Metric English DM
6.5x50mm 6.5mm Hybrid x22
7x48mm 7mm Rifle x22
7.62x39mm 7.62mm Soviet x22



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
AK-47 +0 x22 50m 1 25 250/30 4.5kg 3 7.62x39mm
AKR-20 +0 x22 50m 1 25 500/30 4kg 2 7.62x39mm
Ares M32 +0 x22 50m 1 30 750/30 4kg 3 7x48mm
CWI C-14 +0 x22 50m 1 30 700/30 5kg 3B+ 7x48mm
FedArms LA-15 +0 x22 50m 1 30 600/30 3kg 3 7x48mm
HK HK77UK +0 x22 30m 1 30 600/30 3kg 4 6.5x50mm
Ranger Arms R29 +0 x22 50m 1 30 700/30 4kg 3B 7x48mm
Generic Medium Rifle +0 x22 50m 0 10 500 3kg 2 Any



AK-47 +0 x22 50m 1 25 $250/30 4.5kg 3 7.62x39mm

The original and oft-duplicated Automat Kalashnikova was one of the most common and widely distributed combat rifles the world had ever seen. There are an estimated to be an excess of 50 million such rifles and their derivatives since the rifle's design in 1947. The AK-47 was a comparatively simple design that was blessed with an incredible reliability. The AK-47 still offers one of the best bangs for the buck, as they can often be purchased for about $250.


AKR-20 +0 x22 50m 1 25 $500/30 4kg 2 7.62x39mm

A polymer and carbon-fiber update of the AKM, distributed throughout the remains of the Soviet Bloc and client states. Easy to get, even easier to maintain, the AKR-20 is a popular battle rifle of many nations. The AKR-20 is commonly available in both 7.62x39mm (as listed) and the lighter 5.45x39mm (x20, 30rds)


Ares M32 Light Battle Rifle +0 x22 50m 1 30 $750/30 4kg 3 7x48mm

The M32 is a heavy-barrelled bullpup-configured light battle rifle chambered for the 7x48mm rifle cartridge, effectively a compromise between the 5.56mm's light weight and the 7.62mm's power. The M32 has a polymer composite frame with a high-performance alloy action and barrel, vestigial thumbhole grip, customizable stock (via spacers), STANAG-compatible option mount, and integral flash-suppressor/compensator. The M32 also has an optional bipod mount ($200) and a light support weapon variant with modified trigger and bolt groups (increase ROF to +2, +$500). For the LSW variant, a special belt-feeder is also available (essentially a flexible belt-fed box magazine, feeding from a hip- or backpack supply). The heavy barrel also makes the M32 a prime candidate for a sniper-upgraded weapon system ($1500, increase BR to 75m)


CWI C-14 "Firebreather" +0 x22 50m 1 30 $700/30 5kg 3B 7x48mm
- Underbarrel 25mm Grenade Launcher -1 Var 50m 0 5 +500 " 3C 25x60mmG
- Underbarrel 12ga Shotgun (+1) x14 10m 0 5 +200 " 3B 18.5x70mm (00 Buck)

Coalition Weapon Industries' C-14, nicknamed "Fire Breather," is an over-under heavy infantry weapons, known for high marks for durability and reliability in the field. The weapon system comprises of a 7x48mm assault rifle with an optional underbarrel pump-action 25mm grenade launcher or 12ga shotgun, typically issued with the COS-4 passive nightvision scope. Pictured at left is a C-14 with 100rd drum magazine. The shotgun version adds $200. The COS-4 (Sniper System to 400m) is available for $400, and the drum magazines cost $100.
The C-14 and associated equipment are availability 3 within the Coalition States, and availability 4 (or worse) elsewhere.


Federated Arms Light Assault 15 +0 x22 50m 1 30 $600/30 3kg 3 7x48mm

Federated Arms' bid for the polymer-frame, bullpup-configured combat rifle pioneered by HK's G-8/9 and Sternmeyer's M-95A. As with all Federated products, this is a durable and efficient lightweight rifle, with good accuracy and reliability. The LA-15 has all but replaced the Ares Ronin as the standard combat rifle of New Olympus and the Western Free States frontline troops. Federated also manufactures a version for Special Forces, on which the forward barrel assembly is removable to make the weapon shorter ($750). However, this has an adverse effect on range, as well as increasing muzzle flash and report.


Heckler & Koch HK77UK +0 x22 30m 1 30 $600/30 3kg 4 6.5x50mm

A new assault carbine in use by private military units worldwide. HK's British subsidiary has installed the latest in autostabilizers and compensators, making it more accurate than most competitors. There's also a wide range of attachments available: a full-spectrum electronic sight for use with SmartGoggles ($600), a removable suppressor system ($200, reduce to x18, BR20m), and an extended magazine (45rd U-drum, $60). Another favorite of security and antiterrorist forces the world over!


Ranger Arms R29 +0 x22 50m 1 30 $900/30 4kg 4 6.5x50mm

Ranger Arms R29 is the standard-issue battle rifle of the Texas Free Republic. The R29 is functionally similar to the Federated Arms LA-15, but features a substantially more robust overall design with such features as backup iron sights (which the LA-15 lacks), a heavier alloy barrel, a more stable and rugged integrated optics (Sniper System to 200m), and the mechanism is generally more resistant to sand and dirt, making it more reliable in desert conditions.


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