Metric English DM
5.56x45mm .223 x20
5.45x39mm 5.45 Soviet x20
5.7x30mm .22 Max x18
6x48mm 6mm x20
4.73x33mmCL 4.7mm Caseless x20



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AKU-94 +0 x20 50m 1 30 450/30 3.5kg 3C 5.45x39mm
Abakan AK-102 +0 x20 50m 1 30 500/30 4kg 3 5.45x39mm
Ares Ronin LAR +0 x20 50m 1 35 450/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Armalite AR-18 Shorty +0 x20 30m 1 30 400/30 3kg 3 5.56x45mm
Armitage M16Z Snake +0 x20 30m 1 30 800/30 3kg 3+ 5.56x45mm
AWC G2A +0 x20 50m 1 30 450/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Bushmaster "Arm Pistol" +0 x20 20m 1 30 400/30 3kg 4C 5.56x45mm
Bushmaster/FN FNC-R +0 x20 50m 1 30 450/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Colt M16B/AR-15 +0 x20 50m 1 30 400/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Colt M16B/M4 Carbine +0 x20 40m 1 30 400/30 3kg+ 3 5.56x45mm
GIAT FAMAS +0 x20 50m 1 30 550/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
HK G-11 +0 x20 50m 1 3x45 800/30 4kg 4 4.73x33mm Caseless
HK G36/G36K +0 x20 50m 1 30 800/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
HK HK53K +0 x20 20m 1 30 500/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
IMI Galil Compact +0 x20 20m 1 25 450/30 2.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
IMI Tavor +0 x20 50m 1 30 600/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
IZHMASH AK-74SU/AKR +0 x20 20m 1 30 450/30 3kg 3B 5.45x39mm
Ruger Mini-14 Bullpup +0 x20 25m 1 30 450/30 3kg 3C 5.56x45mm
Seburo MN-10 +0 x20 30m 1 30 2000/30 3kg 4 6x48mm
Seburo MN-23 +0 x20 50m 1 30 2000/30 3kg 4 6x48mm
SIG 551/552 +0 x20 50m 1 30 500/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Steyr AUG +0 x20 50m 1 30 500/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Zastava Nosle 9-Weapon +0 x20 50m 1 30 600/30 3kg 3 5.56x45mm
Zastava M80/M80A +0 x20 50m 1 30 400/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Olympic Arms M95
Colt XM231
Rocky Mtn. Arms Patriot
+0 x20 10m 0/1 30 750/30 2.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Generic 5.56 Assault Rifle
Generic 6mm Assault Rifle
+0 x20 50m 1 30 500/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm
Generic 5.56 Rifle
Generic 6mm Rifle
+0 x20 50m 0 10 300/20 3kg 2 5.56x45mm



AKU-94 (Aftermarket) +0 x20 50m 1 30 $450/30 3.5kg 3C 5.45x39mm

The AKU-94 is an aftermarket conversion kit that converts a AK-74 (or -47) to bullpup configuration. As a complete, assembled kit the AKU-94 retails for $450. The kit can be purchased (for automatic or semiautomatic versions) for $220. In general, the bullpup configuration substantially improves the weapon balance (and shortens the weapon, natch).


Abakan AK-102 +0 x20 50m 1 30 $500/30 4kg 3 5.45x39mm

The Abakan AK-102 design was finalized during the final years of the 20th century as a replacement for the aging Kalashnikov AK-74. The Abakan retains the same chambering as its predecessor, the 5.45x39mm Soviet round. Other significant changes in the AK-102 include a redesigned action, modified blowback system, and an offset magazine. The model shown at left is the shortened "special use" version, the AK-102S.


Ares Ronin Light Assault Rifle (LAR) +0 x20 50m 1 35 $450/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

A light, all purpose update, similar to the M-16B, the Ronin was the standard Free States' assault rifle for over two decades. A serviceable bullpup design, firing cased 5.56mm ammunition, it quickly became a benchmark against which other assault rifles are measured. Though rarely seen in the Army, the surplus Ronins have been "adopted" by most police units along the Pacific coast.


Armalite AR-18 "Shorty" +0 x20 30m 1 30 $400/30 3kg 3 5.56x45mm

The Armalite AR-18 is another M16 derivative, designed in the late 20th century. The AR-18, chambered in 5.56x45mm was developed to fulfill a tactical niche of a compact assault rifle for use by paratroopers, vehicle crews, and other units with a need for a short but effective weapon. The AR-18 was never reached mass-production under Armalite, but many small-run gunsmiths and autofactories are able to replicate the weapon.


Armitage M16Z "Snake" +0 x20 30m 1 30 $800/30 3kg 3+ 5.56x45mm

The Armitage Arms M16Z "Snake" is a heavily customized M16 for Special Forces units. The M16Z is a very compact rifle that has seen significant popularity in the freelance market. The M16Z features a patented high-recoil absorption stock, underbarrel option mount (shown with high-intensity xenon flashlight; IR and UV sources also available) and a patented mechanism that allows the firer the option of unsuppressed or suppressed fire via the integral barrel silencer at the flip of a switch. Additionally, the custom Nikon-Zeiss MT-12 variable magnification optical scope with lowlite and passive IR capabilities is available for an additional $1000 (acts as Sniper System to 400m).

Use of integral silencer reduces BR to 10m, damage to x18.


AWC G2A +0 x20 50m 1 30 $450/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

The first prototype of AWC's G2 bullpup assault rifle was produced in the late 1990s, offered as a specialty weapon for security and police organizations throughout the world. The G2A, the production version, features a heavier barrel for accuracy, in addition to a redesigned scope mount. Due to the weapon's small overall size, it became very popular for close-combat and paratroop units. The G2 is also available in a variant rechambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge (x30, 20rd, 4.5kg, $550).


Bushmaster Armalite Pistol +0 x20 20m 1 30 $400/30 3kg 4C 5.56x45mm

The Bushmaster Armalite Pistol ("Arm Pistol") was initially an experiment for a bullpup-configured SMG based on the AR-15/M16 design. However, the design (and associated patents) were shelved for over two decades, until the rights were licensed to external manufacturers. The SMG-philosophy is clearly evident in the lack of a useful buttstock -- aftermarket buttplates are available for around $50.


Bushmaster/FN FNC-R +0 x20 50m 1 30 $450/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

Bushmaster's FNC-R (FNC-Reduced) is essentially a bullpup version of FN's FNC assault rifle. The FNC-R was first introduced during the first few years of the 21st century, and was generally well received. Compared to the FNC's 99cm overall length, the FNC-R is a mere 76cm in length while retaining the full length of the FNC's 45cm barrel. The FNC-R utilizes standard M16 magazines, and has a STANAG-compatible accessory mount. An optional forward grip is also available (as shown, +$50). The FNC-R is often nicknamed "Fencer".


Colt M16B/AR-15 +0 x20 50m 1 30 $400/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

The Colt M16B was yet another product upgrade of the original M16A1, produced in the early 2000s, utilizing more lightening composites in the body, and a slightly modified and upgraded action. A substantial surplus of M16Bs has come into existence as a result of the turmoil of the Collapse as well as the adoption of the Ares Ronin by the WFS in 2018 making the M16B one of the most common and inexpensive military rifles in the world. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M16, modified for semi-automatic fire only, and typically retail for ~$200-$300 (Avail 2).


Colt M16B/M4 Carbine +0 x20 40m 1 30 $400/30 3kg 3 5.56x45mm
Underbarrel M203 GL -1 Var 50m 0 1 +$500 +1.5kg 4 40x46mm

The Colt M16B, also designated the M4 carbine, has seen extensive modification by several different organizations within the past 4 decades, with some of the most common and popular variants being the tactical carbine. These shortened "Commando" versions typically replace the original composite stock with a collapsible version and shorten the barrel (reduce BR to 30m). The Fabrique Nationale M4 pictured at left is typical of these M16 carbines, and is manufactured under license by FN. Again, semiautomatic AR-15 civilian versions are available for reduced cost ($200-300, Avail 2). The FN M4 (shown) features the M4 FIRM system of option mounts: full-length Picatinny upper option mount, M203 underbarrel grenade launcher and flip-up sight, as well as the Browning BOSS compensator/barrel attachment. BOSS system adds $400, and increases BR to 50m.


GIAT FAMAS +0 x20 50m 1 30 $550/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

The French FAMAS has the distinction of being the first bullpup-configured weapon to see acceptance as the standard-issue rifle with a major military force. Developed and perfected during the 1970s, the FAMAS was issued to the French Army, and with modern updates remains the standard French Army kit rifle. The FAMAS also is fully ambidextrous, as the ejection port can be easily switched from right- to left-side ejection in a matter of minutes.


Heckler & Koch G11 +0 x20 50m 1 3x45 $800/30 4kg 4 4.73x33mm Caseless

The HK G11 assault rifle was a pioneer in its field: the first general-issue military weapon to use caseless ammunition. The penetration of the 4.7mm round compares favorably with other calibers of its class, with the added bonus of being substantially lighter. This allows the G11 to carry not one, but three 45rd magazines and still keep the weight well below 5kg!
Only 1 magazine is loaded at a time; the other two magazines are held in special clamps alongside the loaded magazine.


Heckler & Koch G36/G36K +0 x20 50m 1 30 $800/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

The first "next-generation" assault rifle to reach general issue in the 21st century was the HK G36. Utilizing a more conventional gas-operated, rather than the G3's delayed blowback mechanism, the G36 was issued to the German Bundeswehr during the first few years of the new century. Additionally, the Spanish Armed Forces adopted the G36 as a replacement for their troublesome CETME Model L in the late 1990s. The shortened G36K, shown at left, is a variant in which the barrel and shroud have been somewhat reduced in order to make the weapon more manageable for airborne and other specialty troops.


Heckler & Koch HK53K +0 x20 20m 1 30 $500/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

The Heckler & Koch HK53K is a carbine-variant of their 5.56mm G33 rifle (itself a variant of the 7.62mm G3), that is only slightly larger than the HK MP5 submachinegun. The HK53, considered a SMG by the manufacturer, is designed as a close-quarters high-powered submachinegun. The roller-delayed blowback mechanism keeps recoil to a manageable level, but the muzzle blast and report is substantial. Optional collapsing or fixed stock available (not shown) at no added cost.


IMI Galil Compact +0 x20 20m 1 25 $450/30 2.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

Israeli Military Industries also made an entry into the PDW market: the Galil Compact. This carbine-style assault rifle adds a folding stock to an otherwise small-framed assault rifle. High firepower in a tiny package! Popular with many private security forces for concealable firepower! As with most carbine-sized rifles, the muzzle flash and report are impressive.


IMI Tavor +0 x20 50m 1 30 $600/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

The Tavor assault rifle, chambered in 5.56x45mm is the 21st century replacement for the Galil rifle currently in service with the Israeli Armed Forces. The Tavor did not see complete distribution until 2006. The Tavor, manufactured by Israeli Military Industries, is a polymer-framed bullpup-configured assault rifle. Additionally, the Tavor features a red-dot reflex sight mounted on an option rail as standard. The weapon also has backup iron sights should the primary optics fail.


IZHMASH AK-74SU/AKR +0 x20 20m 1 30 $400/40 3kg 3B 5.45x39mm

The AKR is a special-use variant of the AK-74 assault rifle designed to fulfill the role of submachine gun or carbine. The barrel, gas-tube, and piston of the AK-74 were shortened considerably, and a special attachment is present at the muzzle that ensures safe operation with full-powered rifle cartridges, as well as limits the muzzle flash that would normally be associated with such a short-barreled rifle-caliber weapon. The AKR also features substantially simplified sights, compared to the parent weapon, consisting of a nonadjustable L-shaped, flip-over, notched-leaf zeroed for 50 and 200m. The AKR also features a standard folding wire stock as standard. It still suffers from an otherwise overly-short sighting radius, common to all AK-47 based designs.


Ruger Mini-14 Bullpup +0 x20 25m 1 30 $450/30 3kg 3C 5.56x45mm

Another aftermarket conversion (available from the factory from Ruger), adapting the Mini-14 mechanism to a bullpup configuration. The Mini-14B is extremely compact and lightweight, thanks to the polymer body. Model at left is a short-barreled variant (BR 25m), without magazine. A full-length barrel grants the full 50m range, for a little more overall length. Available in semi-auto, as well (same cost as standard Mini-14).


Seburo MN-10 +0 x20 30m 1 30 $2000/30 3kg 4 6x48mm

The Seburo MN-10 is a modification of the MN-23 designed for close-quarters fighting at the request of Poseidon's Public Security. The MN-10 is substantially shorter than the MN-23, and ideal for ESWAT and other special security forces. The MN-10 also possesses all of the accessories as the MN-23, including the integral smartlink.


Seburo MN-23 +0 x20 50m 1 30 $2000/30 3kg 4 6x48mm

Seburo once again proves that they are the Ferrari of Firearms with the MN-23. Each weapon is constructed by hand to exacting standards, making this weapon exceptionally reliable and stylish. For those that like their big guns to coordinate with their Armani-Gibson tailored kevlar bodysuits, the gun's for you! The MN-23 features completely ergonomic forward and rear grips, recoil-absorbing adjustable buttstock and cheekpiece, barrel conpensators, a mounting rail for sighting accessories, and comes smartchipped from the factory! The MN-23 uses standard M16-type magazines.


SIG 551 & 552 +0 x20 50m 1 30 $500/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

The SIG 551 is a fairly popular and efficient light assault rifle used primarily in Europe. The folding buttstock greatly decreases the overall size o the rifle, making it easy to conceal (but drops ACC by 1). Model shown is fitted with an optional 4x scope ($400). The SIG 552 is nearly identical, but specially modified for Special Forces needs with a much shorter barrel and a slightly lower weight (BR30, $500, 3.5kg)


Steyr AUG +0 x20 50m 1 30 $500/30 3.5kg 3 5.56x45mm

The Steyr Army Universal Gun (AUG), though many decades old, still finds itself a common service rifle in many nations. The lightweight bullpup is very rugged, and Steyr has also kept up with the system upgrades, so the AUG is still a very competitive mainline assault rifle. The AUG/T variant replaces the integral scope with a modular option rail, capable of mounting more powerful sighting equipment.


Zastava Nosle M23 "9-Weapon" +0 x20 50m 1 30 $600/30 3kg 3 5.56x45mm

Zastava Nosle of Yugoslavia has manufactured a very lightweight and efficient bullpup chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge. With lines very similar to the FN P90, the 9-Weapon uses a mechanically simpler M16-style spring-feeding box magazine, rather than the P90s horizontal loading mechanism. As in the P90, the 9-Weapon has excellent ergonomics, as well as an integral rapid-acquisition reflex scope.


Zastava M80/M80A +0 x20 50m 1 30 $400/30 4kg 3 5.56x45mm

In an effort to increase sales with "Western" customers, Zastava modified their version of the Soviet AK-74 to fire the NATO-standard SS109/M193 5.56x45mm cartridge. Otherwise, the weapon is functionally equivalent to the AK-74 rifle. Zastava also produces a compact version (equivalent to the AKS-74) with a slightly shortened barrel and folding stock, designated the M80A. Additionally, there is a light machine gun variant that utilizes a heavier barrel, integrated forward bipod, and carrying handle, designated the M82 and M82A (ROF +2, 30 or 50rd magazine, $650).

The AK-74 is identical, save being manufactured in Russia.


5.56x45mm Carbine-Pistols +0 x20 10m 0/1 30 $750/30 2.5kg 3 5.56x45mm
Olympic Arms M95 Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Colt XM231
The above 3 models are typical of a new breed of hybrid carbine pistols. Each of the above models are effectively shortened and modified M16/AR15s, but still firing the 5.56x45mm cartridge. These weapons handle more like large-framed handgun or SMGs than the rifles they are based upon. All models are available in a standard full-auto version (listed price) or as semi-auto only ($500). Unfortunately, the design has limited range (BR10), and the short barrel results in enormous muzzle flash and report.

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