armalite .44 is very popular in the civilian market, a favorite of "Big Gun" enthusiasts along the Pacific coast. Armalite also sells a version rechambered for the 12x31mm round (x23, $550).


Colt-AMT M2000  
Now the standard officer's sidearm for the Free States Army, the Colt-AMT Model 2000 served well during the Central American Wars. This workhorse has served for over twenty years, but it still has solid knockdown capability versus even the newer, heavier personal armors. As of 2023, field officers and vehicle crews are being given a choice of issue sidearms, either the M2000 or the quicker Ares M100.


Colt Manhunter  
Colt's independent entry into the 12mm market, the Manhunter, was developed through extensive consultation with a number of private security organizations, and then underwent a full year of field testing. A sturdy and deadly design, the Manhunter is designed for reliable use under even the most hostile of conditions. The weapon is an open-slide design (similar to the Beretta 92), with substantial engineering to prevent catastrophic failure. The choice of the heavy 12mm cartridge nearly guarantees a one-shot drop of the target.


IMI Desert Eagle  
The IMI Desert Eagle Mk. XXI has the distinct honor of being the largest-caliber automatic available on the market today! Additionally, the Mk. XXI has interchangeable barrels, making the Desert Eagle one of the most versatile handguns as well! Typically chambered in either the .50 Action Express or 13mm Auto, additional conversion kits are also available for most calibers ranging between 9x33mmR (.357) and 12x31mm (12mm Auto). The Desert Eagle is a very large weapon, and thus many firers with small hands (BLD<0) may find the Eagle a bit uncomfortable. When chambered for .50AE or 13mm Auto, the Desert Eagle has a 7rd capacity. In "light" calibers (.357), the Desert Eagle has a 9rd capacity, decreasing to 8rds for the "medium" calibers (.44 and 12mm Auto). The Desert Eagle also possesses a mount for standard pistol optics.


S&W 44Magnum  
The Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum is fairly typical of revolvers of its class. Reliable and functional to the extreme, the pictured model has an adjustable rear sight, matte chrome finish, and parkerized ergonomic grips. Muzzle porting is available on most models, assisting in reducing the perceived recoil. Commonly referred to on the street as a "Dirty Harry," in reference to an old 20th century vid series.
The Super Redhawk is an equivalent model, produced by Ruger (identical except in appearance)


Enfield Spitfire  
The Royal Enfield Ordinance Spitfire battle pistol is a high quality long-slide counterbalanced military pistol designed to replace the aging Browning automatic. Using composite plastics and ceramics, the Enfield factory has managed to produce a smartchippable high-capacity 12mm pistol of unrivalled accuracy for its class. The SAS and SBS versions of this pistol have been further modified to allow "double tapping" of a target via custom muzzle brakes and recoil compensators. This modification reduces the penalty on a single extra shot on the same target. The Spitfire is availability 2 in the UK, 3 in Europe and the Americas. The SAS/SBS version is availability 5.


EuroAm Arms Equalizer  
The EAA Equalizer is EuroAmerican Arms' largest-caliber handgun. Chambered for the mighty 13x34mm cartridge, the Equalizer utilizes extensive barrel porting and a patented recoil-absorption system to reduce the perceived recoil of firing. The EAA Equalizer is a massive and intimidating weapon, and one of the largest-caliber mass-produced autoloading pistols available today, a title shared only with the Desert Eagle XXI.


Taurus Raging Bull .454 (M454)  
The Raging Bull .454, produced by Taurus is a massive revolver, is chambered for the .454 Casull cartridge, one of the most potent rounds in existence. The Raging Bull incorporates numerous recoil-reducing designs, such as an integral compensator and 3cm-long expansion chamber in the barrel, as well as specially designed ergonomic grips. The M454 also features fully-adjustable fore- and rear sights, as well as available mountings for other optics, and a unique hex-key operated security system that locks the hammer in place, and comes with a standard 16cm barrel.


Mateba Earthshaker  
Mateba has created yet another characteristic revolver...The mighty Earthshaker! This revolver is chambered for the unparalleled .357 Ultramax cartridge for massive striking power! This power does not come without a price, however, as the cylinder only holds 3 shells. As did the venerable but underpowered M207, the Earthshaker uses a substantially counterweighted barrel, in addition to using a grip style that puts the recoil force more in-line with the firing arm. As is the problem with revolvers, the Earthshaker takes substantially longer to reload than most handguns (2 actions to reload, unless using a speedloader).


Hellbringer Cyborg Heavy Pistol  
Magnum Opus' massive double-action revolver holds only three rounds in its solid titanium-steel cylinder, but each one is a 13mm UltraMax man-killer. Its a break-action design, engaged by a left-side thumb button. The entire handgun is composed of ultrastrong hybrid alloys and the ported barrel has a heavy full-length underlug for balance. Adjustable iron sights are standard, and smartchippable versions are available (+$1000). Requires a minimum +2 STR and BLD to fire! Specially designed for augmented humans, cyborgs, and smaller exo-suits (large grips), the firer suffers a -1 ACC penalty if BLD < +3. Speedloader available for $30.


.50 Caliber "Pistol"  
Another Borg weapon of incredible power, is the 12.7x99mm "Pistol". Produced by various manufacturers, these super-powerful weapons are essentially a "miniaturized" .50cal rifle. In order to keep the weight manageable, the weapon uses a removable breech, much like an artillery cannon. To reasonably fire this weapon without a brace of some sort, the firer must be massive (Minimum +4 BLD, +2 STR). Unfortunately, the breech mechanism makes the weapon fairly slow to reload (2 actions).

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