OK. I like guns. Really like guns. They're fun, they're stylish. More importantly, they look cool. The generic lists of weapons that many game systems supply (Silhouette/Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles included) usually tend to be very image-light. I'm a very visual person... Plus, I like a little more variety and style than the "Generic 9mm Pistol" allows. Even if they do have equivalent game stats, the choice between carrying a Beretta or a Smith & Wesson says a lot for a character's personal style. So I decided to put this together, both for my benefit and for my players and to give me something to do. I've spent a good 2+ months (and ongoing...) of work on this thing; my wife suggested that for all the work I put into it, I should at the very least, share it! So here it is... It will be coming online incrementally and new weapons added as I find new guns to convert. Also, much of the weapons listed here are either conversions of, or inspired by real world weapons, or those weapons of CP2020, BGC, Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Rifts, and others which I was particularly fond of. Please note that the setting is for my slightly odd Cypherpunk (for lack of a better name...) 2041 campaign, and names, numbers, characteristics (e.g. caseless vs. cased), etc. have been adjusted to my particular game world and tastes.

Images are thanks to the numerous webpages (BlackHammer Project, DataFortress 2020, Autumn Blade, and more) and books (RTG, Palladium RIFTS) from where I've borrowed them. I'd also like to thank DP9 and RTG for developing such cool games... If anybody wants to know what method I used to convert most of the Real Life weaponry, click here for info.

Please let me know if you like what you see here, especially if you use this as a reference for your games. Nothing will inspire me more to keep this page updated than people using it. The mailto: link at the bottom has my addy attached. And hey, if you've got cool pictures or anything you'd like to see added, please let me know.

I just recently realized that many of you readers may not be very familiar with Silhouette and the weapon descriptions. This key will explain the statistics.
Weapons are given eight meaningful stats (soon to be 9, once I figure out some good Reliability rules) as shown in the following table.

Name ACC DM BR ROF Cap Cost Mass Availability Caliber


Pt 1: Handguns
Light - Medium - Heavy - Very Heavy
Holdouts, raceguns, security irons... Everything you could need in personal protection, manufactured by many of the world's manufacturers, such as Heckler & Koch, Beretta, Ruger, and more! Nearly every caliber, from lowly .22LR to the mighty 13mm Ultramax!

Pt 2: Machine Pistols & SMGs
Light - Medium - Heavy
Just what you need to be your friendly neighborhood terrorist or bodyguard. Also the security specialist's best friend! Decent firepower in a nice concealable package. Every good covert operative should have at least one SMG in their arsenal. All listed SMGs fire handgun caliber rounds (9mm, 10mm, etc). Compact, "carbine" or short-styled weapons firing rifle caliber rounds are listed under Rifles.

Pt 3: Rifles
Light - Medium - Heavy - Sporting - Shotguns
Hunting, combat, assault, and shotguns... Generally automatic (ROF-capable), though civilian-class weapons usually are semi-auto only, and chambered for rounds subtantially more powerful than those for handguns. Rifles also enjoy a substantially longer range and penetration capability than most handguns, but are also substantially larger, louder and harder to conceal. Nothing better for making a statement of "I mean business!" However, having this kind of firepower exposed does tend to make you the biggest threat (and thus target).

Pt 4: Sniper Rifles
Light - Medium - Heavy - Very Heavy
One bullet, one shot, one kill... Or so they say. These are the tools of the trade, ranging from a fairly light 5.56x45mm to even the mighty 12.7x99mm (.50BMG). Reach out and kill someone...

Pt 5: Heavy & Advanced Weapons
Machine Guns - Heavy Weapons - Rockets & Missiles - Advanced Weapons
Typically support weapons, these are comparatively specialized (Advanced Weapons are even moreso!) weapons, typically assigned at the squad level or higher (in the case of Advanced Weapons). LMGs (such as the ever-popular M60D), HMGs (Ye olde' M2 .50cal), missile and grenade launchers (eg LAW and M203), fall under Heavy Weapons. Advanced Weapons include laser and particle cannons, as well as railguns (Rhinemetal EMG-85). Potent, but expensive and cantankerous...

Pt 6: Vehicular Weapon Systems [Coming Soon]
Vehicular heavy weapons are the seriously heavy iron. These are the weapons (more accurately, weapon systems) that are commonly seen mounted on vehicles ranging from Exo-Suits, LandMates and Striders to tanks! In general, these weapons are far too large to be considered "man-portable," but are also considered crew-served weapons systems. Autocannons, rocket-launchers, anti-tank (e.g. Hellfire-II), anti-aircraft (such as the Sidewinder), and more. These weapons are too large, too obvious, and too expensive to maintain (let alone fire) for anything less than the most well-funded mercenary units. Nevermind that most governments tend to get nervous when anyone except them (and government-cleared security agencies) possesses this level of hardware.

Pt 7: Melee Weapons
So you prefer being up close & personal while you're dealing out the pain, huh... Well then this section's for you! We've got "conventional" weapons such as knives, bayonets, swords and spears. We've also got a wide selection of more "advanced" melee weapons, such as nano-serrated vibroblades, to orbital alloy mono-blades, and the ever-popular stun-baton and contact taser!

Pt 8: Grenades and Explosives [Coming Soon]

Appendix I: Ammunition
Ball, Hollowpoint, Armor-piercing, we got 'em all! (Well, all the ones I could think of a game mechanic for) Also includes a quick-reference table for each caliber (9x19, 5.56x45, etc) and the adjusted Damage Multiplier (DM) for each type.

Appendix II: Weapon Modifications
Laser sights, smartchipping, silencers & suppressors and more! Everything you could want to have the most tricked-out boom-stick on the block!