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This Web site is an archive of one maintained between 1998 and 2001 for Dream Pod 9's Silhouette roleplaying game rules.
Beyond fixing dead links and some minor style changes, this site appears as it did when last updated on January 8, 2001.
(This does mean that anything marked "Under Construction" was never completed.)
The rest has been reposted here for old and new Silhouette fans alike.

Please send any comments or question regarding this restored version to silcyberclassic at G mail dot com.

Background Fluff:
I used to play/run Cyberpunk and Mekton/Z fairly regularly a few years back, and found the setting to be highly entertaining. Plus, the related literature (Sterling, Gibson, Effinger, etc) is just too tasty a morsel of a setting to really resist. Even in my games that weren't technically cyberpunk in nature (e.g. Macross/Gundam-inspired MektonZ game, Heavy Gear, etc), 3 out of four of my player groups always seemed to fit the "Edgerunner" urban mercenary black-ops team. Not even on my accord, even...

And so I mentioned Heavy Gear, which was my first introduction to the Silhouette rule system, and like you might've seen on the previous page, I grew to really like the Silhouette system...alot. And I liked the cyberpunk style...alot. So just like chocolate and peanut butter, it was fated that'd I'd do something silly and try and combine the two.

And here are the results...


CypherPunk 2041 (My campaign setting)

What is Cypherpunk 2041, you might ask...? It's my personal campaign that I've been running on-and-off for the last year and a half or so (when I get to run). The world contains many elements from Cyberpunk (both the RPG and the genre), Rifts, Bubblegum Crisis, and many various works of Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, and Dominion Tank Police). The information below will hopefully explain more (as I finish putting it online)...

Timeline [NEW: 11.27.99]
The World of 2041 & Political Climate [Coming Soon]

Technology Outline [Coming Soon]
Mechanical Catalog

Campaigns & Adventures [Coming Soon]


Silhouette Conversions from Cyberpunk 2020

Silhouette Cyberpunk Skills List
Silhouette Cyberpunk Archetypes
Silhouette Cyberpunk Perks/Flaws
Silhouette Cyberpunk Cybernetics List
Silhouette Cyberpunk Cyborgs [Under Construction]
Silhouette Cyberpunk Equipment List
Silhouette Cyberpunk House Rules [Under Construction]
Adventures & Conversions (Including C.Conkle's Eurotrash) [Under Construction]
Converting Interlock to Silhouette (Character Conversion Guidelines)
Equipment/Weapon Availability Rules [First Draft]
More Hacking in Silhouette [First Draft]

...And of course, we must have:

AKA: The Big Fraggin' Book of Bang-Bangs

FRAMES or NO FRAMES versions


AKA: The Everything BUT the Bang-Bangs Catalog
Ok. Since you've made it this far down the catalog, you've probably realized that you've nearly maxxed out your credit rating on firearms. But you've forgotten to get yourself an apartment/car etc. This catalog will list much of the other less-violent needs and wants of a character, such as food, housing, clothing, electronics and body armor.

Pt 1: Combat-related Gear [Coming Soon]
Body Armor, Armor Enhancements, Combat Electronics (Optics & Communications)

Pt 2: Everything Else
Tools, hardware, electronics, lifestyle, clothing, (basic) transportation, and much, much more.

Part 3: Skillchips
Instant access to (nearly) every skill you could ever require. Requires Neural Interface and an available set of either Interface Plugs or a Chipware Socket for use.


AKA: The 2041 Big Book of Wheels
So now you've got guns, stuff (a stereo, an apartment, etc), now you just need to find some better transport to/from your occupation of choice. This Catalog will give a brief summary of "typical" civilian motor vehicles in the 2040s, with images and examples of a few specific models.

--Draft Version--


Dream Pod 9: Silhouette Headquarters...

R.Talsorian Games on Facebook: Publisher of Cyberpunk 2020

Datafortress 2020: Currently maintained by Deric "D-roc" Bernier. Lots of goodies, such as the Updated Autumn Blade sourcebook, the 2021 Military & CorpSec vehicle catalog, and much, much more. Another favorite is the Shirowpunk conversions.

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