Metric English DM
7.62x51mm .308 x30
7.62x66mmB .300 Winchester x33



Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber
Colt AR-10 +0 x30 70m 1 20 800/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm
FN-FAL +0 x30 75m 1 20 600/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm
HK G3KA8 +0 x30 75m 1 20 800/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm
Morita H29 +0 x30 90m 1 20 1250/30 8kg 4 7.62x51mm
Morita H31 +0 x30 60m 1 20 1250/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm



Colt AR-10 +0 x30 70m 1 20 $800/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm

The Colt AR-10 is essentially the M16 mechanism upgraded to fire the substantially more powerful 7.62x51mm caliber. The mechanical similarity between the AR-10 and the familiar M16 make the AR-10 popular with many paramilitary organizations and other independents around the world. As with all battle rifles, the AR-10s large bulk and mass are its largest hindrance.


Fabrique National FAL +0 x30 75m 1 20 $600/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm

A massive and reliable battle rifle, the FN-FAL 00 is used in nearly 40 countries in various configurations. Made in both semi-automatic ($500, Avail 2) and selective fire models, the FAL is very robust and will continue to operate for extended periods under hostile conditions.


Heckler & Koch G3KA8 +0 x30 75m 1 20 $800/30 5kg 3 7.62x51mm

This is one of the final variants of the G3 battle rifle to reach production. The barrel and forearm have been shortened with the front sight moved back and the flash suppressor mounted just in front of the sight. The shortness of the exposed barrel prevents the use of rifle grenades. The G3K is a compact carbine version of the G3 series with a barrel as short as is practical while still keeping muzzle flash and report at a reasonable level.


Morita H29 +0 x30 90m 1 20 $1250/30 8kg 4 7.62x51mm
- Underbarrel 12ga Shotgun +1 x14 10m 0 8 " " " 18.5x70mm

The Morita H29 is an immense (nearly 2m long!) heavy battle rifle, chambered in the 7.62 NATO cartridge. Practically a support weapon, the H29 also mounts an integral underbarrel 12ga shotgun for close-quarters combat. The H29 benefits from its extremely long barrel (just under 100cm!), giving it an exceptional range for its class. The H29 has yet to see any major deployments or sales, but is expected to be popular with expeditionary or other reconnaisance forces. The H29 may be fitted with any STANAG2-compatible accessory. Underbarrel shotgun stats are for buckshot. See Shotguns section for further details.


Morita H31 +0 x30 70m 1 20 $800/30 4kg 3 7.62x51mm

The Morita H31 is nominally the "officer's model" of the H29. The H31 halves the mass of the parent weapon, in exchange for a much shorter barrel and the loss of the underbarrel shotgun. The lighter weight and substantially shorter length make this weapon much more viable for sales as a standard battle rifle. As with the H29, the H31 may be fitted with any of a number of sighting systems compatible with STANAG2 compliance.

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