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Silhouette Cyberpunk
Armaments Catalog

Weapon Stat Key

Section I: Pistols
Light Pistols
Medium Pistols
Heavy Pistols
Very Heavy Pistols

Section II: SMGs
Light SMGs
Medium SMGs
Heavy SMGs

Section III: Rifles
Light Rifles
Medium Rifles
Heavy Rifles
Sporting Rifles

Section IV: Sniper Rifles
Light Sniper Rifles
Medium Sniper Rifles
Heavy Sniper Rifles
Very Heavy Sniper Rifles

Section V: Heavy Weapons
Machine Guns
Heavy Weapons
Missile & Rocket Systems
Advanced Weapons

Section VI: Vehicular Weapons

Section VII: Melee Weapons

Section VIII: Explosives

Appendix I: Ammunition

Appendix II: Modifications
Other Modifications


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